Because I like to blog…


How are you guys doing? Good, hopefully!

So, as you may have guessed already, I love to blog. I’m now thinking that is is my forth consecutive year of doing it and it blows my mind away that I actually found something that I do just for enjoyment! In fact, I’m used to doing it so much that now I can’t lay my thoughts straight, without writing here. And almost every thought I get, I try to turn into a sentence and put it in here, I even think of post ideas on my way to school and back…it’s really cool! And now that I’ve started to take more pictures (even though today doesn’t have any, sorry), it’s somewhat more interesting for me also to go back and read old posts and actually remember the happenings. My life is here pretty much… And the even bigger fascination comes, when I think that people actually enjoy reading about it…random people, who have never met me and shouldn’t have any particular interest in me, as well as friends, who spend every day with me anyway, so they don’t need to know about my day.

It’s true that I say everything from my perspective and I give opinions, when I’m telling a story, but why in the world would that matter and why would someone take time from their lives to read about all of my dramas? I don’t understand…whatever it is that’s making you come back to this page – thank you! It’s always funner when we’re more!

As for my day, it went quite good. Now the sun is shining so much and it makes me even happier! Everyone is smiling and we’re joking and laughing and love is in the air, not to mention that some people have started to loosen up towards me and it makes me glad to see it. The classes are going really fast…well, not the classes themselves, but the day and the pauses. I don’t have time to talk to everyone as much as I’d like to, but we do stay and talk for a bit after school. And I’m in a good mood today, everything is going really well! Spring is coming and I can totally feel it in my behavior. Spring is always nice. Birds are singing, snow is melting, sun is shining…going out is ever more possible and everyone is in a good mood. Of course, in my case it would mean that there’s less and less time until I have to catch my plane back to Bulgaria, which is the only thing that puts me off. This time last year, I already had my tickets and documents ready and I was just waiting for August. Now I can wait forever. 😀 But I’ve decided to come in terms with it, or at least not think about it as much, cause I still have something like 4 more months left (a bit less) and I can do a lot of things with that time…even though, who am I kidding, I’m probably not gonna do anything special and I’m still gonna have fun not doing it…cause that’s how I roll. But maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make a list or something. I know I want to see Henkka zumba his ass out and I want to finish my scrap book, as well as have a movie marathon (like a weekend or something) with my friends and go out more often. Other than that, I’m pretty open about ideas… 😀

Anyway, I think I’m gonna have a nap, cause I’m super tired and I know I’m gonna stay up late, so a nap until 18.00-ish doesn’t sound too bad right now. School is done, dog is walked, I’ve eaten and there’s not really much one can do at the moment. It’s a short post once again, but meh…I don’t want to push it too hard.

So take care, bees and beetles! 

//Stef ❤


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