Well hello again!


So, as you may have noticed already, I haven’t been feeling the blogging mood lately, but let’s see what this will turn out to be.

So, a lot of things happened, almost none of them worth mentioning, but this week has been awesome (though it’s still only Thursday). Okay, so I was super excited to come back to school this Monday, I’ve been away for so long, I was like a dog that hasn’t been walked for a month. After I went there and saw my friends (except for Jamppa and Henkka), I went crazy and started hugging everyone in sight. Though I enjoyed Lapland, I really missed the guys as well (as I thought I would). I sent them all cards from Pyhätunturi and some of them had an awkward time receiving them (lol, Joel)! I don’t remember all the days in details, but I remember I was missing Jamppa and Henkka for a while there, cause Jamppa is still in Germany for some piano stuff and Henkka was in New York, cause he’s a badass. However, Wednesday came, with it the history matriculation exam for Jazz, Johanna and Joel, which as I understood wasn’t that easy. But Henkka came to school on that day and I had an 11.45 am morning in school, cause we didn’t have Psychology at 8.15 am. When I went to school and I saw the blond bastard, I was running in slow motion towards him, like in the movies and even the 3-4 spins after I had hugged him were present. The moment had it’s pros. But I mean, come on…it’s Henkka!!!! <333

After I realized the fact that he’s actually back, I started missing Jamppa, cause I imagined hugging him as well and what a nice group hug it would be if he was there also. Sad moment. 😦 I can’t help it! I miss the guys, okay? Anyway, after the school day had ended, it was basically me, Nora and Henkka hanging out together in the big hall and well…I was the third wheel big time, if you know what I mean! 😀 Nothing bad with that, but I was kinda happy when Joel texted me at around 3pm-ish, cause it made me look busy with my phone. Apparently the test…went and after me suggesting that they come and meet us at Tapiola, they couldn’t say no, especially since Joel couldn’t resist the urge to see his BFFF and give him a hug. That was cute. Same day I went to Jazz’s place and we watched Lethal Weapon 1…god, Mel Gibson looks young! And the movie is SO 80’s style, we couldn’t help it but laugh! 😀 It was awesome, though.

And today wasn’t bad, either, though it was simple and non-eventful. Except for math class. That shit was funny. I forgot how much fun me and Henkka can have alone, when we’re supposed to do something important. I almost cried from laughter and he just kept on going…it was hilarious!!!!!!!!! And…


Other than that, nothing new is up here. Tomorrow we’ll be going to Johanna’s place for her birthday (finally 18, yaaaay) and maybe I’ll take a lot of pictures there and tell you how it went! 😛

//Stef – wohoo


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