Johanna is finally 18!!!!


So much fun last night, I don’t even know where to begin from!!!

School was fine, don’t really remember that much of it, except that I made Aleksi almost die  from laughter, cause I was talking to him about my dear goat Fani and what a wonderful back pipe she is, then in Finnish class the others wrote some kind of an essay or something, I’m not really sure, but then Joel, Nora, Jazz and me went to Tapiola to hang out and get something for Johanna (some of us had ideas already, some of us didn’t… 😛 ), then we went to “picnic” to eat and Nelli and Johanna joined us after half an hour maybe. I went with Nelli to her place to bake a cake for Johanna.

NELLI’S PLACE!!! Oh…my…god. It almost feels like it’s from the future! It’s ultra, super, mega, giga modern, them people have glass floors and walls!!! Nelli and her sister have a floor just for themselves and it’s so bright and awesome, I can’t take it!!! Jesus Christ, it really hits you. I knew she had a super big house with super modern stuff in it and everything is just like out of a magazine (which btw, they’ve won some sort of an award from an interior design magazine), but you don’t really realize it until you see it. It’s big. It’s modern. Out of all the other houses, you can immediately see which one belongs to Nelli. But enough about my fascination with that place, our purpose was to make the best cake to have ever been eaten on this planet. Emma joined us half an hour later and we had a lot of work to do. But we did it and look at it:

It even has it’s very own Höylä, how awesome is that? (cause that’s her nickname), then she’s a coffee maniac, so I dipped coffee beans into chocolate and put them in the cups…, the filling has white chocolate, berries and creme and the cover is extremely awesome, cause it’s made of inside jokes that there’s no point in me explaining, since it’s not gonna be that funny to you. But yes, I really like the cake! After we brought it to Johanna’s place, Jazz, Joel, Nora and Rasse wrote their names under ours as well and it was a cool ritual, if one can call it that:

After that we listened to music, talked, ate pizza, chips, drank cola, jaffa and all that jazz. At one point I took over Joel’s phone and started playing whatever I wanted. You know, once you have the music, you’re the king of the party. And so I was…for half an hour. 😀 Aleksi popped up and he called me to sit next to him, so I gave the power back to Joel and went on to discuss random stuff with that guy:

For the fourth time that day, he told me that I’m terrifying. Well, thanks Leksi, that’s what I’ve always wanted to hear! 😀 Laughing after finishing your sentence will not protect you from being torn to shreds in your sleep…just saying! 😛


The birthday girl cutting the cake. The expression looks like she’s afraid of doing any harm to it, cause it’s just too good to eat. Don’t worry Johanna, it was our baby, but it was for you. 😀 And hope you liked it, Nelli did the filling!

Who wants caaaake? Johanna giving us plates and spoons! 😛

And after a while, I’m not sure what went wrong in the atmosphere, but stuff like this began to happen:

What? And one fun fact for you, by the way. I tried to take pictures of Johanna and Joel looking cute together and I kept complaining about the level of Derp they’re giving me, and especially Joel, cause Johanna was just normal. At one point they got sick of me and Joel screamed with his most serious voice “OKAY!!! We’ll pose for you”, after what he smiled and Johanna did that, too! I clicked the camera and the result was hilarious. Even in their attempt to pose, Joel had his eyes almost closed, eyebrows lifted up in a “who turned the lights on” grimace and tongue half out, whereas Johanna there was just loosing it and was laughing hysterically. Thanks guys. 😀 The only moment, when I can take a pic of you is when you’re not watching!!!! Too bad I can’t show you the other picture, cause it’s in Jazz’s camera, but…maybe you’ll see it one day!

At one point the birthday girl and Leksi went to walk her dog and the rest of us decided to play Sing Star. Oh, it was hilarious. This one picture is photoshop opportunity at it’s finest and I’m gonna take advantage of it as soon as I can figure out how to rape it properly:

And what the hell, is the playstation deaf? They were singing some Finnish song, Johanna was there, too and there’s this really high pitch sound they both have to ace and you could see on the screen Joel’s part was saying “perfect”, but the reality…LMAO. I just turned to him and asked “What the fuck was that?” and he started to laugh and said “What, I’m singing?” and I was just “That’s not what it sounded like!” and Emma starts laughing from the other end of the room “You’re so funny when you’re mean!” and my point wasn’t to be mean, but to laugh at that one note. After that happened me and Joel lost it and I was laughing and just trying to listen to what he was singing and I was repeating “louder! Come on, sing! I can’t hear you, bring it down!” and you could see he was struggling to breathe, not to mention sing, so I wasn’t of much good to his winning score. After the song ended, he self-defined his singing as two donkeys having sex and one of them reaching a climax. Okay, maybe it wasn’t THAT bad, but it damn straight was funny as hell……

There you go some more pics of the evening:

The night continued with Nora and Johanna playing the piano and it was pretty sweet!

After Nora and Nelli left da house, me, Johanna, Joel and Jazz just chilled in the living room, listening to music (I regained my power once again, wohooo) and it was slow and idyllic and nice and awesome. ❤ I loved it. Then Otto (Joel’s brother) came and picked him and Jazz up, but I tagged along, cause they said I could. The original plan was to get off at Jazz’s bus stop and catch a bus from there, but them guys were so super nice to drive me all the way home, though I live in a totally different direction and they didn’t have to do it. That was sweet! Thanks.

All in all, Johanna’s birthday party was amazing and I really sincerely wish her a happy birthday. She deserves everything good, cause she’s an awesome person and I hope she likes the fact that she got a shit load of candy as a present. 😀 Thanks to her for having us in her lovely home and for being a really good host! Happy 18-th, sunshine! 🙂




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