You know you’re turning Finnish when:

Aaa Hey!

So I was thinking today that there are a lot of things that can make you more Finnish than you already are and a walk around the store woke my immediate wish to think of the best ones and put them here in the form of a list. I’m not a Finn, but I am definitely turning more Finnish with each passing day. So here’s the list:

  • You think Fazer makes the best chocolate/candy/bakery products and all the other companies are a bunch of pussies.
  • -10 degrees outside is warm, but 70 degrees in the sauna is freezing!!!!
  • You know all the lyrics to “Frontside Ollie”
  • You think Nokia has been going down since the making of it’s indestructible Nokia 3310
  • Chocolate is now good with everything and it can replace regular food
  • Salmiakki doesn’t taste bad
  • Estonia = Southern Helsinki
  • You think ice hockey is way better than football
  • You can’t go a day without saying “vittu”, “perkele” or “saatana”
  • Your friends are telling you how retarded you are, without worrying that they would insult you
  • You call them a bunch of losers and faggots cause you don’t have a better comeback to the shit they say to you.
  • You know how to make pulla
  • Reindeer  and Pea soups are the best soups ever and every time you see the green Pea soup you think of 2 things: Thursday evening in the army and mustard
  • Fruits in salads isn’t a weird combination at all…
  • You start to confuse the genders in English grammar
  • You cannot simply survive without having lunch at 11 AM in school
  • 75 minutes for a class isn’t that long
  • Drunk people at big public places in the middle of the day isn’t considered as strange
  • Finnglish is the best thing ever! Let’s mennään!
  • You’ve heard the stories about Koskenkorva and that’s why you’d never try more than 50 ml at a time
  • don’t = donät
  • It comes to you as no surprise that most buses don’t go after 12am
  • You realize that most people’s idea of a party is getting shitfaced and passing out on the floor
  • You understand that the difference between “bang you” and “marry you” is in fact very small
  • You know that watching “Tuntematon Sotilas” on 6-th of December is a MUST DO for every year, but not falling asleep while doing it is optional
  • You give up all hopes of understanding what mämmi is, since not even real Finns can explain it well
  • You own at least 1 Iittala product and it most likely is a moomin mug
  • Jenkki is da shit!
  • You start to think that the people in Sweden are fags, because of the way they pronounce their words and as long as Finland is better than them, it’s all good (ok, it’s not really that bad and I really like swedish people. :D). And Swedish-speaking Finns are awesome beyond belief.
  • You know that ice swimming is completely safe and you’ve done it at least once
  • Long “awkward” silences are no longer awkward to you
  • Wearing woolen socks in school instead of shoes is completely normal
  • vituttaa
  • You know that a cruise to Sweden = time to drink tax-free
  • Calling another person “it” just isn’t strange anymore
  • From now on you associate Conan O’Brian with Tarja Halonen
  • Any bread other than ryebread is just shit
  • You get ridiculously excited when Finland is mentioned in foreign countries
  • You get pissed if a stranger sits next to you on the bus, when there’s plenty of space left
  • Mokkapalat > Brownies
  • Official candy day is Saturday and the “Lauantai” candy packs are awesome

Aaand this is just a small part of what being Finnish is all about. 😀 Hope you enjoyed!

//Stef – until we meet again!



  1. Honey, this just made my day :)))))

  2. hhahhaa this is so true and made me laugh !!! 😀 I went to Etis last year and now I am an exchange student in the USA. It is so much fun to read your blog about people, who were in my grade last year and see Etis, Espoo and Finland through different eyes. This post made me miss the good things about my home country Finland =)

  3. Hey, I’m glad you like it! 😛 Finland is awesome!

  4. […] a continuation to my post “You Know You are Turning Finnish, when:”, I decided to make a post about all the swedish-speaking Finns out there. Having been around them […]

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