Haven’t blogged again for over 4 days, shame on me.

But then again, nothing interesting has been happening. School, home, school, home…same old stuff. I’m not saying it’s bad or anything, but it’s not that interesting at least. The mood has been up the last few days, with the exception of today. I mean, it wasn’t a bad day, at least not all of it, the school part was nice! I saw everyone, I listened to music in math class (shh, but at least it helped and the lesson was somewhat shorter), we discussed some books in Finnish and with that, the last day of period 4 was over. Tomorrow starts test week and I’m screwed with Finnish and Math. But we’ll see.

Then, surprisingly, my tooth broke. Literally. Thank god it’s not a front tooth, but still a major mindfuck is following the situation. WHY?! I was just chewing gum! That’s not normal, the gum wasn’t concrete. But yeah, tomorrow I probably have to visit a dentist and I have no idea where to go, since I haven’t even been to the doctor here in Finland. I’m completely disoriented. Jesus, take the wheel!

Then I got into a bad mood for no apparent reason whatsoever, I hate hormones, I went out with Nuutti and I was out for an hour, which gave me a lot of time for the thing that’s the most unhealthy for me – thinking. Not a lot of good stuff came out of there, I must say. First of all, I don’t understand why I always have to play the tough chick. It’s frustrating and tiring and I don’t like it. I’m a complete softie and that’s the fact. Wohoo.

Also, what the hell is it with Easter? Finns don’t boil the eggs, color them and then have a battle with them. WHAT? What’s wrong with the rest of the world! And they sow some sort of grass…for I don’t know what reason…it’s weird. We’ll see what will happen in a few days, will I spring in the role of an easter bulgarian bunny and teach them how it’s done or just go with the flow…

But I really don’t have anything to say and I’m in a bad mood, so fuck you guys and I’ll see you soon.



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