The week…


Well, the week hasn’t been anything ultra special, but it wasn’t bad.

Test week started and it started hard. My first test was Finnish and I had to analyse the picture “Kaski” from Eero Järnefelt and it had to be like 2 pages or so… I made a plan the night before, it was something like “taiteilija haluaa näyttää että tavallinen kansa on vaatimatonta ja sen kova työ arvokasta…tarkoitus oli että rikkaat ihmiset, sellaiset, joilla on valttaa helpottaisivat köyhien ihmisten oloja…” blablabla and I was talking to Joel in Finnish for like an hour, just for practice and what happened was, I started doubting myself even more, cause I was full of mistakes, though I hope he got what I meant for most of the time. The next day (test day), I woke up extra early, went to school at 9-ish and read until 9.30 am. It was weird that everyone were going into their rooms, but I couldn’t see anyone from my Finnish course…at 9.30 am SHARP, Ms. Koponen went out to collect me…somehow…she knew I was there (?) and she gave me the assignment and I started to write…I had to do it with super big letters to make it 2 pages, seriously. I had a really bad block at one point and couldn’t remember anything of what I had read and Joel wrote on his planning paper “U need help?”…complete degradation from my side. I had a list of words I didn’t know and I asked for the translation, so I can continue my sentence, but he said he couldn’t see anything and he was done anyway, so he just went out. So basically, there was no use of his “help”, thank god for which, cause I would have felt horrible about it afterwards. Him and Henkka are the ones who crack up jokes about my “amazing” skills, so it would have been just wrong… However, I managed to make it to 2 pages in another half an hour and I went out with Jazz, leaving Jamppa alone in the classroom. 😦

Peasoup for lunch, then some foolin’ around and at 14.00 o’clock I went to Tapiola to go out with Pinja – my YFU friend or whatever they call it. An 18 year old girl from Tapiolan lukio, who’s been on exchange and she’s been assigned to hang out with me every once in a while. And we’ve been out only once before, so it was about time…it was cool, I guess…we talked a lot about the year and her experiences from USA and whatnot. It was interesting. Then I went to Helsinki to the YFU office to leave some notes…then I went to Finnish class and it was weird…the teacher asked me something about Egypt and there was something about “miehiä” and I didn’t understand what she meant, so I thought that last thing was a part from a longer word, so I asked her what it means and this russian bitch in front of me started laughing and I was like WTF? and the teacher started laughing a little, too, she was silent, but you could see it was one of those retarded seal moments. I was very puzzled, so I said “Mä en oikeesti vittu ymmärrä mitä nyt tapahtuuuu?” and I guess that was a signal for them to start laughing even more…Olga couldn’t take a breath and she was screaming “Stefani, LOPETA” and I was just sitting there and I said “Mistä nauratte niin paljon?” and they just kept on going and going…the teacher tried to speak, but she couldn’t do it so well, so I could hear she was making sounds that were supposed to be words and then she asked “Ymmärrätkö”…”EN SAATANA!” and they kept on laughing and laughing…it was a bit rude. First of all, I didn’t understand the sentence, so it wasn’t completely impossible that she wouldn’t use “men” in partitive and second of all I’m there to learn stuff about Finnish. So, thank you, girls, for smacking my confidence even more…to a whole new level of flat.

And today I was supposed to have Art exam, but I guess we didn’t have exam, cause I couldn’t find it anywhere and people weren’t there, so…yeah. I waited for everyone to come out of their tests and then we (Nelli, Henkka, Joel, Noora, Nora, Jazz and me) went to Helsinki to watch “the Hunger games” (and Johanna joined us, too). We were in McDonalds, I didn’t want to eat there, but I bought myself Nutella and ate it (not all of it, but like…some 😀 ) during the movie! Joel was somehow rude to me all day long for I don’t know what reason, by now you should have all learned that when you make a personal insult, I take it personally, not to mention the thing about the Finnish and my obviousness, just…yeah. The movie itself wasn’t bad, not a masterpiece, a lot of violence and I really don’t get the point of it, but I guess that’s how the books go! It was an alright movie. And Noora  (and Jazz) cried during this one part, where a little girl died and I played the role of a shoulder to cry on for 10 minutes or so. I don’t understand why they cried, it wasn’t that sad, me an Nelli were constantly making dirty references to the cheesy lines…or ok, I was making most of them. 😀

After the movie ended, me, Nora, Johanna and Jazz went to Jazz’s place for ANOTHER movie…Lethal Weapon 2. After a deep consultation with the man in their household (her dad, who’s btw awesome), we came to the conclusion that we can watch that one, even though Nora and Johanna haven’t seen the first part, cause they’re not that closely connected. It was awesome, of course. And only in our company you can see girls watching 80’s action movies instead of romantic chick flicks made within the last 5 years…I love the girls, seriously! Then what happened…Nora got a ride from her dad and Otto and Joel came to pick up Johanna…Jazz and Nelli waited for my bus at the bus stop with me, then I went home and walked Nuutti for a whole freaking 2 hours. I feel like we went though the whole neighborhood/district. Damn!

And now I wrote this and I have a few pics for you, so there you go:

Everyone is teasing Johanna for some reason… 😀

And that’s about it…



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