You know you’re turning Finnish, when: part 2


Well, since part one had such a big audience and I’m not finished with listing reasons, here’s part two:

  • Mäkkäri, saatana!
  • Mignon eggs = solid Nutella
  • Walking on the street in April, gazing at the clouds and curse loudly at the snow that never seems to stop falling is normal to you
  • You’ve watched every episode of Moomin…at least twice (creds to Joel)
  • The big battle between Haavisto and Niinistö had confined strongly your absolutely competent attention and most likely you were rooting for Haavisto, though you don’t know jack shit about Finnish politics
  • You look everyone with great suspicion
  • The great Väinämöinen is all there is to it, he’s epic, he’s great, he’s the creator…
  • you kind of try not to focus on the fact that he still lives with his mom
  • You know that Finland’s national author actually wrote only one book and it’s about seven drunks hiding in the woods…
  • Breathe through nose = nostrils freeze shut
  • It’s not real scissors if they’re not orange!!!!!!
  • You start to realize that it doesn’t get any better than spinach pancakes
  • Stadi doesn’t mean “study” anymore…
  • You start understanding the cursing hedgehog’s episodes and you laugh like a retard every time you see that lovely fella cursing around like he owns the place
  • “I live in Lapland!” “WOW!!!! Do you have electricity?”
  • It’s normal that in the winter you go to school before the sun has risen and you come back only to see that you’re too late for the sunset, as well
  • You know the best Christmas carol is about a suicidal elf and brother coming back from death as a sparrow.
  • “Minulla on pomppufiilis…”
  • You understand that it’s really important to Finns to watch their president shake hands with people for 6 hours straight and comment on everyone’s clothing on Independence day!
  • You know who Tuksu is…unfortunately…
  • Aaaaand the Salatut Elämät theme song is no longer mistakable. Every single fucking night…tadatatadatatada
  • You figure that almost everyone hate Sweden, but they still buy all furniture from IKEA and all clothes from H&M
  • “My polar bear ran away again. Now I can’t go to school…”
  • No coffee in the morning = death
  • You make sure every single time that Finnish family movies contain sex, violence, explicit scenes, nudity and strong language
  • “Varokaa heikkoa jäätä” <– your heart always skips a beat
  • When you’re hungry you can peel a boiled potato like lightning.
  • Jaffa. Jaffa. Jaffa. ‘Nuff said.
  • You sadly learn that hugging is mostly reserved for sexual foreplay
  • Your native language has seriously deteriorated; you begin to “eat medicine”, “open the television”, “close the lights off”, and tell someone “you needn’t to!” Expressions like “Don’t panic” creep into your everyday language.
  • Your notion of streetlife is reduced to the few teenagers hanging out in front of Helsinki railway station on Friday nights
  • You’ve almost become lactose intolerant
  • You still don’t know what happens on Vappu, cause no one remembers
  • Why waste freezer space, when you can just put the food outside?
  • More than 3 guys in tuxedos at the same time in the same place? What kind of penguin fest is that?

I shall stop myself here. Thanks for reading, guys! 🙂

//Stef – math is DONE. ❤


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