Pitkä Perjantai


Today is Long Friday, Easter is here! Wohooo.

This was supposed to be a blog post containing my rants about my parent’s stupid question “Did you learn the language already”, but I decided that maybe I’ll skip that part, cause everyone already knows my position on the matter and telling it again is not worth wasting time over. So I’m just gonna tell you about my day real quick.

I woke up at 12.25 pm, cause we were allowed to do it, cause we don’t have school, mofo’s! It was awesome…I slept and slept and slept…and it felt so nice! I love that feeling, when you know you’re awake, but you’re half asleep as well and you can do whatever. The time, when the sheets are just the right temperature and you just snuggle in them, turn around and fall back asleep. This is why weekends are awesome. So yeah, after I woke up, Maarit had gone through all the trouble to actually make me a really good breakfast! Eggs and ham and toast, sliced tomatoes, orange juice, berries and other fruits…it was so sweet! After I ate, I decided to try mämmi for the first time ever in my life.

I took the package out of the fridge (one of those 100g packs for  person), I opened it, put a decent amount of sugar on top and some milk as well, the way my friends advised me to do. I took a small spoon full of the thing and my whole family were watching me really closely with a smile on their face, Iiris especially with the “don’t worry, it’s all for you” face. I put it in my mouth. Nothing too special. I chewed and took a breath out. Gag reflex = triggered. I tried not to do anything disgusting, but I just couldn’t swallow it…literally, I was physically unable to swallow. All the sugar in the world wouldn’t have saved the mämmi taste and ESPECIALLY aftertaste. I was mislead. It looked like chocolate and though it didn’t smell like it, nothing could have prepared me for the taste. WHY do people eat his? Even more strange – why does Noora like it? Okay, I can understand the salmiakki thing, but this? This is too far for my taste buds. I’ve never tasted something like that before and it’s like fermenting plums mixed with my grandma’s hiivi cultivation with added flour and cat pee in it. Or with other words – NOT GOOD. Everyone started laughing at me and Hannu was kind enough to say that I don’t have to finish the whole thing. Thanks!

After this adventure, we went to Helsinki to visit some churches…or the orthodox church and the big, white dom of Helsinki, it was cool. I saw the religious side of my folks, which is by the way not very big, Joonatan was eager to leave both of the places and he kept calling me a dwarf all throughout the service in the orthodox church. 😀 Ah, boys. And while we were in the car, Maarit asked me “Isn’t it nice to have brothers? Who else will call you a vegetable and tease you for no reason?” and I thought about it for a moment. It really is nice having brothers (and Iiris, of course). Though we don’t spend that much time together and for what we do, we should hate each other, we constantly offend each other and poke one another, we scream, we yell, we’re just awful. But I can feel that they like me and I like them, too. And I don’t want to go back to being the single child again. Brothers and sisters are nice. They can cover for you, they got your back. And even though they make it seem like they hate you, they really don’t. And they bring you candy from upstairs, they call you to watch a movie together, they sing with you, bake with you, dance hungover zumba dances with you, laugh with you, watch youtube videos with you, even the fights are nice. “Why do you always have to come here?” “Cause I’m your sister and I’m supposed to annoy you” “Well, congratulations, you’re doing a splendid job!” “Thanks *poke*, so watcha doing?”. I’m gonna miss that, when I go back home. So, not only my friends, but also the family life…lovely!

But yeah, after we came home, I baked muffins, Maarit made a cake and Iiris bakes cookies…all for tomorrow. Don’t know why, but it seems legit and completely sensible! 😀 I was supposed to go out with someone today, actually. Well, no one was feeling like it, but I REALLY wanted to get away from the house, breathe some air, be with friends. Didn’t have anything specific on the plate, so I was gonna make something up on the way, but since no one seemed to be very interested and my family would have been sad if I left them on this day for bullshit, I just stayed with them and it was a nice day. Don’t know what I’ll do tomorrow, but we’ll see when it comes. Yes. That we will do.

And yesterday – Thursday, after the super easy English exam, I went home to clean a bit. I vacuumed the house, got all the dust and cleaned my room. Then I went to Jazz’s place…you know, to watch movies. We did watch movies, but before that we talked a shit load of time about things that interest us. I really like Jazz, she’s amazing. We came to the conclusion that we can talk openly to almost anyone from the group about any matter, which was nice. Of course, the fact that we can doesn’t mean that we do, but it’s nice to know that you have friends, who are ready to listen to you and you – listen to them. Our gang is awesome. Just saying. After 2-3 hours, we went on to watch Lethal Weapon 3 and 4, cause we had already seen the first and second part together. We were supposed to see only the third part, but since we had time, we watched both. And it was awesome. We also noticed that Riggs and Murtaugh scarishly resemble Joel and Henkka’s characters. Mind full of fuck. 😀 ALSO!!!! We should totally do this. Lethal Weapon drinking game. Every time someone says “son of a bitch”, you drink. Hospital visit in the end of the series – guaranteed! Those movies are hilarious!

And on a random note: You might have noticed that I haven’t blogged so much in the recent few days. That’s because the mood is kinda missing, I don’t know why. But worry not, it will come back and balance will be restored. Just wait for it.

But yeah, now I’m gonna head off to the shower. 

//Stef – see ya guys soon! (hopefully with some pictures)


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