My family!

Hey, everyone!

So, this is a small post about my siblings and what I think about them.

I’ve been a single child for so long. And all of a sudden I’m in this big family full of kids and I learn what it’s like to live with boys and one girl. It’s never been hard for me to be with them. But now I can say that we have our brother-sister ; sister-sister relationship completely built. These people are family to me:

I love them so much, it surprises me. Anything for them, anytime! If any of them called me with a dead body next to them, I’d be asking where to dig. They haven’t done anything special, but just be themselves and I already feel them like my real brothers and sister. And I know they feel me like that, too. They’ve already had my back so many times in family matters, it almost makes me tear up when I think that someone can care about me in such a way that they can stand up to people for me. I really appreciate it. And I’d do the same for them. We’re not extremely close to each other (except for maybe Iiris, cause she’s a girl and we talk about girl stuff a lot), but I can tease the guys and the way that they get annoyed and scream and yell at me is wonderful…as strange as it sounds. The twins at least. They always have a problem with me being around, I’m always annoying and stupid, they scream “GO AWAY!” every 5 seconds and they never share personal things with me, but they call me to watch movies with me, they ask for my opinion, they like arguing with me, or having poking fights with me, or watch funny videos with me, they use our inside jokes, they tease me as well, they make me go crazy and they put the troll face on, asking “you mad?”. We’re just so comfortable around each other in a typical siblings way. Brothers ❤ For Aleksanteri, I would like to add that he’s super sweet in a guy-ish way. He asks me if I need drinks, though I never do, he says he’ll cover for me if I need it sometime, he gives me rides with the car, since he just got his driving license and he fixes me up with ice hockey tickets (that I promise I will use to see jokerit vs blues), what’s not to love? And Iiris is just the top of the cake. She came here a few minutes ago just to say how great I am and she almost started crying, when she was talking about me leaving for Bulgaria. Now that’s sweet! She borrows me clothes and makeup from time to time, we have our photo moments, we share stuff and I just genuinely think of her as my sister. I love all of them. And the house is so empty without them, every second week, when they’re gone is like a torture. Me, alone with Nuutti (with Maarit and Hannu, of course, but that’s different.) I like having them around all the time!

And then my host parents. They’re just so lovely. I really like them. Just like a real family. We have our fights, we often disagree in many matters, Maarit has a really strong opinion on many topics and so do I, BUT that’s what makes it so good. I know that they care about me. And I care about them, too. They always say “Thank you”, when I do something in the house that I have to do anyway (or take Nuutti out), they treat me like an adult and they let me go to a lot of places, the food Hannu cooks is unbelievably tasty and my talks with Maarit on many different topics are wonderful. I can see how much they love and respect their children and home and you could literally hear the love towards us in their voice, when they call us. When we have guests, they are like “Did you see Stefi’s wanhat picture? Look how pretty she is” or “Stefi and me were there and there and she said this and this, how creative is that?!” and they say nice things about me and my siblings all the time and they are proud of us and our pictures are all over the house. They’re great parents! They’re giving us freedom, but they also want us to follow THEIR rules and respect them. I’m glad I have them exactly as my host family. And still the way they talk about me to other people is amazing. They read my motivational letter and they are eager to show everyone how much Finnish I know, they’re like “she understands everything, just say something and she’ll get it, I promise!” and they always encourage me and believe in me and I love them for that so much. I’m sure everyone is already sick and tired of their stories about their kids, since that’s almost all they talk about, but they’re so passionate, I don’t care. They’re the greatest! And I’m gonna miss them, too, when I go back to Bulgaria. But I’ll make sure to leave them in my life forever. Love them to bits!

And here are some Easter pics for you, guys! 🙂

Happy Easter and happy birthday to my wonderful twin brothers – Joonatan and Pietari! 🙂

//Stef – almost time for school again!


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