Awesome Tuesday is Awesome!

Hey, everyone!

So…today was exceptionally awesome, as you can read by the title.

I had to get up at 6.30 am, but whatever, I had history as 1-st lesson and everyone were scaring me that Mr. Crowford is awful and can’t teach and his lessons are boring, but it wasn’t all that bad. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Eve brought birthday cake to school and I had a piece of it in the morning before the lesson started. Nomnomnom. So, the lesson was pretty much a talk-through, telling us about what we’re gonna study during this course and it was somewhat interesting! (Turning points in Finnish history), we’ll see where this goes!

After that I had nothing and I went to art class to finish my final work for the previous course. Of course, I also went to lunch and met everyone again and it was cool and you know, I like my friends. Then I went to art with Jazz and I kept on finishing my work, just putting something pout there so it looks pretty and all that. Tuuli came to me at one point and she started talking to me about my work and it took me a while there to realize that she was talking in Finnish, cause when I answered her, my language seemed awfully wrong…english. But yeah, we had an english-finnish discussion about how the whole thing was and I went out with my job done! There was still more time to kill, so I just sat on one of the couches and Joel joined, later Jamppa did so, too! A spontaneous idea hit us – go watch “American reunion” and since I was going to Sello anyway, I decided to join in, I wanted to see that SOOOO bad!

Anyway, me and Jamppa went to Tapiola, then to the library and I somehow got on the bus to Sello 40 minutes later and I was just on time for my meeting with Paola – this bulgarian girl, who wanted to meet me. Okay, this was exciting, cause I haven’t spoken bulgarian to anyone (except in skype) for 8 months!!! I’ve forgotten so much! We met and her mom was with us also, so we had a lot to talk about and at first it was hard finding all the right words, but then it kind of got easier, once the tension was gone. And I seriously don’t remember Bulgarians being so freaking nice. I mean, it was a shock. Very, very, very nice, they offered me a bunch of stuff and told me so many things that could make my life easier! I’m now invited over on Friday at their place, where the mom promised to cook me some Musaka!!!!!!! How awesome is that? How????? I love my life right now.

At one point, the guys called me (Jamppa, Joel and Henkka) and later I discovered that they passed us 3 or 4 times and they were thinking about trolling me by showing up and asking “was the blowjob scheduled for 9 or 9.30 and are those people joining us, too?”, but thank god they didn’t do that, cause if they did, they’d be dead by now. 😀 But yeah, I went to eat with them and here are some pics:

And then we went to watch the movie and it was seriously hilarious, you gotta watch it…for Stifler’s mom at least!!!

But yeah, then I went home and did this. But the day was AWESOMEEEEE.

//Stef – ciao


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