6 days later!


So, here I am again, sorry for the long pause once again, I kinda had lots of things going on.

Can’t tell you everything that has happened to me during those 6 days, simply cause I don’t remember everything, but I’ll try to tell you about my highlights. So, Wednesday was okay, I guess. Nothing unusual there, except that the day was quite short. And oh yeah, Joel specifically told me not to write in my blog that he’s a jackass for leaving me sitting alone in YH class, cause apparently he tried to make an eye contact with me, so I go next to him, pull a desk or somethin’ in the back row. What a load of bullshit happened for that back row. I was supposed to go there the next class, but someone did it before me, so I’m stuck on second row, alone, with literally nothing to do. Lovely. I asked him few days later (yesterday if we have to be exact) if he’s willing to come sit with me in front and after probably a thousand “please”‘s, he naturally said “no”. Cause he’s Joel. He took all the joy out of it, though, he was enjoying and smiling, when I asked him again and again and he still didn’t change his mind. Now that’s one cruel mofo. So yeah, Joel, you are a jackass for leaving me sitting alone in YH class. πŸ˜€ Told you I was gonna be mad/sad… Besides, it’s always you, who draws the penises in the notebooks what does that have to do with my company? I can be amusing, but I can also keep quiet, you know…well, whatever. Just gonna be frustrated and that’s it. Don’t need you friends. *drama queen moment here* Ugh!

But here’s two pics from last Friday:

But yeah, on Friday I went out with Paola again and I spent the night at her place with her utterly Bulgarian family. I had forgotten what it was like. The promised musaka was there and there was all bulgarian food on the dinner table, shopska salad, rakiya alcohol (of which I was more than once offered, but since I’d rather not be hungover the morning after, I refused), feta cheese, it was awesome. And JUST like in a typical Bulgarian family, guests came and went from the apartment during the whole 2 hour lasting dinner. There was this guy, who was so surprised to see me, he almost choked on a piece of cheese. His face, when I spoke Bulgarian was genuinely surprised and we all had a big laugh about it. “Where did you find this one? I thought I know every Bulgarian in the Helsinki region”. LOL. But yeah, everyone were super extra loud and there were at least 8 conversations on the table (and only 6 people on it, so…yeah), everyone was going in and out the topics with the speed of light, I got to practice my otherwise rusty Bulgarian and everyone were just SO nice, I was a bit nostalgic over their hyperactivity, loudness and hospitality. And WE WATCHED BULGARIAN TELEVISION. I didn’t know “Nova” tv had a new logo, which apparently isn’t new anymore, but I had no idea, so…and the programs really sucked ass, but they were in BG, so we watched. They still air “Sdelka ili ne” for a what, 6-th year in a row? Uskomatonta.

Anyway, we had this baby for breakfast:

We made it ourselves, we put loads of meat and cheese as you can see. Bulgarians don’t save food for later. πŸ˜€

And one pic of Paola and me in Sello: πŸ™‚

Also, at one point last week, Henkka called me half-dude, cause apparently I hang out with them too much, to which Joel added the “shemale” joke, making me mad and laugh at the same time. Screw you, guys. You’re half-girls. Theeeeen during the weekend Joonatan had a sleepover party at our place, so I slept in his room and gave them the bottom floor all to themselves, so yeah…and I didn’t know the twins have a dream catcher in their room. Don’t know if it was because of it or if it was just a random coincidence, but I had one of the best dreams of my life. I was literally disappointed to wake up. It was so real and so good and so possible (but then again, not really), it was heaveeeeen. ❀ Can I re-dream it, please? 😦

On Sunday me, Iiris, the boys and Maarit went to a birthday party (and Hannu went to play golf in Spain) to this really sweet girl, she turned 18. It was cool, the food was awesome and there were 3 different types of cake (of which I didn’t eat, cause of this stupid sugar deal I made with Jazz and Joel, fuck that shit). One of the guests there looked like an older and really hot version of the twins (Joonatan and Pietari), which was weird, cause I’ve never seen them as boys, they’ve always been the little brothers, so how can there be a hot older version of them?????? How??? It was weird. But yeah, I went home at maybe 7 o’clock and JOHANNA CAME HOMEEEEEE! ❀

We had this deal to watch an American Pie marathon together, since she wanted to watch American Reunion with me and the guys, but couldn’t come and she wanted to watch all the other movies and frankly, a little bit of remembering from my side wouldn’t be bad. So we’re girly. We were sitting in the dark, watching college boys masturbate. Lovely. You can imagine the looks we gave each other every 30 seconds or so. πŸ˜€ It was hilarious. And there was the occasional random french accent and strange stories from our past. It was awesome to have her home, we should do this more often. She had to leave early, though, around 22.00-ish, so we watched only 1 and a half movies, but I’m sure we’ll continue our marathon soon! πŸ˜›

And today I showed up in school with red pants, who everyone seemed to like. Henkka’s reaction was weird, though, I must admit. “WHY STEFANI, WHY!!?? You were a perfectly good hipster, why did you have to go mainstream???? Your ass looks, great, though!”. And you know what? My ass does look great for most of the time. πŸ˜€ It’s a little bit big, but it has an awesome shape and I was just admiring myself all day, when I got home. After a decent amount of time of thinking what a great ass and boobs I have (cause I just can do that, okay?), the thought that I hang out with the guys too much, crossed my mind. Cause their ego is huge, especially Joel’s. And now mine is starting to go up as well, for reasons unknown, cause I can definitely work on my figure. But yeah. I got bored at one point, went for a 7 km jog, then to the gym for a little bit, took Nuutti out afterwards and now I’m a bit tired. So I’ll probably head straight to bed.

So yeah, good night guys, have a good one!

//Stef – until next time!


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