My friends in songs.

Hey again!

So, pretty much, I’ve had this idea for a while.

Representing my friends (or at least those, who I can easily think of a song for) via a song. One track that pretty much sums up their personality (for me, of course, this whole thing doesn’t have to be 100% accurate, it’s just how I feel it). So yeah, let’s begin. I’m sure some people will have fun reading this, haha!


She’s always been a Bruce Springsteen fan and this is a signature song. She’s very harmonic if you get to know her, a genius in writing, a person, who enjoys serious talks about life and whatnot. I feel like if she had to choose one tune that she would pick and listen for the rest of her life, that would be it. And I don’t know what’s going on under that thick hair of hers, but for me her personality is JUST like this song. Very bitter in a good way. You can tell that she has a soul and she looks so experienced and gives amazing advises to those in need….


Johanna has always given me this Coldplay vibe. And since I know she likes them, this is how I imagine her. I think her mind works a bit differently that most people’s. Her colors are a bit melancholic and you get this feeling of sincerity, when you look at her, I can’t explain it. She’s into old classics and her whole vibe is a bit “violet”. And she also looks so natural and tender, this song is just for her!


Cause he’s a sailor and he goes wherever the wind blows, though if you ask me, he’s a very grounded man. He’s not as careless as this song sounds, but he would like to be. He always aims for perfection and he’s never happy with himself, but if there would be a perfect alternative reality, this is what it would look/sound like. Sailing carelessly around the world, thinking and thinking until the end of time…


Cause Meat Loaf, that’s why. He loves this. And it’s so him. And he doesn’t care about anything, but then he does. Like, he’s a super good friend, but he can tell you he doesn’t give a fuck about something that you think is cool and you wouldn’t be mad. He’s all over the place. And he’s funny. And his insults are awesome, cause I can come up with witty comebacks and we both laugh at them. And Meat Loaf is awesome. And this is Henkka. Deal with it! 😀


I know that Jamppa is a professional piano player, nothing to do with violins, but this is awesome. Cause it’s classical and I know he likes classical music, but then again it’s popular and cool like him. It has it’s calm moments, but most of the time the song is playful just like him. He’d laugh at a dirty joke, he’d make one himself, he’d grab someone by the jacket and pull them backwards, he’d make those retarded faces and speak with that weird voice, but at the end of the day it’s all just lovely and lively and if he’s not around for more than a week, you start to miss the bastard!


Sooo, where to begin with this one?! There are at least a thousand songs that I can think of that describe this particular person, but I choose this one, cause I think it gets a lot more of his personality. First of all, he’s an night owl and this is a perfect night song. Second of all, many people might disagree with me on that song choice, cause they see Joel all funny and smiley in school, but I think he enjoys slow tracks like this one a lot and he’s probably having a musicgasm listening to this right this second. And he’s also the type of guy, who wants to look rather wise and dependable and strong and this is what grandpa Joel would sound like, when he’s telling stories to his grandkids. And he’s somewhat sentimental and gentle to the things he truly cares about, though he doesn’t show it all the time. And under the impression of arrogance and huge ego, humor and sugar addiction, there’s THIS. So yeah…


Umm, I always thought of her as a huge Johnny Cash fan and she has that old 60’s ; 70’s look to herself and she generally listens to that kind of music, she’s very weary and sunny at first glance, but you can’t help but notice that there’s a lot more to her than meets the eye and though I want to know her a looooot better, something is always in the way, which reminds me that I should do something about it, cause she wants to interact with me more, as well. And I have nothing, but good stuff to tell about her. Emma is lovely!

I have songs for the rest, too, but I’ll post them in another post, cause I still haven’t found them exactly and I’m trying to hit the spot, so yeah… 😀

//Stef – soon, fellas, soon


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