I can’t think of a headline, sorry.


So, I’m back with more to tell ya.

I realized, I’m pulling back on blog posts, only because I want more posts to have pictures and that’s not gonna happen that much, since I’m a writer, not a photographer.

So with that cleared out, I’d like to say how my days have been going. On Thursday I was supposed to go to this Europe conference in Dipoli, which is in Otaniemi, Espoo. I woke up on time and I had an agreement to meet Iisa, Emma and Saara in Tapiola, cause I didn’t know how to go to the place. They had some stuff going on, though, so they couldn’t join me and I was alone in the bus stop with the instructions on how to get there. What I didn’t know, though, was that Otaniemi is in the other direction, so I went 7 stops further away with the bus and lost 20 minutes in waiting the bus in the right direction and actually finding the place. When I got there, I had to circle the place 3 times to see which door I was supposed to go through, finally I gave up and went through the main door and found the conference room. There was this man dressed in black, three times my size, telling me that the doors are closed and he can’t let me in, cause I’m late. Needless to say, after 15 minutes of begging and asking him to let me in, he didn’t. I went to school frustrated by these events and the best gift the universe could send me was a whole group of kindergarden lil’ kids screaming and pushing me in the bus…one of them smiled at me as it was getting boogers out of his nose. Very unpleasant 20 min!!!

The rest of the day continued pretty shitty. Nothing much happened, I guess just a normal schedule and convos and yeah…

On Friday, after YH class, I went to Helsinki – Suomenlinna. I’ve never been there before, it was great. But before that I have to complain about Stephanie’s friend. So I was supposed to meet her at Kamppi, but what she didn’t tell me was that she’s gonna bring some Iraqi dude with her. What. The. Fuck. He’s the exact replica of everything that repulses me in a man. Starting from his appearance, he looked like he could use a bath…or ten…and on to his attitude – extremely cocky and hyper-active, then the language he spoke that sounded super bad and his singing, which reminded me of a gypsy belly dance mix tape. Everything about him screamed “EWWW”. So, naturally, I attract only those kind of guys, he grabbed my ass and said I was really nice, after what he got my hand and before I managed to yank it out of his fist and step 2 steps away from him, he raised it in the air and said “I love Bulgariaaa” and I was like “Please, god, if you exist, now is the time to strike either him or me with a lightning”. He kept singing trying to hug me the whole walk from kamppi to the central market, where the boats for Suomenlinna leave from. But yeah, we went to the castle with the whole History class and Mr.Crowford and it was rather interesting. Jakub was really funny, telling us about Ehrensvärd, he started like “He was a pretty interesting dude…his name starts with an E and ends with a D, that’s pretty amazing and should tell you a lot about his personality…” and in the backround some wasted old guy with a weird hat was singing the anthem and making everyone laugh… it was cool. Then we watched some sort of a movie about the castle and it’s history, after what we just chilled and went home.

On Saturday, I woke up pretty late, but I was still on time for the Harry Potter marathon we made at Iisa’s place. We ate a shit load of food and…well, watched Harry Potter. I was home by twelve and I couldn’t watch all the movies, but still better than nothing. Emma, Assu and Iisa apparently stayed and watched until 7 am. Da fuq… good thing Saara gave me a ride home! ^^

And today nothing special happened, really! I went out with Emma, Kaisa and Tuukka, went to Tuukka’s place for a while, chilled…before that we saw the sunshine and yeah…nothing extraordinary.

We’ll see what tomorrow will bring!

//Stef – bye for now


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