Monthly Archives: May 2012

Some thoughts?

Hey, world! It’s 01:30 am and I’m listening to Coldplay, so naturally, something really depressing is coming up! I had a party today. Well “party” wouldn’t be the exact word, since there was no alcohol and Laura’s friends were there, too, so half-naked men and women coming up and down the stairs weren’t a strange […]

Last days of school.

Hey, everyone! I’m back with some pics! Well, I’ve posted most of them on Facebook already, but I still want to put them here as well! This was from Helsinki last Sunday. I loved those flowers and colors, it was magnificently beautiful! This is outside of school in the yard. The guys were playing this […]


Well, hey. The weekend was quite fine. I went to Suomenlinna on Saturday, cause I thought I was gonna meet Laura there for the last time, since her exchange year has been cut short by YFU and she leaves back to Austria this Wednesday. Well, I didn’t see her, cause she thought we were supposed […]


Hey. I’m extremely weird today. It’s no one’s fault, I was relatively fine, before the guys started asking me what’s my problem and why am I pms-ing so hard. Fuck you, that’s why. The weirdest part was me getting mad at Joel for saying that I tend to get mad. Whatever. I’m ok. It’s just […]


Yo! So, as I said earlier, I went to Vierumäki with my family this weekend. Lalala, yes, it was fun, we golfed and walked and biked for 3 days in a row, *insert long explanations of hard exercise and funny stories here*, it was cool. Today I had a presentation at Hertoniemen Yhteiskoulu about what […]

10-th of May…or my Birthday.

Hey! So yeah, today is my birthday. I woke up at 6.50 with the thought “Should I skip History or not?”. Completely ignoring the 9gag post from the night before that would have advised me to sleep more and not go anywhere, I got up, fixed myself up and went to school for an 8.15 […]

Finland – Switzerland.

Ice hockey!!! So, shall we start? The day was pretty cool. Except that I had to wake up freaking early for history class. It was utterly boring, the only good thing was that I don’t need to write my essay, cause I already did it and handed it in yesterday, which makes me the first […]