Hey, yo!

So, I have a lot of things to tell you.

Right now, in this wonderful land we call Finland, everyone is celebrating Vappu – a student holiday that every fufture, present and former student celebrates. That makes up about 100% of the population. We (me and my friends) were wondering what we’ll do on Vappu (which is two days, last day of april and first day of may). There was a talk that we’d all go to Henkka’s place for a grilling get together, but all of a sudden he said that that’s not gonna happen and that was yesterday morning. Everyone were like “what the fuck?! What are we gonna do now?”, so some people were rather puzzled and yes…after a few phone calls from Henkka’s side, he backed down and said “yeah, sure, faggots…you can come to my place, I guess”. Wohooooo. Wild plans began to form, how to get there most importantly, since that blond bastard lives in the middle of nowhere and the latest bus from there goes at like 12.30 am, which is early if you consider that the buses from my place never stop coming. I asked my parents if I could go, they said I could, after I take a walk with them in Helsinki, so I made a deal with Joel that he’d be with me on the journey from Tapiola to whatever neighborhood (forgot it’s name…was it Kallio?) Henkka lives, cause I don’t know jack shit about Espoo geography and I’d be so lost otherwise.

Anyway, after school I went to Helsinki with my folks, the twins again telling me that I’m ruining their lives, cause apparently they would have had a free day if I wasn’t here and they wouldn’t have had to go to Helsinki for my first Vappu ever. Someone’s been hitting puberty hard, just saying! 😀 Me and Aleksanteri were just laughing at their identical twin asses and we were discussing what we’re doing the following night. When we reached Kamppi, everything went really strange. Never seen so many Finns in one place at the same time. It was FULL! People were singing and students were wearing those white caps that say they’re graduates and some weird native american/mayan people were playing the flute to these Pocahontas sounds and it was just weird. Though I did enjoy the music, I must admit. Some of the people were already drunk and others just circled around them, trying not to wake them up (as they’re lying in the middle of the street, lol). People were selling balloons and Hannu bought me one Pikku Myy balloon, I loved it! Felt like a little kid again. Then we went to eat in the central market place and here’s a pic from there:

After some more time of wandering around, drinking cola and messing with Joonatan and Pietari, it was time for me to catch the bus to Tapiola and orientate myself for waiting the bus that will lead me to Henkka’s place (after patiently waiting for Joel, lol). So he called me at one point, saying that Otto (his brother) will give him a ride, but they’ll come and pick me up before that. Again – really nice of them to do that. I stumbled across Nelli and Jazz, so we took them with us and we were all like a big happy family, barely fitting in the car…cause of my balloon. It was necessary that I take it everywhere with me, cause of reasons. And it wasn’t the most comfortable ride for Nelli, sorry for which! I didn’t know we were gonna be so many people beforehand. 😀 Buut we managed to go to Henkka’s place anyway and he was well prepared with the grill waiting to be fired, sausages, drinks and a nice tour around his huge house. I can’t say the night was bad. In a matter of minutes Noora, Nora and Rasse came as well and we were in full strength to start the partay. We went outside, started grilling (master Joel was on that particular part), played a little bit of football (my humiliation connected to that game is not worthy of mentioning), there was this really cool bread that went so well with feta cheese and roasted sausage…mmm. Here are 2 pics from then:

Noora all of a sudden told us how much she likes us and everyone’s reaction was “how much did you drink?”, but I really know why she said it and what she meant by it, since I’m in the same situation and I know how much we’ll both miss those people. Joel said he was wondering if our gang would stay the same after High School and if we’d celebrate holidays together even when we’re old and I said “yes” immediately, cause I’d like that to be true very much. Very much, indeed. It was a bit of a sentimental moment…

So yeah, after we were ready with the eating and grilling, we moved our asses to the kitchen/dining room and we stayed there for like two hours or so. During that time many jokes were told and many people were personally offended (with love, of course!). Mine and Noora’s legs didn’t stop touching each other and we were throwing sexy looks at one another and at one point my expression was shocked “I’m sorry, but my leg isn’t that long!”, to which everyone started laughing and Joel put my chair closer to the table and said “Come on Stef, I know you can do it!”…damn. Then at one point I was eating candy and I don’t remember what I was saying, but the candy flew out of my mouth and everyone just stared at me for a brief second there. Utter embarrassment, though I know I’m among friends and it’s not such a BIG deal, but I just put my head in my palms and couldn’t look anyone for minutes. I felt like all the blood in my body went to my face and I wished the ground would open and I would just fall in it. Why do the nasty things always have to happen to me, huh? 😀 After getting over myself and contributing to the conversation again, everything seemed to normalize a bit and then Henkka told us we should go downstairs, cause his family wanted to sleep and yeah…we went down.

It was first Rasse, me and Joel on that bunk bed. It was alright. Then Nora, Noora, Jazz and Nelli came as well and it became so freaking hot (giggity) that my temperature rose to probably 39 degrees or something like that. It was buuuuuurning, but we were together and we were having fun, so no one really cared that much, we just made it into a joke every 5 minutes that someone should strip down a bit…eventually Nelli did it. 😀 After a solid amount of time Joel stopped playing with my sunglasses and he moved is feet over mine, which made me feel like I’ve entered an oven. How is it possible that his legs are so hot. I could almost see the steam coming out and sizzle in the air. DAMN. But yeah, at one point Nora and Nelli grabbed a cab and went home and everyone quieted down –> best moment for Henkka to go to the bathroom. When no one is saying anything and we’re just outside, with every single small noise being heard. Laughed out loud a lot. Rasse was like “Okay, maybe we should talk about something”, to which Joel and me were holding our laughs and when the almighty host came out of the bathroom, Joel just said “Man, you piss loud!” Hahahahahahahaha. Sorry, I shouldn’t be laughing, but…LMAO! 😀

After the clock stroke 12:15, we were on our way to the bus stop (me, Jazz and Joel, accompanied by Rasse and Noora as representatives of the bikers community). Thank god, we were on time, though it was a long ride, considering that we were the only sober people around and the smell of alcohol made our gentleman nauseous and he was…not cranky, but rather easily irritated during the ride. We got off at Leppävaara and caught another bus from there, it was just me and Jazz and mister Jolzu (lol, just thought of that name), he got off before Tapiola center and we got off at Stockmann. So now it was just the two of us, walking towards the Länsiväylä waiting for 132 to get us each home. Faith had a different plan in mind. Unfortunately, the buses were so full, they didn’t even stop at the bus stop, no matter how much you waved. We waited there until maybe 2am, after what we caught 122 (which was also rather full) and got off at a stop close to Jazz’s place. 2 more buses that go to my home passed us by without stopping, we were freezing and the time was already 3 am and I really fucking wanted to go home and sleep. We were gonna wait for only 1 more bus and  if it didn’t stop, I was gonna go and sleep at Jazz’s place. Thankfully, the LAST 132 came and stopped, cause people wanted to get out and the driver had no choice, but to let me in. I got home at fucking 3.30 in the morning. How does that shit happen. HSL should know that there are many drunks on Vappu, all of them wanting to home at one point during the night, so what…the…fuck…happened yesterday?!

On the good side of everything, I slept until 12 pm today, after what I talked to my mom a bit, she’s lovely, she looks awesome and I saw my aunt and cousin as well! It was the first time my mom and Maarit/Hannu ever saw each other (on camera, but still) and it was exciting. Well, my host parents were sweet and nice and mom was just smiling, a bit shy, so I don’t know what they thought of all that, but I’m sure they’ll get to know each other, when they visit me in Bulgaria, it will be awesome!

But yeah, we had Saara and Aleksi and Laura and Chiki coming over for dinner/barbecue outside in the back yard and it was really nice, we had brunch already out this morning and it was really lovely, the weather is awesome. So, we talked a lot and joked around, Maarit didn’t miss the opportunity to brag with me again, it was sweet of her. 😀 But we had strawberry and chocolate fond doux as well as ice cream for desert. I love Vappu! And my family’s food…and Finland. Damn, I really don’t want to leave!

And yeah, Vappu has been great! Thanks to Henkka, who was a wonderful host, Joel and Otto, who were so nice to give me a ride, Jazz, who stood for two fucking hours with me in the freezing cold during the night, everyone who were at the party and contributed for a really nice time, my parents for being so lovely and myself for enjoying all of this.

Hauskaa Vappua!

//Stef – take care!


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