Finland – Switzerland.

Ice hockey!!!

So, shall we start?

The day was pretty cool. Except that I had to wake up freaking early for history class. It was utterly boring, the only good thing was that I don’t need to write my essay, cause I already did it and handed it in yesterday, which makes me the first one to do it, I think. Lovely. Except that I forgot to include sources in the back and Mr. Crawford is gonna deduct the grade from that, but I don’t really care about that so much, so…meh!

After that, most of my friends had a tutor meeting, something like “last celebration”, they ate cake, leaving their tutor year behind. I was hanging around for some time, then didn’t want to get in the way and I went to Eve and Emmi, listening to them complaining about history and stuff. Not in a bad way, they were just worried about the essay and all that. Then Eve went to print out some sort of fitness program and I printed out my religion pictures that I needed to have done for Monday (but well, oh well). I was pretty pissed off at my religion motivation level…and our house printer. I couldn’t get it to work and print colorful, so I had to settle for the black and white stuff my school offers. Blah.

But anyway, after I got that sorted out, I went outside in the sunshine for a while, watched the guys play some sort of a ball game like football…only not. And when they went to class, I went to the bus stop with Nelli and Minja. When I got home, Maarit was still there, almost on her way out for some important meeting. She didn’t have much time to talk to me, so in a few minutes I was alone with Nuutti and had stuff to do. First, I did some house work, then I took the dog out, then I literally just stood out in the yard in the sun for some time after what I did nothing, but chillax for the rest of the day. I had invited people over for ice hockey game – Finland vs. Switzerland. By people, I mean the guys (Joel, Jamppa, Henkka and Rasse). Henkka didn’t know if he could come, Jamppa and Joel said they’d be present and Rasse said from the start (naturally) that he won’t be able to join us.  At 14.00-ish Jamppa called me to ask if it’s okay to bring Emma along. Weird that he also asked, cause Joel asked me the same thing about Johanna and apparently they don’t feel welcome or something, just because I invited the guys only. I mean, sure, I didn’t say that everyone can come, but I didn’t say it’s only for those 4 people. Besides, Emma and Johanna are my friends, so of course I want them to come. I just didn’t think they’d be interested in ice hockey and I’m actually trying to at least pretend to follow what’s going on.

After I told Jamppa that it’s okay to bring Emma, he hung up only to call me an hour later, saying that he can’t come, cause his mom said she would like him to stay at home, since he’s been too social lately. She didn’t forbid him to come, but I’m sure she used that mother tone that no one can say no to. I would have stayed at home as well. But yeah, he was out and I was pretty sure that Henkka won’t come, cause he lives in the freaking forest and that’s far away from here and he’s so lazy that there’s almost no way I can get him to come. There would have to be a naked woman or something even more spectacular for him to get off his ass and come to my place. So I was right, he said he won’t come. I thought now would be a good time to text Joel and say that it’s gonna be just the two of us – tactically giving him time and space for retreat if he all of a sudden feels like staying home with Johanna or something like that.

Of course, I didn’t enjoy the fact that the guys couldn’t come and at one point it felt like I’m a complete failure at organizing stuff, though this time I got everything, and every time I try to do something, almost no one shows up. I know that people are busy and have their own lives and all, I understand their reasons and I’m not mad, I just feel kinda bad for being such a bad organizer. Joel texted back that he wasn’t feeling so well, but he’s probably coming. I think he got the message “if you wanna back out as well” cause he commented on it later on. 😀 Well, he was the only one, who actually showed up. I thought he’d rather stay at home, since the guys weren’t gonna be here, hence the quality of fun would be minimized, but I guess I was wrong. Sweet.

So, I got all this food downstairs:

+ there were mokkapalat, but I forgot to take a picture of them. We couldn’t eat all of this, cause…of reasons. So the game was supposed to start at 20:15 and it did, actually, but not on canal+ with Mertaranta as a commentator. I don’t know why they decided not to show that particular game, but we watched it on that one MTV channel (not the music television) with the commercial breaks and everything. And we turned on the TV on after the first goal was already made. Joel said he’d be really pissed if the score ends 1:0 for Finland like every other time, cause then we’d missed all the action. Thankfully, the game ended 5:2 for Finland and we got to see some hard times. Though I didn’t see both of the goals Switzerland made for Finland. I thought they were just unsuccessful tries, but I guess not. Meh, we still won (by we, I mean Finland…I’m almost a Finn now 😀 ).

For some reason, still unclear what, most of the things Joel said were hilarious and he was making those weird Mickey Mouse orgasm sounds, since the he was sitting on the massaging chair and it was rather…amusing. I laughed like a retard for most of the time and he scared me 2 times with his screams. It was like…quiet talking, quiet talking, quiet talking, GOAAAAAAAAL and it caught me off guard, so I thought something serious is happening like he’s having a heart attack or a nail went up his ass or I don’t know.

We talked though the whole thing, not necessarily about ice hockey exclusively. I literally saw only half of the game, the minutes, when we were busy chewing, but at least I got familiar with more rules, cause he talked me through them. Then we made fun of the players, of the coaches, we were imagining what they’re saying to each other, then he didn’t miss the opportunity to look at me with the “SERIOUSLY?!” face, when I didn’t see the puck going into Finland’s goal twice. By the way, there was one extremely close call when one of the Swiss players kicked the puck and it was exactly on the line and at that moment we both cringed a bit like we saw someone being hit in the balls (mascot story comes to mind again, since we were discussing polar bears and angry birds?). Yeaaaah…

I was probably the only foreigner with a hand-made Finnish flag, screaming “HYVÄ SUOMI” at the TV, even Joel refused to take one. 😦 Stupid Finns!

He relocated himself towards the computer for the last 15 minutes of the game. We were happy, when it ended, but look at what he’s holding. It’s my water bomb. It was nothing, but an innocent balloon, before he got his hands on it. I mean I thought it looked like a fake boob, too, but I never said it out loud. 😀 Still…I got him a pen and this is the result:

After a few close calls, we called it a quit, cause…he didn’t want to get “wet”, lol. 😀

We hung around on damnlol and 9gag for a while, laughed some more and turned on the tv on channel 4 (nelonen) and watched some men in black. Good memories from that one, btw. At 23:20 something we went out with the dog…well, more like I went out with the dog and walked Joel to the bus stop. Out of nowhere, he saw Nuutti pooping and he said he wished he could do that in public without being socially unacceptable. It made me laugh out loud so hard. It was relatively dark and quiet out on the street and all you could hear is my laugh. I’m either a) easily entertained and immature  or b) tired…or c) both.

But yeah, he got the last bus to Tapiola, I walked the dog for a while and went home and wrote this and went to bed. There you go. A long post. 😀 Rejoice!

And a picture of Nuutti, cause why not?

Sooo, good night, lovely world, I shall see you again soon!

//Stef – 5:2, fuck yea!


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