10-th of May…or my Birthday.


So yeah, today is my birthday.

I woke up at 6.50 with the thought “Should I skip History or not?”. Completely ignoring the 9gag post from the night before that would have advised me to sleep more and not go anywhere, I got up, fixed myself up and went to school for an 8.15 class of History, only to find out that we DON’T have history, because of next weekend’s trip to Porvoo. And the stupidest thing was that I had a skip after history, so in theory, my classes today started at 11.45 am. I was very pissed off and slept for most of the time in Tyrmä with random people opening and closing the door all the time, turning the lights off and on. Well, I spent the second half of the second skip with Laura Rantala, just talking about random stuff and enjoying life. The lunch looked disgusting and it almost tasted bad. Almost. Could have been worse, in my opinion.

I saw Noora’s new short hair and I almost had a heart attack, cause it’s a huge change, really! Anyway, after some time I got used to it and it’s not half bad. Johanna started joking around that she’s gonna cut her hair as well and while Joel was gone, we made him kill himself in another dimension, in which he just can’t take the fact that Johanna has short hair and he cuts his veins vertically in grief. One boyfriend less. Then Henkka came fucking late to school, apparently he woke up at 11 and had a good nap, oversleeping. Oh well! After going into Geography class and withstanding 75 minutes of pure waste (watching the same video for the 3-rd time), I mean I like Pena, but it was boring. I was tapping my foot up and down all the time and it was just annoying. The day hadn’t started good. Then after that class, Saara and Emma found me and gave me a Marianne chocolate bar and a strong alcoholic breezer to mark the countdown to my 18-th year, which I didn’t drink. But I have it, anyway, as a reminder. 😀

The whole school day wasn’t really that great, though. I had another skip after Geography and Joel, Jamppa and Rasse played video games for half of the time and the other half we went by bike to Tapiola. I can’t ride a bike. I’ll be the first one to admit it. Just because I can turn the pedals and not fall, while being on 2 tires doesn’t mean jack shit. I ran over this peacefully walking middle-aged lady, crossing on green light. My tire went on her foot and though I shouted “I’m so sorry”, I couldn’t help it, but feel extremely bad about it. When I got off the bike, I felt my legs shaking and while trying to lock my bike unsuccessfully, I had a panic attack/mental breakdown sort of thing. The situation was funny, Jamppa came  and said “let me do it” and I just started laughing, which really quickly turned into sobbing and Jamppa was there like “Are you serious?!” and when he realized that I am, in fact, serious, he hugged me and said it’s okay and I just kept on ranting about what I had done to that poor lady’s leg and god knows how much it hurts her and he was like “you’re overreacting”, which was true, but I was kinda scared and I don’t know…felt like overreacting, I guess. And then we went back and had religion, played a bit “stick game” with Joel, I’m certain I’ll win, I’m a pro at this. Had an argue about the spelling of Mohammed/Muhammad and yeah…then I stayed after school for a while with Jamppa and Emma and it wasn’t awkward, even though they’re together and I’m alone with them and all that. 😀

They’re lovely, they made me smile somehow. Anyway, after that I went home and the best surprise ever happened! I knew my family would say “Happy Birthday” and stuff, but Laura and Chiki and Saara were there, too and we had a nice dinner and they sang happy birthday to me and there was a cake and presents and…it was so good! My whole shit day just went better. I really like what they did. And they went through all the trouble and it was beautiful! Thanks to everyone!

And I got a lot of presents, gonna post just a few here, cause I can’t post eeeeverything, it’s gonna be a damn long post:


Aaand yeah. Awesome family is awesome!

//Stef – leaving to Vierumäki tomorrow!


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