So, as I said earlier, I went to Vierumäki with my family this weekend.

Lalala, yes, it was fun, we golfed and walked and biked for 3 days in a row, *insert long explanations of hard exercise and funny stories here*, it was cool. Today I had a presentation at Hertoniemen Yhteiskoulu about what it’s like to be an exchange student and it was also nice and blabla and here’s some pics of the last few days and then let’s move on to the stuff I’m actually gonna talk about:

So yeah, it was awesome.

Then a few brotips I’d like to share with you, guys.

  1. Imagine your best friend of the same sex. Would you sleep with them? Now you understand the friendzone. Get over it.
  2. Do something for the fist time every day.
  3. You don’t listen to enough music.
  4. Chicks go crazy for beastly hugs. That one-armed shit makes you look like a little bitch.
  5. You may think that cutting your hair like Justin Bieber will get you chicks, but you may also think a lot of retarded things…
  6. Your jeans should never be tighter than your girlfriend’s.
  7. Whenever someone is making you choose between them and another person, it’s usually safer to go with the other person.
  8. Food is fucking delicious. Stop bitching about “calorie intake”.
  9. Stop trying to make fetch happen. It’s not going to happen.
  10. Fuck shit up daily.
  11. Being a bro doesn’t have anything to do with gender. If you’re rad and forever legit you’ve got what it takes.
  12. Stop for a second and consider this: You can literally do whatever the fuck you want.
  13. High Fives are an acceptable form of agreement and brofists can also be legal contracts.
  14. Write your will today and make sure it demands that your funeral is the sickest party of the year!
  15. Never do anything you wouldn’t like to explain to the paramedics.
  16. Give it a shot! You never know who or what will change your life.
  17. Regret is worse than Rejection!!!!
  18. I’d hate to say it, but you probably can’t pull off a fedora.
  19. It’s only awkward if you make it that way.

//Stef – night


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