Last days of school.

Hey, everyone!

I’m back with some pics!

Well, I’ve posted most of them on Facebook already, but I still want to put them here as well!

This was from Helsinki last Sunday. I loved those flowers and colors, it was magnificently beautiful!

This is outside of school in the yard. The guys were playing this ball game that’s really fun and the girls were just chilling around. The day was quite good (Tuesday), it was warm and it was the last legit school day before the test week. I think all of the pictures from this post are from that day!

And yeah…I kinda had only 1 lesson that day, but still stayed until 4 pm in school. Just randomly derping around and taking pictures of people 😀 ! I also decided that I was too bored to function and went over to the radio-speaker thingy and spoke in Finnish a bit. Just say thanks to everyone and especially the teachers and all that. The whole school heard and I was kinda nervous with my Finnish skills, but in the end it turned out fine, except that I got a brain fart on the word “kokemukseni”, but they forgave me anyway. Ms. Voipio, to whom I should have thanked personally, since I did nothing but talk and laugh and disturb the silence in class, came to me and said thank you for the speech and it was nice of her in a way. Then Ms. Koponen was saying to some other people how it’s impossible to believe that I’ve been here less than a year and I felt kind of embarrassed, but flattered, too! Emma sent me a text during class, saying that she really liked it and if it wasn’t for the Swedish teacher, she would have cried. LOL. I mean, I know I’m okay in Finnish, but…calm dooown. 😀 Veronika had recorded the whole thing, though you couldn’t hear anything from her phone. But yeah, everyone seemed impressed and I just sunk it all in for a sec and then we all continued with our lives.

On Wednesday I had an “exam” in YH class, but it was something like a conference with speakers and it was like the real shit. You go in front of the class and talk about your assigned problem and then they butt-fuck you with questions and you have to sound smart and it’s not as easy as it sounds. Me and Emma had a refugee and asylum policy solution practice to talk about and it was nerve-wrecking in a way. The good thing was that I said my stuff in English and most of the Finns didn’t ask any questions, since they were afraid of speaking English or something. That was good. Then, of course, this had to have at least one “WTF” moment. It was Joel’s turn to speak and he looked at me and apparently thought that this is the PERFECT time for the “penis” game (for more information, watch 500 days of summer). My face, from normal, went to utter surprise and lack of understandment of the situation. “NO WAY”, I thought, and as if it wasn’t bad enough, he started drawing something on his notebook and the girl, speaking next to him looked really curiously towards his drawing and I started to giggle, to which he turned to her side and gave her the “none of your business, bitch” look, took the notebook in his arms, so that only he can see what he’s doing and after he was finished, he showed it to me…it flashed in front of everybody and it still went by unnoticed. I give him the lead for that one.

Then I went home, but met Emma on the bus and we decided that she doesn’t need to read for her Math exam, so we went on a freaking LONG walk with Nuutti…I had only half an hour at home again, when Maarit decided that it would be a great idea to walk to Haukilahti with Nuutti and Joonatan. During that walk, I really got into traveling again and now I wanna go to every single country there is! UGH. But yeah, after that, me and Joonatan went swimming in the sea, worst thing ever, since the water is fucking cold…seriously…COLD.

And today I went to school to take a stamp from the secretary for my bus card, but it turns out that there’s a different form for exchange students, so I have to go there again tomorrow. >.< The good part of today was that I got to play a little bit of that fun ball game. I was just getting better (as better as you can go from a complete retard), when Voipio came outside to tell us that we can’t play, cause we’re gonna break the windows, which was not true, but whatever, we stopped. I hope I get to play some more tomorrow, though! It was awesome!

I had like 2 and a half hours with Noora in Tapiola, we spent them talking about all kinds of stuff, from really freaky, to really sweet. And damn, we got to the conclusion that there are some ugly ass people coming to that side of the tapiola center. Haha!

Anyway, after that I went to the last YFU re-entry orientation in Helsinki and it was quite alright. Except that they made us close our eyes and then they read us these super depressing sentences, as if we didn’t know that we’re going home in a month. They said how our families and friends might forget about us and that we shouldn’t be surprised, but only look on the bright side of things and anticipate our return home. By the end of the thing, I was absolutely depressed and sad and didn’t want to talk to anyone and not only did I have worries of my own, but they planted new ones in my head and it wasn’t cool. Now I can’t focus on spending the next few weeks properly. Fuck. But the other exchange students were feeling bad, too, so at least I know I’m not alone. That’s cool.

But yeah, other than that, everything is fine! 🙂

// Stef – summer! ❤


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