Monthly Archives: June 2012

Last few days.

Yes. Hello. Last few days have passed both fast and slow. Let me just tell you about everything. First, I went to our summer cottage with my family. It’s located on an island, but it’s not too far away from home. I like it there.  Just not for too long. But I guess we didn’t […]

SOOO much has happened!!!

So yeah, hey! I’ve been out and about quite a lot these days. So, I would post a bunch of pictures from Rasse’s place, when I saw him for the last time, but I lost my camera in Vaasa, so I cannot do that, unfortunately. But the party was quite good, we ate nice food […]

Bank card adventures.

Hey! So, I was thinking that I’d do a post with pictures, but I forgot my camera cable at home and I can’t do it…I’m at Salla’s place now for a few days and my computer is…at home. So let me tell you about yesterday anyway. I woke up at 11.30 pm, which was already […]

V for Vendetta…

Sup? So, I had a good few days here in Espoo. On Monday I went out with Emma and a few hours later went to Iiisa’s place to celebrate her 18-th spin around the sun. I went by bike, which I still don’t know if it was a mistake or not, but at least I […]

School’s out!

Hey, everyone! Soo, school’s out. I had exam on the last Thursday of the exam week and I spent 6 hours in Kultuurikeskus the Wednesday before, studying Finnish history. I always wine about how boring it is and how I don’t want to study, but truth be told, I read my papers with interest, the […]