School’s out!

Hey, everyone!

Soo, school’s out.

I had exam on the last Thursday of the exam week and I spent 6 hours in Kultuurikeskus the Wednesday before, studying Finnish history. I always wine about how boring it is and how I don’t want to study, but truth be told, I read my papers with interest, the time passed quickly. I didn’t learn everything perfectly, but given the fact that I payed no attention to Mr. Crawford whatsoever in class, I got a pretty good idea of what the course was about…and Finnish history. The same day Maarit had a birthday, so we had a nice dinner and a wonderful atmosphere at home. It was lovely!

The next day was a bit stressful, I had to wake up at 6.30 am, cause my exam started at 8 am and I was afraid that I didn’t know anything, but when I saw the test and the topics we had to write about, I just thought “I got this!” and in 2 hours I was done and out. And the summer vacation spirit hit me in the head. I was FREEEEEE. Though the next day was a school ending ceremony. And here are some pics from then:

The “what is well-being” sheet. Every student was free to write what Well-being meant for them and this is the result. The non-Finnish speaking part of you won’t understand most of the stuff, but…there are some good and some funny ones, as well as some stupid ones, which shouldn’t have been written there…good memories from the ministers project!!!

Joel and Henkka just being themselves… Not much I can say about this, except that they’re freaking nuts. This reminds me of Joel’s sugar withdrawal attempt and one time Henkka took some sort of candy and Joel looked at him with “The Shining” gaze and screamed “KISS ME! NOW!” 😀 It was fun!

The music teacher, Päivi, doing her thing, while some of the students were singing the Trololo song. Sad for Mr. Trololo, btw, he died today! But yeah, then there was a medley of famous Finnish songs, of which I only knew Hetki Lyö and there were 30 songs altogether, maybe. It felt kinda bad, not knowing anything and seeing the rest sing, not because of the singing itself, but you know…I’m a foreigner and I’m gonna miss this place and people, so…felt stupid.

After that the principal called us, the exchange students and gave us books as a present and asked us to say something to the school, to which I froze and just screamed “ETIS ROCKS, WHOOO”…nothing in Finnish. Oh well. After the main program was over, we were free to go and many people came up to me, wishing me a happy summer and a nice trip back home, which was very nice of them, really. Claudia almost broke down in tears, saying that the school and she, as well, will miss me. It was sweet in a way, though I’ve never been close to her.

The next day, Saturday, I had to go to Kultuurikesus, once again, to get my diploma and see the abis get their white caps. I had to be quite formal and just…be there. Joel apparently called me, probably to say where they were sitting, but I didn’t hear, but no biggie, cause me and Nelli found them on time. And I was going to sit next to Johanna, but Karen pulled me next to her, so I had no choice but to go there. 😀 Not that I was obligated, but just…saying, Karen would have been mad if I relocated myself.

But yeah, the ceremony lasted quite a long time, here’s how it looked from my place:

Jamppa played the piano, exquisitely as always, the hats giving took a shit load of time and I had to go to lunch with my family, so I was kinda in a hurry. When the thing ended, it was already almost 1 o’clock and I had to find Mrs. Grassel to get my grades from her. Instead I bumped into Joel again, he asked what I needed her for and why am I in a hurry and the weirdest thing was that he sincerely looked interested, though I know he wasn’t! 😀 He was looking at me like “Yeah, tell me more! I really wanna know!”, but I left him down and got my diploma and sprinted to the bus stop, not having time to say goodbye to anyone 😦 So, most of the people in school I’ll never see again, and I didn’t even wish them a nice summer. How sad.

But yeah, I went to have lunch with my family and it was great. We checked everyone’s grades and I was surprised to find out that I’m not bad at all…my average is 8.50, which is amazing for an exchange student. And I got 3 times 6 in math and one time 8. Long math. In Finnish. I’m awesome! And we all got the family scholarships for being awesome. Mine was 17 euros, cause I’m 17 years old. Sweet. And here are some pics from then:


And with that, we marked the end of a great school year! It truly was amazing! 

//Stef – and now off to partying?


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