V for Vendetta…


So, I had a good few days here in Espoo.

On Monday I went out with Emma and a few hours later went to Iiisa’s place to celebrate her 18-th spin around the sun. I went by bike, which I still don’t know if it was a mistake or not, but at least I didn’t kill anyone (that includes myself), though the way back was quite scary and paranoid. At the birthday itself, we drang beverages and ate pancakes, cake, salad, cheese bites…lovely stuff! At one point me and Assu decided to facebook call Henkka, who I later on discovered, wasn’t as sober as we thought he was and we had a……very interesting conversation like one might put it. During the convo, the lights went out and I said the stupid sentence “Kaisa probably sat on the lights”, to which Henkka facepalmed himself so hard, only be followed by Kaisa’s very serious tone “Don’t listen to her! I didn’t sit on anything, she made it up”. Henkka wanted to facepalm himself so hard, that his brain would be all over the walls in his room. It was funny. 😀

On Tuesday, I went to Nelli’s place to chill. It was just me and her and we were sunbathing and talking about random things, it was lovely. I think I’m at least a little bit tanned now and that’s better than nothing. We stayed in the sun for hours, so there should be some difference between me before and me after. 😀

On Wednesday I went to Tapiola, I had a dentist appointment early in the morning and it was awesome. I got nothing wrong with my teeth, even though I eat mega-giga big amounts of sugar (at least in my opinion). Hallelujah! But after that, I had to go to Tapiolan keskus to the registration office and get a notary guy for my grades in Etis, since I want to graduate next year and not repeat. I was so confused, they’re building the metro now and I’ve been to this office once before, when I came to Finland, but now it was so hard to find, because of the new construction going on, some roads were blocked! I called Lea (my previous host mom) for help, cause I knew she’d tell me something helpful and, oh joy, the fortunate coincidence of her being in Tapiola at the same time, she took me there and then we went to their place to make copies of the documents and just chill with them for a bit. But I had to quickly go to Helsinki, cause I also have to go to the ministry of Foreign Affairs and legalize this shit. Outside of Kamppi, I stumbled upon Kaisa, she was working and we talked for a bit before I headed to the (almost) island of Katajanokka, where the ministry was located. I was a badass and got off at the right stop and found the place relatively quickly, but it had closed 3 minutes before I went there. Now that’s some shit that blows, I tell ya. I went back empty-handed, talked to Kaisa some more, then went home.

And I hung around for a few hours, talked to Joel on Facebook and look what I found out on the computer today:

I remember me clicking on something and not knowing what’s happening, but I’d guess that was the one. LOL at Joel’s face. But yeah, I went to his place, to be joined by his company and the one of Kaisa, Emma, Johanna, Rasse, Noora, and Jamppa. 😀 We watched V for Vendetta and in the end there was a huge discussion about the man in the mask – V. I said I didn’t get who he is, the rest started to ramble on about how it doesn’t matter who he is, he’s the idea and he wants to be more than a person, but it bothered me that we saw little of his backstory and didn’t get a face. I don’t want a hero, merely, cause V wasn’t exactly “a hero” in the right sense of the word. I was okay with the movie, until the very last minute, when it turned out that V is in love with the female and she kissed the mask. So she’s in love with the idea or with the person? Cause you can’t love an idea the way you can love a person, especially not in the way the directors showed it. And the dead people in the end, among the living? To show again the idea? Why did they have a face and he didn’t? If they’re all in this together, if they’re revenging for every bad thing that has happened to them, caused by the government…an idea is born in a mind. To have a mind, you are a person. That’s what bugs me. But yeah, whatever, I didn’t give up, nor did they, so we just called it a quit for the evening and started talking about other things. It was a good night, though.

I went home in a reasonable hour, I was in the house by 23.00 pm and I was super tired, so I went to bed an hour and a half later. And today, I had to get up at 9, again, to go to Helsinki, again, to try and legalize my grades, AGAIN… Someone told me that they charge 20 euros and they won’t accept my bank card, since it doesn’t have a chip, but when I went there and got it done, the woman asked for the money, I handed it to her and she said they don’t accept cash. To which I was like “SAY WHAT?!?!?!” WHY THE FUCK NOT?! I had the money in cash with me and I couldn’t pay with a bank card at that moment, so the only option was that they send the documents and the bill to me via mail, which is ridiculous, cause it’s gonna take like 5-6 days. I DON’T HAVE THAT TIME, I’m seriously pissed off, cause I had the money with me and they didn’t take it, so now I have to fucking wait for days to get one shitty piece of paper back, after what I have to go and legalize this shit once more in the Registration office and get the Apostille stamp. WHAT THE HELL!!! I COULD HAVE BEEN DONE WITH IT BY NOW. IF YOU’D ONLY ACCEPTED MY CASH, WHICH I WAS SO NICE TO GET OUT OF MY BANK ACCOUNT FOR YOU!!!!! Now it’s gonna take over a week…are you fucking kidding me…..?! Rage.

Now I’m gonna wait for a few hours and go out with Kaisa and Jamppa. To cool things off a bit.

//Stef – whyyyy always me, whyyy?!


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