Bank card adventures.


So, I was thinking that I’d do a post with pictures, but I forgot my camera cable at home and I can’t do it…I’m at Salla’s place now for a few days and my computer is…at home.

So let me tell you about yesterday anyway. I woke up at 11.30 pm, which was already late, since I had to be at Sello at 13.00 and the bus ride from my neighborhood with number 35 takes close to 50 minutes time. I had to pack my stuff for going to Salla, go to shower, fix myself up and all that. Anyway, I was on time. Joel called me to see where I was, so we could meet in front of the entrance. Seconds after we met, we ran into Kaisa, who was working that day…weird, since we invited her to come with us the day before and she DID say she had work, but I thought it would be in Helsinki. Anyway, no biggie.

We met Nora infront of some ‘spices’ shop and we went to Hesburger to eat. Th whole time me and Joel were talking about movies that I guess Nora has never seen, so just when we were about to start talking about something she might be also interested in, Jazz came along and joined the conversation. I don’t remember what the topic was, maybe how bad kids we were, when we were younger? I think yes. Some pretty funny stories came along and we were laughing for maybe an hour or a bit less, when we heard news from Henkka. He just got his driving license  and that was the happy news of the day. We made a joke that we’d get super fucked up that day and he’ll drive us home. But yeah, he joined us too and we waited for him to eat and stuff, then him and Joel went to the game shop and me, Nora and Jazz went to look at shoes and eyeglasses frames. Later we met at Anttila, the movie section. We didn’t know that they were there, but knowing them so well, it was OBVIOUS that they were there, so we just took a leap of faith and really did find them on the spot. 😀

Then after half an hour Joel went home, which I think he feels bad about, cause he missed out on all the action.

Minutes after he was gone, I decided to go to R-kioski and get value on my travel card for the train from Leppävaara to Masala. Aaaand shit went down. The cashier lady took my bank card and refused to give it back under the suspicion of a card fraud. Or in other words, she though I had stolen it. My name wasn’t on it, cause it’s my mom’s card, but I have the right to use it and it has never been a problem before. The woman said she won’t be giving it back and that my mom can come and collect it, if I’m telling the truth. After the explanation that my mom is not in Finland and she can’t do anything about it, they said that they still won’t be giving it back, cause they can’t be sure. One of them asked me for ID and at least they could see if our last names match, but my mom divorced my dad years ago and she got her maiden name back and I’m with my dad’s last name, so even our names don’t match. When they asked why I don’t have my own card, I said the truth that from the bank didn’t want to make the card with international status, when I’m not 18 yet and they didn’t believe me. One of them had the balls to tell me that she’s been to Bulgaria once or twice and she knows how things work. Henkka and Jazz and Nora were trying to explain the situation once again, as I was having a nervous break-down.

I didn’t have any cash with me, so I couldn’t do anything without that card. It was very frightening. Immediately I started calling my host parents for help, but their phones were on their boat, since they were in the summer cottage and of course, no one answered. We had to deal with things on our own, for which now i am VERY grateful to Henkka in particular, who called all the institutions and tried to make things work, but also Jazz and Nora, who also made a few calls and stayed with me and provided internet connection! So yeah, we called the police, they said there’s nothing they could do about it, we called the Bulgarian embassy, they told me to call the police, go to the police station or something…and the station had already closed, so it was really stupid situation. In the end (2 hours later), we made a bank violation. I had to go to my bank account via the internet on Jazz’s phone and show the bank number and my mom’s name was there, but it was from my profile, and I had ID, so she had no other choice, but to conclude I’m telling the truth. But she was acting bitchy and was convinced that I was guilty until the very last moment. Screw her.

But yeah, I got my card back and immediately calmed down. Then I went to catch the train to Masala, went on a U train and got off one stop earlier, cause I’m a dumbass…they told me one stop after Kauklahti and that wasn’t Masala, but whatever. Salla got me from there and life went great from then on. Oh, it was a stressful day.

But today I’m gonna have fun, cause I’m going to spend the night with the guys in Rasse’s place, watching football and yeah… ❤

And here’s a picture of me and Jamppa from Thursday, when we went out together. Awesome pic, he looks like a mongolian, apparently…if you listen to Emma and him. 😀


And now, I shall leave you, for I have to get ready to go out…

//Stef – ta taa


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