SOOO much has happened!!!

So yeah, hey!

I’ve been out and about quite a lot these days.

So, I would post a bunch of pictures from Rasse’s place, when I saw him for the last time, but I lost my camera in Vaasa, so I cannot do that, unfortunately. But the party was quite good, we ate nice food and we drank shit loads of soda and eventually watched football and talked with the girls. Later on people started leaving one by one until it was only Joel, Karen, Johanna and me and Karen was very curious about what Johanna would do if she got pregnant. 😀 Don’t know why she was asking that from every girl… But yeah, in the end Karen cried almost inconsolably for I don’t know what reason, which made me tear up for Rasse on my way out. I mean, I’m not going to see him for a super long time!!! That sucks! :/

We said our proper goodbyes and I left at around 1 am and never saw him again. He left for Germany until July and I’m leaving on 29-th of June, so…yeah. But the next day Salla took me with Miriam (this german girl) and some relatives to Linnanmäki and it was super fun, all day of going around and on the attractions. It was cool. We ate a lot of nice food (and candy), took a lot of pictures (but as I said, I lost my camera) and yeah…that Sunday was fun.

On Monday (last monday) me and Salla went on a road trip to Vaasa, just for the sake of it. It was SO AWESOME,  I can’t even describe! We went to Jyväskylä and I met Minna, whom I’ve been wanting to meet the whole year and here’s a picture of us:

I bet Elly (a friend from BG) was so jealous, since they’re friends with Minna, too! 😀 We went and had lunch in this mexican restaurant, drank coke, talked about stuff and just had a good time. It was lovely. Then we went to Vaajakoski to Salla’s aunt’s place to stay for the night and it was challenging to speak to her, since she didn’t know all that well English, but it was okay in the end. No big deal! 😀

Then we started driving towards Vaasa, stopping by the “Panda” chocolate factory and we bought 2 huge bags of sweets and candies, hallelujah! Gonna take a pack of those to my mom in Bulgaria, she’d like them. But yeah, it was a fun drive to Vaasa and we were looking for the sign that says we’re in the city and as soon as we found it, we stopped the car and I took a picture with the sign, but that’s the last time I remember seeing my camera. I don’t know what happened to it, but later on we went to the harbor and chilled, after what we went to Korsholm and Old Vaasa and those cool and hip places you go, when you’re a tourist…We also went on foot to the police station to look for the camera, but of course, it wasn’t there. I was SUPER pissed off, cause I had some nice pictures in there and I didn’t have any other camera there with me. Life sucks. But then, as we were at the center, enjoying a nice 50’s concert, we stumbled upon a really, really drunk swedish-speaking finn, who was quite ummm….friendly. He wanted to kiss and hug me and said I have a sexy body, it was really creepy and funny at the same time. Wow. But we had dinner at Rinno’s restaurant, the food was quite nice, I ate pasta and wasn’t disappointed at all! On the next day we ate ice cream and looked around in shops, nothing special, but it was still fun. And we got a new camera…

We left the city at around 15 pm and we drove to Pori and Yyteri for a quick beach check-up and dinner in a spanish restaurant. It was quite nice, I must say. Then the drive back home was rather interesting. We almost drove over a deer somewhere between Pori and Kirkkonummi, it was quite an adventure! But we got home (well, Salla’s place) at around 23 pm and we went to bed and just had a nice sleep. In the morning I went to my actual home in Espoo and checked out the pics.

This one I like best, but of course, there were others, too…

Anyway, we went to our summer cottage with my family and I was right in front of the boat, feeling like such a badass, like I rule the world. But the most interesting part of the cottage experience was this:

I love the fact that we have a trampoline and I jumped SO much and it was so hot, I just had to be with my bathing suit, I had no  other choice. It was an awesome time. I made back flips and turned around and what-not. Trampolines are AWESOME. Just saying. But here are a few more pics from the cottage:

And on Saturday I came back for Noora’s farewell party. Since she’s leaving with her family for the US for one year, I won’t be the only one our group of friends will miss! :/ The party was great, though, even though I was soooo late…uh! We were playing some game that friends are supposed to know stuff about other friends and Henkka was supposed to know if I had ever consoled a person about his penis size and his face, when he guessed wrong was PRICELESS. It was honestly one of the best things I’ve seen in a while. Haha. But he did guess that I wouldn’t feel more attractive with bigger boobs, since they’re quite big at the moment, anyway. And here are some pictures from then:

And yeah…I stayed over at Noora’s place for the night, I had to say a proper goodbye to her…and it amazed me how dirty minded she is, really! 😀 She gives out the totally wrong impression, when you first look at her. DAMN! But that was also the last time I saw her and Jamppa and Jazz (except that Jamppa is coming to Bulgaria in a month, yay). So little by little, I’m saying goodbye to my friends…shame. 😦

The next day I attended a swedish-speaking confirmation ceremony and then a home party. It was so cool. Joonatan and Pietari were there only for like 2 hours or so, they were bored as fuck, but after they left I started a conversation with this swedish-speaking dude about the stars and the black holes and the northern lights and the economy in Easter Europe (I have no idea why it always comes down to this, haha!). Then the next day (yesterday) I met with Paola (this bulgarian girl) and Assu at Sello, we were derping around looking at clothes and doing nothing special in particular. Paola was leaving the next day (today) to Varna with a plane and she’s already there, so I’m kinda jealous, it’s been raining here a lot and she’s there in the sun and hot weather already…when she was just in front of my eyes yesterday. Weird. But then I got into an agreement with her mom about one of my suitcases. It will be travelling with them to Bulgaria and it would arrive around a week after I have already gotten home. How lovely of them to propose that suggestion? I’m really thankful, otherwise I’d have to leave more than half of my things here. Not cool. 😦

Aaand TODAY has been a big, big, big day for me, ladies and gentlemen! Johanna came over to watch American Pie with me, too bad I didn’t have a lot of time and half an hour went by unwatched. 😦 I hate it when that happens. And it’s always with her, which is even more frustrating. The more I want to spend time with her, the less I’m able to. But at least we had a good time, those few hours that she was here. BUT THEN!!!! I had a meeting with Tage Rönnqvist and Rasmus Tåg, if you remember those folks. Only the best photographers/music video makes of all times, no biggie. I have been wanting to meet them for YEARS!!!! It was so exciting for me, finally getting things done! It was amazing. I was so nervous in the bus, I sent Joel a weird ass text asking him what to do and how to keep calm, to which he politely sent me a biiig list of things I should do and how that will help me to keep calm. I think the one that worked for me was “don’t come off as a psychotic bitch, that’s creepy and you’ll scare them off” or was it something like that, it’s not a direct quote. But I kept it together! When we met I hugged them and they were so sweet, we went to this Coffee House in the center of Helsinki and they drank beer, whereas I drank a nice chocolate mocha, it was the bomb. We were talking a lot about Finland and me and then of course, their work, some language differences…I even drew them a retarded unicorn that farts rainbows! 😀 Gosh, I REALLY can’t draw. But it was fun. And I got presents for them, so it was funny to see their reaction to all the propaganda I’ve selected for them and they promised to try the jar of “ljutenica” on Juhannus (midsummer) and send me the review! I hope they like it, it’s my favorite food!

One funny thing that happened, I was asking some things about the Swedish language and I was waving my hands all around, causing my cup of chocolate mocha to go all over the table and Tage’s pants. Before I even got time to react, he was like “It’s fine, don’t worry” and when I realized what had happened I thought to myself “I AM CURSED”. This always happens to me, fucking fuckkkkkk. We were just having a discussion about this with Joel the night before and I claimed that I’m not clumsy, but I bet he’s laughing his ass off at the moment, while reading this. I just covered my face with my hands in utter embarrassment and said I’m sorry probably around 500 times and Tage was saying “Don’t worry, it barely even touched the jeans” and the cruel reality was that he was all wet to his knee. Jesus Christ, almighty, why do these things happen to me all the time? What’s with me and liquids in cups? 😀 I don’t understand!

But yeah, we were talking so much and it was so cool, in the end we HAD to go, cause the Coffee house was closing down and we were the only ones left in the place. Kinda awkward. 😀 But we went outside and I asked them to take a picture, since I wanna have this moment sealed forever and Rasmus took the camera and took this photo:

And you can’t imagine how fucking happy I am at the moment, it was lovely! Rasmus went to catch his bus from the Railway station and me and Tage went on to Kamppi, where he so patiently waited my bus to come with me. Thanks, Tage! This day has been the best!!! And I’m so glad I got to see them AT LAST. Like, seriously,I feel awesome. 😀

And now off to bed, summer cottage awaits tomorrow!

//Stef – sleep tight, sweeties!


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