Last few days.

Yes. Hello.

Last few days have passed both fast and slow. Let me just tell you about everything.

First, I went to our summer cottage with my family. It’s located on an island, but it’s not too far away from home. I like it there. Β Just not for too long. But I guess we didn’t spend too much time there and Joonatan, Pietari and Iiris were there, too, so it wasn’t all THAT boring. Actually, this place is really close to nature. There’s almost no reception, there’s bugs and ants everywhere, if you want to shower, you have to heat water and okay…it has all the things you need to survive and it’s looks quite nice and comfortable, which it is. There’s a trampoline andΒ hammocks and we were swimming in the water and it wasn’t bad at all. We spent Juhannus there. We went to Helsinki with the boat one of the days and we (the young ones) were chilling on the top of the boat (kinda dangerous, but we had live vests on, so it was cool) and we had a radio and it felt SO great. We were eating cookies, drinking Angry Birds soda and singing along to the music and all the boats that came past us were taking pictures of us and waving and it was actually pretty badass. Maarit said once “Stef, you really like this, don’t you?” and I said “Yes, of course!” and she said “Yeah, I can see it from your smile!”. It was amazing. Though the best times, were during the nights, when we (Pietari, Iiris, Joonatan and me) would retreat to our own cottage and talk until 4-5 am in the morning. I scared them one of the nights that the Illuminati are going to kill 6 billion people and they were discussing that if that would happen, who would work in McDonalds? πŸ˜€

My siblings are awesome. Also, I’m so sure they’re going to miss me. Joonatan was trying to pull it off casual, but he fought with all fours that I go and sleep with them in the second floor, so I can talk to them, even though it was fucking hot there and my presence was the last thing needed at the time. And he told me that he had a dream about me leaving and he was so sad and just couldn’t deal with it. He said it jokingly, but I’m absolutely sure he did have a dream like that. πŸ˜€ He was constantly thinking of things we can’t do anymore…like biking or go to the movies or watch Simpsons together. It was kind of sweet. Awww. And Pietari, too…even though he’s never been one to show that much emotion towards me, he was laughing so much with me and he was talking about me on the phone with his girlfriend and we were taking pictures together and he was much more loosen up. He told me I could take his jacket for when we were going fishing. I mean, that’s a huge gesture from his side. And I’m gonna miss him, too. Iiris, as well, she even asked me to talk on the phone with her friend, which was rather amusing, haha. But anyway, we went on a walk on the Juhannus night, at 3.30 am to the beach, just to see what’s going on and then we came back to the cottage…good times they were.

But then it started to rain 2 days in a row, so all we did was sleep, read and eat. Pretty much. Maarit was so keen on doing the family olympics, but we couldn’t think of disciplines, to which the twins gladly suggested “who’s gonna go home first”, since none of us wanted to stay there anymore, haha. Maarit disregarded that and asked us if maybe we could do some things on the trampoline that Hannu and Maarit can’t do and Joonatan striked again “Like what…jump?”. It was hilarious to listen to him rage about going home and not wanting to do anything. Damn. But one of the nights when we went to sauna, we had a beauty treatment going on (at least the female part of the family), the whole sauna smelled like birch leaves, strawberries and roses. Haha! But here you go…the best pictures of our stay in the cottage:

And yeah…pretty much that’s it. We had a great time there. And on Sunday evening I texted Joel that I have the opportunity to come to Espoo on Monday, but it would have to be quite early, cause my boat leaves from the island at 7.45 am and I have to be back by 3 pm, so I wasn’t even sure if I should go to the city. In reply I got the sweetest message I have ever seen him send me. “I’m sure my brothers won’t mind if you’d come quietly, and fuck them since I’m the man, who cooks their dinner. I doubt that the others (friends) are too keen on the idea of early departure to my place, but we could have that “just us” time you were craving for a while now.” When I read that I thought “Did he just agree to get up fucking early and spend some time with me? So it has come to this…”. But seriously, if you value sleep as much as he does, you’d know that this is a huge sacrifice. And few days back we were talking with him that we’ve never actually spent time together on our own. I mean, we have, but we have never planned it. We’ve come and gone together from happenings and he came to see the ice hockey game to my place and we were alone then, but it wasn’t planned as well. But this was. πŸ˜€ WOW.

When I went there in the morning, it was so weird, seeing his dad go to work as I was going to their main door. And the first thing Joel says to me, when he saw me (besides “hi”) was “I know what you want and my computer is upstairs”. He knows me so fucking well. πŸ˜€ I’ve been internet deprived for a close to 5 days and he just knew…hahaha. But I didn’t spend so much time on Facebook. I just went to say some new information to the group of friends that are coming to Bulgaria and that was it. No more, no less. Besides, I didn’t wake JOEL up just so I could go on his computer, it’s rather disrespecting. And I’m not that much of a junkie. So we watched Spinal Tap, something I’m sure we would have never watched if there were more people with us, since it requires a lot of knowledge on the field in order to appreciate the work. We were amazed at how fucking stupid the main characters were and Joel reminded himself why he hadn’t watched this in a long time. The amount of brainhurt…is too damn high. Though it’s an awesome movie. It really is something. Especially with Fran and her annoying voice, damn.

And meanwhile, while we were watching I asked Joel if the tv isn’t too loud, since his brothers were sleeping (well not the little one), but he was like “naaah, Otto is going to wake up in an hour anyway” and sure enough, 5 minutes later he opens the door to his room, completely oblivious to the fact that I’m there, I guess my lovely friend there hadn’t mentioned that, he comes out of the room all sleepy and shit, after what he fixates me with his eyes and all he could say is “JESUS CHRIST!” and he went back to his room, coming back after some seconds saying “It’s fucking 9 o’clock in the morning” as he went down the stairs. LOL. Dat face. Kinda felt sorry for him. :/

After Spinal Tap ended, I think we watched a great deal of comedy on YouTube and there was this one video of Rowan Atkinson being an indian and serving food to drunk english men. It was hilarious, I’ve watched it at least 10 times before, but it never fails to amuse me. I even went too far and became my usual loud self for a second there. Sorry for which. But that WAS funny! πŸ˜€ After some time I got a text from both Maarit and Hannu, saying that they have decided to come home early, since the weather is so bad and my reaction…the ultra big happy dance, to which Joel looked quite disturbed. I was happy for a good 15 minutes, cause that meant that I didn’t have to go home in 30 minutes!!! Not that I would wish to hang at his house forever, since you know, them guys need their private time, too, but the euphoria was so great, I couldn’t help it, but be excited. And we were watching his photo albums as well. There was mini Joel wearing a Batman suit. πŸ˜€ Just saying. And then Nelli texted me asking if I’m available for the evening and since we had already had an agreement with Joel that I’d wait with him for Johanna, cause I wanted to see her, too, he said that Nelli can come around 6 as well, and then we called Henkka, cause why the fuck not and it turned out that they would all come around 6 pm. Which meant that I wasn’t going anywhere, lol. I went down with the host, watching him make food for him and his brothers. They asked me if I wanted food, too, but I wasn’t hungry and besides, I was too busy shuffling through Joel’s iphone for awesome songs and I couldn’t wait for one to end, so another could start. And I also managed to make a few pics of him cooking.

A bit fucked up quality, but whatever, the spirit’s the same. πŸ˜€

After everyone had eaten (and I spoke to Aksel – Joel’s lil’ bro, he’s a really cute and smart 10 year old human, I give him that much. :D), me and Otto and Joel stayed in the kitchen for 2 hours, listening to music AND talking about it. Funny how the only thing I seem to talk to Otto about is music, though he knows his shit very well. And it was nice.

Otto looking for a soda drink. πŸ˜€

And here we were already enjoying the music.

At one point me and Joel went to the close store, Siwa, to buy candy and Jaffa and it was still raining quite massively, my pants got all wet, though you could joke about it. πŸ˜€ And in no time, the mother of the male clan came home and there was this cool moment. She was asking them “What do you want to eat tomorrow” and all of them answered “Food.” and she said “Okay, so one food.” πŸ˜€ It was funnier in Finnish, but since most of you won’t understand it, translation strikes again. But LOL. πŸ˜€

And then lovely Johanna came along and she was really frustrated with her work and Chinese people connected to it and we were just making her feel better. I mean, Chinese people do tend to be rather weird, you have to admit! πŸ˜€ Half an hour later Nelli came along and we were only waiting for Henkka. And he showed up, too, but super hungry, so while me and Nelli were in Joel’s room searching for a movie to watch, the others were in the kitchen making food for the blond fella. And so we chose a movie with Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson and I’ve seen it before, but didn’t remember it that much, so it was a good memory refreshment. Everyone were laughing at the fighting scenes, thinking that they we absolutely necessary and legit. πŸ˜€ And here’s a picture of Johanna, cause why not?

I also got a message from Jamppa, who was sad that he had finished all “How I met your mother” episodes and me, Nelli, Henkka and Joel really felt for him, so he got a text back, receiving our condolences.. 😦 Sorry, Jamppa. But after that we watched Knocked Up, it was on channel Sub (is it 6?) and we were commenting on that one a lot, too. The time was already 23.00 and Henkka was eager to go home, but he promised us a ride and he was like “Come on, bitches, let’s goooo” and Joel was reluctant to let go of Johanna as she was, too, so in the end, she stayed there and me, Nelli and Henkka went on our way. A fun ride it was…with that blond bastard driving. I’m so jealous of his driving license, or more so, I can’t believe that he got it. πŸ˜€ Now a big deal of my friends have a license and I can’t believe that they’re driving already. Kinda makes you think how fast time flies. Damn.

But yeah, he dropped me off and we hugged and I told him “See ya, faggot”, cause that’s our thing, we insult each other. But I’m gonna miss him, he’s cool. We’re still gonna keep in touch, though. Same with Nelli, Joel, Johanna and the rest. It’s not as tragic as it seems, I guess. And I spent 15 straight hours at Joel’s place, which is rather something unusual. So I had a great, awesome, fantastic Monday and my friends are awesome. And since I know Joel is gonna be reading this shit 30 minutes after I’ve published it, I wanna say thanks to him, too. It was a great day. And I hope his dad wasn’t too surprised to see me again, while coming back from work. πŸ˜€ Haha!

Anyway, I shall stop myself here. Have a great day, folks!

//Stef – happy


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