Monthly Archives: July 2012

Another new post yet again…

Hey! 10:47 pm at the moment and I kinda feel weird. Not bad or sad or anything, but just weird. I think I have too many things to care about, when it’s actually not that complicated, but I’m scared and I think too much and I don’t know what’s going on and why the fuck […]

The Finland-Bulgaria experience.

Okay… Everyone’s been bugging me to do the blog post and frankly, I’ve put it away for a few days, cause I didn’t feel like blogging, but today is the day! Here we go! The whole day before my people arrived to Varna was pretty hectic. I was worried about their journey and how they […]


What’s up, minions? Let’s see if there’s enough blog material… I’ve pretty much been doing nothing, but cleaning windows, kitchen and hanging around my mom for company, while she’s chilling outside. Well, been going out too, but we’ll get into that in a while. So I’m really lazy, as you probably already know and there […]

Excited about Bulgaria!!!

This will be a short post. Cause I don’t feel like writing that much. But I’m excited about my friends coming to Bulgaria next week. We’re gonna have so much fuuuuun, I can’t even! I’m gonna be in one room with Nelli and that room is gonna be attached to the room of Jamppa and […]

A post promised.

Hey! Long time ago I remember I said something about mentioning my friends here in my blog.  I know I’ve mentioned them many times before and this is just gonna be one of those posts, in which I just praise them. Bear with me. I wrote something like this in March, but things have been […]

Yo again.

What’s up? Soo, everything is back to normal, I guess. Apart from the fact that my dad sees me every second day and he calls me 3 times before lunch just to ask how I am, everything else seems just fine. Well, yeah, people are asking me how things have been in Finland and if […]

Getting home.

Hey! My first post from Bulgaria in a year! And I’ll tell you all about how my journey went. On 27-th me and my family went bowling and then to this little really cozy italian restaurant. It was the best goodbye dinner ever! We look quite a loot, right? Hannu, Laura, Chiki, Saara, Aleksanteri, Aleksi, […]