Getting home.


My first post from Bulgaria in a year!

And I’ll tell you all about how my journey went. On 27-th me and my family went bowling and then to this little really cozy italian restaurant. It was the best goodbye dinner ever!

We look quite a loot, right? Hannu, Laura, Chiki, Saara, Aleksanteri, Aleksi, me, Iiris, Otto, Maarit, Joonatan and Pietari. My lovely family. That was the last time I saw Laura, C’hiki, Saara, Aleksi and Otto!

The next day I went to Joel’s place (I know, how do I always end up there?), cause I forgot my umbrella there and had to take it home with me. I watched him play video games, and I was admiring his little brother’s English skills, they were quite impressive for his age, really. But yeah, I went home from there, didn’t even hug Joel goodbye, cause…seemed like it wasn’t necessary. 😀

I packed my stuff, went to the neighbors to say goodbye, then talked for hours and hours with Iiris, who kinda cried and it made me feel sad, of course. Hannu came in the evening to say goodbye as well, since he had to leave earlier than me, in the morning. And in the morning itself, I went to the airport with Maarit and the boys, without waking other people up and here are some pics from the airport:

Everything went quite fast, I didn’t cry, we were just being together for the most part and saying goodbye wasn’t hard. Cause I know I’ll see them again. Duh. I’ve been sad for so, so, so long time about this day that I was just numb at the time. I didn’t realize what was happening, I wasn’t sad, nor happy, it was like a dream and it felt like I would wake up in just a moment. We had the plane leaving for Berlin, where we would have the YES seminar from YFU.

And the seminar was boring/awesome. I didn’t take any pictures, dunno why, but I mean…I didn’t have time. We all had assigned workshops during the day and wild alcohol partying every night until 4 am. The workshops were rather boring, cause all the things they talked about, we had already been through more than once. But the new people were great. First of all, I met my bulgarian exchange student friends, we’ve always been like a big happy family, we immediately started to interact again and laugh at our severely damaged bulgarian and the ULTIMATE contagious word “choek”. I don’t know what’s up with that. But yeah, I found the Finnish exchange  students and they thought I was Finnish for a brief second there, when I started talking to them. I didn’t speak any English with them and it was so cool to hang with them and talk in general about our exchange year and just chill. And one of them was quite hot. Just saying. So were the identical twins from Estonia, the blond guy from Denmark and the guy from Czech Republic, who’s not Jiri (cause Jiri is just a cool friend) and yeah…many other hot guys, too. 😀

But yeah, after 3 days it was over, here’s a picture of me and the BG people from the YES.

Aaaand then we went to Sofia via plane, I got a heat stroke (almost), when I went outside of the plane, it was 32 degrees and I just couldn’t help it, but sweat. Geri was waiting for me at the airport, we went home with the first train home, but it was 90 minutes late and we had to get off at Gorna Oryahovitsa and wait for another train to come, which was also 90 minutes late, which was super annoying and made me think how much I’d love to be back in Finland. Not to mention the “wonderful” toilets at  that station. If one would just go and pee somewhere in some bushes, that would be better, honestly. Don’t want to get into gross details, but…DAMN.

We came to Varna at 02:00 am and I was talking with my mom until something like 4am, she was showing me new clothes, which she thinks I’d like to have and yeah…then I slept.

Today I went to see Grandma and here are 2 pics from then:

She cried, of course, seeing me, there was no other option for her. She has a really weird home with stuff half fixed/finished, it’s in the middle of the city and yet, somehow reminds me of a village comfort, I can’t explain it, but it was nice to see her again. I showed her photos and talked to her about how my year has gone and she was very curious and happy that I had a nice time. And then one of my 2-nd cousins came along to say hi:

She’s soooooooooooooo cute. Ralitsa. Or just Rali. She has grown quite a lot since the last time I saw her, when she was 8 months old. Sweet girl.

And then my dad came, too and he has gotten sooo black from the sun. He hugged me so much, he screwed up my hair, but I suppose he is forgiven, haha. I missed him too. 🙂 We had a nice dinner and during that time, my aunt came along, too, surprising me with a few Finnish words, which was quite unexpected, but I guess she has worked with Finns. She asked me if she’s pronouncing them right. 😀 She’s cool, too.

But yeah, now I’m home, talking to Joel about music, I guess…and I’m free as a birduntil tomorrow, when I’ll probably meet Yani, who’s in Varna for the day, and later on Geri, for a beer somewhere. Yes.

I’m gonna go do something else now.

//Stef – ciao for now


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