Yo again.

What’s up?

Soo, everything is back to normal, I guess.

Apart from the fact that my dad sees me every second day and he calls me 3 times before lunch just to ask how I am, everything else seems just fine. Well, yeah, people are asking me how things have been in Finland and if I want to keep being there and they seem so disappointed, when I say yes.

It was such a big shock to me, just to see the stray cats and dogs around the city, the morons that really want to show off their stupidity and so on…I’m trying not to tell them anything, because this is their home and these are their customs, but I’m on another wave at the moment, so it will take some time to get used to it. First of all, yesterday I went to Gergana’s place for a while and the neighbor came asking for sugar from the fucking ROOF. He climbed up there, came to us via the tiles and screamed in the most stupid way possible “Neighbor, gimme some sugar”. A year ago, that wouldn’t be a surprise. But now that I’ve seen how people actually go to the doorstep, I see this fuckery as rather disrespectful. Not to mention my dad and grandma.

I’m really close to my grandma, I love her a lot. That doesn’t mean that sometimes she doesn’t ask stupid questions. But even so, I’m trying to keep calm and preserve  my tolerance and explain everything once again. Unlike my dad. We get annoyed by the same kind of things, but the difference between me and him is that he goes into a big ass caps lock rage and screams like a crazy person. Okay, we get it, you’re annoyed, but so am I. Is it worth screaming to your own mother for it, because she tried to do something good for you? I don’t see that as a grown-up thing to do. Though I must admit, his insults are hilarious in a really bad way. I don’t want to laugh, cause I don’t agree with him, nor do I think his behavior is appropriate, but he makes a really funny word play with many old swear words that just make you take off your hat to him for coming up with them. But just…no.

Don’t know if I told you, but apparently my mom has a boyfriend. Good for her. Where’s mine? Not to sound desperate or anything, but how the fuck did she get a boyfriend and I didn’t. No one can understand this, because of our inside relationship and to some degree competition, but just….ah! She came into my room 8 times, to ask me how she looks with 8 different dresses on. Now I feel like the mom in the family and I want to be in her place, too. Good for me that I admitted. I’m slightly jealous of her excitement. Though I am happy for her. I really am, she’s awesome.

I’ve also been spending my time with Gergana. Everything is back to normal. We’re hating and loving on each other at the same time. Things that I do with her, I’d never do with anyone else and I appreciate her being there for me, but seriously, I have enough trouble cleaning my room, without her spilling drinks all over (yes, Joel, worse than me) and loosing stuff, as well as fill the floor with things I don’t really want to deal with at the moment. It’s hard enough as it is. But she’s trying to be nice. Though it’s really, really, really annoying at times. I’m one slight idea better at keeping clean than her. But she’s still my best friend from Varna. What can I do?!

Yesterday we went to a big ass store in one of the biggest malls in Varna and we bought ourselves 2 bottles of hard alcohol. That was weird. I was almost panicking that they’d call security and we’ll get caught and oh my god, the worse will happen, we will die, no one would sell us alcohol, but she was so chilled and she told me that she has never had a problem with getting alcohol and that weirdest fucking thing – we went to the cashier, he checked the booze, didn’t ask for ID, we just paid and went out. What the actual fuck. I knew that it’s easy to get alcohol from Bulgaria even if you’re under-aged, but this was just ridiculous…a BIG supermarket. Like S-Market or even bigger. They sold it to us like it’s gum. WOOOOOOW.

And yeah, we got a bit drunk and we had fun in our own way (that being highly private, since we did a lot of fucked up shit last night). The night before we spent talking to Joel about all kinds of stuff. Gergana isn’t the most fluent one in English, but she catches stuff from here and there, we had a discussion about her boyfriend, me and Joel decided once again that he’s a dumbass and so is she – partly. Yes. She got really bored at one point, went to sleep, but it’s not my fault that I kept talking to Joel, cause she came to my place at 11 fucking pm, I had already started a conversation and even though she was active in it, she couldn’t get all of it. And since she’s one of my best friends, I don’t have to worry about keeping her entertained, she had her fun in her own way, with me. Though she said that she couldn’t understand anything I say, because my English sucks, which kinda set me off. I don’t need her to tell me that my English is bad, cause I know it isn’t, but now I’m obsessed with finding some sort of an accent in my speaking. If she can’t understand, it must be really noticeable and fucked up, so how did the people speak with me this past year. How am I gonna take my SAT’s and what am I gonna do if I don’t get good scores, I really, really want to escape from here. Fuck this shit.

My brain makes horrible connections. And now I’m watching Gossip Girl, cause I like it and fuck you, that’s why. I’m bored. And I should clean/study, but….yeaaaah.

And I need to find a cable for the recharger of my camera battery, since apparently I left it in Finland and it doesn’t want to charge on computer power, so…whoopsy fucking doo. No pictures, until I get that shit fixed..

But yes, I’m gonna go ahead and continue watching Gossip Girl now.

//Stef – bye


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