A post promised.


Long time ago I remember I said something about mentioning my friends here in my blog. 

I know I’ve mentioned them many times before and this is just gonna be one of those posts, in which I just praise them. Bear with me. I wrote something like this in March, but things have been pretty much the same (with some slight changes, but they have been noted here), so enjoy…

And oh yeah, the thoughts are referred to the people themselves, hence the form of talking.

Nora, you’re probably the very first person I talked to when I came in Etis. Even then I thought you were just the most helpful and sweet girl I could find in the whole school! I still think you’re as cute as a button, probably the most innocent out of everyone. Still I think you’re awesome and every time you poke me from behind, I know it’s you and I smile (giggity). Not to mention your birthday gift to me! ❤ I’m wearing it right now, I love it so much and you really hit the spot with it. And you’re the only person in the group, who’s younger than me, so how can I not be sympathetic to that? 😀 I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot from you. Not only are you a mega good golfer, but I also like your singing and I’d be more than delighted to one day be at your concert and scream “I KNOW THAT GIRL”!!! You’re a great person and also a sunshine…a blond one that is, haha!

Kaisa, how the hell did we get here? I really really really don’t know you, so why are we friends? I mean, of course I know you, you’re sweet and short and funny and awesome, but really, we’ve never talked about you, so you’re good in dodging bullets. However, you can speak. You have a voice and it’s actually interesting to listen. You know a lot of things about a lot of topics and you can really be wise. Which is weird considering the amount of alcohol you can take in before passing out! But yeah, you’re really cool and I like you and you ARE my friend, so I hope it feels nice. 😀

Nelli, you’re super nice! Your cakes are delicious and you’re always concerned about how I’m gonna get home after a party. Thank you. That’s sweet in a really weird way. Your pink pants are now defining you and teasing you is super fun. For some reason, at parties we always end up together at a certain moment, and I don’t mind at all, cause you’re a person who knows how to have fun. You’re very talented not only in baking, but also in hand crafts, you’re super stylish, not to mention smart and pretty. And you’re my friend. I think we’ve had our moments and thank you for everything you’ve done for me! You’re great! Can’t wait for a week with you as a roommate in a few days! 😀

Noora, you wonderful math teacher! Thank you for helping me pass all of my math courses! Probably my whole academic future was in your hands and you did a damn good job. You’re so sweet all the freaking time, I don’t know how that’s possible. Well, now I know that you’re probably one of the kinkiest people ever, I KNOW you pretend not to get half of the jokes. The sleepover I had with you proves it. Hard. 😀 English classes with you were pure joy! You’re the only one, who kind of knows what I’m going through, since you’re leaving for the US, but still I would like you to know that though this doesn’t concern me, I’m sad about these news. We should all be together and just be happy. Nevertheless, I wish you one amazing year from the bottom of my heart, cause you really deserve to be happy!

Emma, though I first met you outside of this company, I must say you gave me quite the stunning impression. I think you’re a beautiful, smart young woman and I’m glad I met you. I would have been your friend even if we didn’t have mutual people that we know. You’re awesome! And very retarded if I must add. Hanging out with you is really nice for me and I was quite happy when I heard you and Jamppa are together, cause I like both of you separately and I think you’re a great addition to this awesome group of people. Thanks for being my friend! And for the letter in Finnish…and I promise I’ll answer it. In Finnish. I trust you won’t let me forget what I’ve learned so far. And I’ll be seeing you in a few days. And also, thanks for plucking up the courage to come and talk to me in August. I now see that it must have been really wrecking for you, knowing how shy you are around strangers. 😀 But see, I’m not any more normal than you are, so nothing to worry about, right? And just to be clear, your English is really good. Stop saying it isn’t! Oh and thanks for helping me pack my stuff into the suitcase, I remember you almost cried laughing. 😀 I should have given you those socks, too…why would I need them anyway?!

Karen, you’re so bubbly! You’re awesome! Your crushes leave me puzzled every week and I don’t know how to take half of the things you’re talking about. But you’re such a sunshine and you’re just glowing with positive energy. Thank you for introducing me to this amazing group of people, I’ll never forget that Wednesday when you took me under your wing…and I was just the random exchange student. I’ll forever think you’re great and I hope I could follow what’s happening with you in the future! Though you’ve started to stray away from us, I don’t know if I could keep being THAT good friends with you over the years. But I guess only time will show, no? 🙂

Johanna, hey! You know, I’ve always wanted to know you better than I do. I’ve always thought there’s so much more to you than you let people to see. I can’t help it, but think that you’re really something special! Your laugh sounds so sincere and your eyes are so big and beautiful, how can a person not like something so innocent looking? And it sucks that every time we try to watch American Pie, some shit always happens to me. I don’t know why or how, but this is pissing me off, cause I do want to spend time with you!!! And thank you for the Coldplay CDs I’ve replayed them probably over a hundred times, I really like them (gonna keep them safe). And also, for a coffee addict you look pretty normal. 😀 And we should hang out as soon as I come back to Finland. A hard working girl you are. And there’s plenty of crazy in you, as well. Running 10 km for fun and biking 45 km? Once would be understandable, but, bitch, u be tripin. 😀 Anyway, point was that I like you. And your English is also really good, stop complainiiiing. Better than my Finnish, which is pretty damn enough and I’m sorry for saying it again, you already know that this is my normal “hi” to you, but…YOUR HAIR IS SO NICE!!! And don’t listen to what they say! My theme song makes perfect sense! 😀

Jazz, need I say how weird you are? How is it that you can get personal with a person so fast? You just have to be alone with them. I admire your writing skills and I enjoy our conversations more than anything we do together. You’re a person, who I can talk to and the fact that you’re sharing my opinions on many matters just makes you all the more closer to me. Thank you for always being open for a deep talk with my sometimes very cynical and lazy persona. You’re really great! And orange IS your color, beautiful! And also, you know, you can read your written porn, no judging. 😀 I wish that was the weirdest part about you, but noooo. 😀 And you can get me calm really fast by making me listen to the tone of your voice and the pauses between the words, how does that happen? Also, if we don’t know something about Liverpool or Harry Potter, you’re the man! But just to mess with ya… GLOOORRRYYY GLOOORRYYY MAN UNIIITEEEED. 😀

Rasse, I noticed you on the very first day of school, I thought you were in the IB side and I thought you were really cool! Now, knowing you a little better, I know that you’re extraordinary! You’ve brought a lot of wisdom and experience to me with your words and discussions. I could never have an argue with you and not be interested, you’re a great orator and a friend. Sometimes you tend to dig to deep for answers you don’t want to get, but who are we to judge you? I stand behind you no matter what decision you make, though me too, like the others, can sometimes disagree with it. You should stop over-thinking things and find piece in the New York times newspaper. A true sailor and a politician, I wish you nothing but the best in this world!

Henkka, though I don’t talk to you about these matters, I really think you’re a great person and I actually missed you in school, when you were in New York. The feeling of having you next to me, always ready to crack up a joke is wonderful and I don’t  want to give it up. Thank you for all those times, when you’ve made me cry from laughter and thank you for being honest with me about a lot of things! I remember walking in Germany few days ago, wanting to crack up a joke with you, when it really hit me that I’m not gonna see you for a long time and it didn’t feel nice. :/ Sometimes I just want a weird-ass Henkka hug that could fix my mood up. You hug tight, which I like and you’re blond, all the more reason to make fun of you for various reasons. But I mean, come on, I know I don’t generally make much sense (Joel, shut up!), but seriously, I’ve reached a whole new low with you. I doubt it’s all me? 😀 And I don’t know, I just really like you and I want to have you nearby to piss me off with your constant insecurity and on-the-spot decisions. I’ll miss that. That, and the “are you serious” faces and “brain hurt” studders. And just you in general. You’re one awesome motherfucka, right there. And you’re not a fag. Sorry I’ve been saying it for so long, but I had to find a comeback to “stupid bitch”, besides you know it’s all loooooveee! 😀

Jamppa, you’re always away somewhere, or at least it seems so. First I was in Lapland and then you were in Germany…I missed you like hell! I was counting the days until you come back, cause I wanted to hug you so bad, it almost hurt physically. You’re one AMAZING person and I love you so much, it’s not even funny. Please, please, please stay in my life forever! And just so you know, no matter how many kilometers you’ve biked, how much sex you’ve had, how many years you’ve walked and how much sweat you’re dripping (since that seems to be your number one excuse), I’d always hug you like there’s no tomorrow! I feel like I can talk to you about anything and actually be sentimental and you’d just go with the flow! Thank you for being such a good friend, I don’t know why I was so lucky to meet you, but whatever I did, thank the teapot for it! And did I mention you know how to party? Fuck yeah! And you’re the best piano player I know! Not that I know many of them, but you’re numba 1. And you’re just awesome. Don’t let them think your hand hurts from too much piano, hahaha. ❤ You be good, man! I’ll see you in a few days and we’re gonna have a blast! Cause we’ll be together! ❤ : ) And I warn you that I may break a few of your ribs, when I see you again. Just saying.

Joel, what can I saaaaaaaaaay for YOU?! That is not sounding too cheesy or too cold? 😀 I seriously can’t think of anything, but ok, let’s just say some facts and hope that this will be a good ending. We met in school and we’ve been talking to each other all the time (well, you know…almost) since October-ish. That is really cool. We’ve had our moments, plenty of fun, like in history class for example or YH final “exam”, or new years (which was by the way, wonderfully hosted, just saying), or the sleepover at Jamppa’s, or the ice skating, or the movies at your place or the cinema, or the ice hockey game at my house or those 15 hours I spent at your place 2 weeks ago, or the retarded video chats (one time with Johanna, whoo) and I can keep on going forever, but I think most of all, every night that nothing’s been going on, cause we’ve been talking a lot. Of course, we’ve been in school a lot, too, somehow, I don’t know why, but a lot of my free time I’ve spent with you and so many retarded stories come to my mind, but yeah…the best thing ever is when you go to bed agitated and continue the argue live in school, or when someone makes a reference that only the two of us have discussed, so you look at me with those “inside joke” laughing eyes and yeah…that’s fun. And of course, naturally, you’re the person, who I know the most out of everyone and you’re also the person, who knows me the best out of everyone in Finland, so [cheesy part] of course you’re an important friend for me and I wouldn’t want to lose you [/cheesy part] and I dunno about you, but I guess it’s the same if we’re still talking (even at the moment, lol). We’ve had our FUN together (and those have been stuff to remember), but lawd knows, we’ve also had our ridiculous fights. So anyone, who can stand me at both my funniest and my worst (a.k.a over-thinking cynical bitch with a shit load of issues) is a true friend in my book. So yeah, we’ll see again someday soon, we’ll write it out when. 😀 Yeah…peace, bro.

Aaand that was it and now I’m exhausted from all this writing. 😀

//Stef – ciao for now


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