Excited about Bulgaria!!!

This will be a short post.

Cause I don’t feel like writing that much.

But I’m excited about my friends coming to Bulgaria next week. We’re gonna have so much fuuuuun, I can’t even! I’m gonna be in one room with Nelli and that room is gonna be attached to the room of Jamppa and Emma, which is rather exciting, no? 😀 On the upper floor will be Iisa, Assu, Saara and Kaisa, it’s gonna be amazing. We’re gonna catch tan, walk around, go shopping, have a picnic, go to clubs, make pictures…we’re gonna have a blast, man!

And today I got a letter from Emma in Finnish…the first letter of many. And I already have a reply to her written down, I just need to send it and it will be all good. And yay, I got my first legit letter from Finland, how cool is that? It’s a red one and I really like it for summer. Thanks, Emma! ❤

And here’s a picture of what I’ve been munching on lately…brought here specially from Finland. I also have the Fazer chocolate Joel gave me for my birthday, but that will be eaten in a case of extreme depression and nostalgia…a state, in which I am currently not in.

And also, here’s a picture of my mom and one of our family friends, Tenyo:

He is wearing shorts, just saying…but it was DAMN hot…and we were visiting just for a bit…after we had brunch with a nice banitsa and boza. Dat shit is awesome. But yes…

short post is short

//Stef – didn’t run away, after realizing that they’re gonna vaccinate me the very same day! 😀


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