What’s up, minions?

Let’s see if there’s enough blog material…

I’ve pretty much been doing nothing, but cleaning windows, kitchen and hanging around my mom for company, while she’s chilling outside. Well, been going out too, but we’ll get into that in a while. So I’m really lazy, as you probably already know and there were constantly tasks that needed to be done, I was grunting all the time, but I did it (I’m especially proud that I found someone to carry my carpet for me…both ways πŸ˜€ ) But yeah…

Today I video-called Joel…to see Henkka, Rasse, Jamppa and Joel, ofc πŸ˜€ They were goofing so bad, it was funny. I lost it at one point, started to excitedly laugh and scream and they, of course made fun of me… My mom came to check out what’s going on, at which point their retarded teenage brain sprang into action :D. They started undressing, dancing, ear-fucking each other and just…doing everything possible to make themselves look like complete retards. They made it. My mom was laughing. She was asking Joel and Henkka when they would come to Bulgaria for some weird reason she liked them and she started talking to them about some beach coffee bar, where you can lie on a bed under palm trees, while drinking your cocktail and they really wondered what the fuck was going on. πŸ˜€ Them Jamppa came in the frame (the moment, when I lost it) and he asked what the temperatures were going to be in Bulgaria, to which I told him to check Nelli’s facebook wall and they could all see the ALL above 30 degrees temperatures and Joel and Henkka were showing middle fingers to Jamppa and me, while we were smirking happily. It’s supposedly raining in Finland at the moment and it’s quite dark, so it was rather fun to see their longing faces! πŸ˜€ Then my mom left the room, saying that she liked them all very much (after all they did? :D) Best part was, when I asked Henkka to call the rest from downstairs, he was just screaming “HOMOT!!!” hahahah, that cracked me up. And what has he been doing these days? Owning newbs, of course…

And that’s Henkka’s creepy face (looks like a baby, doesn’t he?) and a few years taken off of Joel’s “surprised” face…and the only one actually derping – Jamppa! πŸ˜€ There was a fight about whose wall I’m gonna post that image to, but I decided to post it on mine, just to be sure that they don’t delete it. πŸ˜€ And Nelli of course commented with “Our guys! ❀ Always as wonderful!” πŸ˜€ And Johanna simply placed a question mark, wondering what the fuck is going on! Anyway, I had to close the convo, cause I was late for a meeting with one of my old schoolmates.

Okay, a little history on that one. Denislav and Dimitar (Mitko for short) are classmates of mine from my first class. I was with them until I got accepted in high school, after I finished 7-th grade. I’ve been talking to them on and off ever since, went out once or twice, but never really kept a close contact with them. Now all of a sudden it turns out that they’re best friends for over 2 years now and I didn’t even know that. Anyway, yesterday Denislav asked me to go to his place and study English with him, since he wants to better his abilities and he could do it only with practice and I just happened to be there and be down to help. And my lovely Finnish friends here, a.k.a the guys kept teasing me about it. They kept thinking that he’s luring me into his house for wild untamed sex, which was totally false! But they said quite a lot of scenarios that might happen, which leads me to think that they have no legit social lives whatsoever! πŸ˜€ I asked Denislav, though, if it’s possible for Mitko to come with us, too, cause I wanted to see both of them and he said that it’s fine, as long as he doesn’t come to study with us, cause it’s gonna be a mess.

So, we met and Deni was waiting for some dude to give him some stuff, but he didn’t show up, so we went together to the post office, where I had to send 2 letters to Finland. One to Emma and one secret…until the one whom I sent it to gets it! πŸ˜€ But yeah, here’s a pic of him in there:

Then Mitko came along and we just hung out together and talked about my time in Finland and theirs in Bulgaria:

I know that Denislav looks short next to Mitko, but he’s not. It’s just that freaking Dimitar is 1.95 cm tall and he won’t admit that he’s tall, just like Denislav won’t admit that he has muscles. I don’t know what’s wrong with the world nowadays. πŸ˜€ But yes.

In the end they ended up coming to my place and bringing my carpet back (thanks, guys!) and going to the close park to hang out. Of course, we didn’t study anything, we just talked and talked for some hours and then we all went our separate ways. I’m gonna see them again later this week, when my Finnish friends arrive on Varna ground. We’re all gonna have a mixed international party, I guess! πŸ˜€ And yeaaaah…we’ll see how their english will be. Even my mom wants to practice hers! Tomorrow is the big day!

And I’m ultra excited! Fuck yea! The next post I write will include some of our experiences in the lovely city of Varna!

//Stef – toodaloo, mothafuckas


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