The Finland-Bulgaria experience.


Everyone’s been bugging me to do the blog post and frankly, I’ve put it away for a few days, cause I didn’t feel like blogging, but today is the day! Here we go!

The whole day before my people arrived to Varna was pretty hectic. I was worried about their journey and how they managed and I called them to ask where they were, the whole 22 hour process seemed so short, with the exception that the last few minutes were really intense. I was already at the airport, waiting for them, I could see Jamppa’s head in the distance and I started to hyper-ventilate. My mom was there with me, because of the drivers and some accounts she needed to take care of, but I just used her as a hanger. I gave her my bag and started to jump around, excitedly, while our family friend, Tencho was begging me to calm down. And there she was. Astrid, peeking through the hall, looking for me with her eyes. I was so happy to see her, I went straight there and hugged her tightly! And then Kaisa came, and Iisa, and Saara, and Nelli, and Emma, who looked as gorgeous as ever! And the last one to stroll in – Jamppa, at which moment I almost lost it. I don’t remember if I actually cried – maybe I didn’t shed any tears, but I was so, so, so happy to see them all that I’m sure my eyes watered. I somehow understand now, those dramatic airport hugs, the slow mo’s dropping of the bags and running towards each other…it seems a tad more real now. The anticipation is the worst part, but the satisfaction and joy you get from seeing the people you want to see is worth it! And yes – it was magical!

Then we all went to the house we have rented and I let them all sleep, cause I knew they were very tired. For the first day, we had the breakfast at 12 pm, though I woke up at 7 am, because I was excited about the whole thing. I took a picture of Nelli (who happened to be my roommate) sleeping (but she likes it to stay private, unfortunately) 😦  She woke up soon after that and we kept each other company until breakfast time.

After we had all eaten, we went to the pool, which was by the way, gorgeous! We swam there for a few hours and at around 5-6 pm we decided to go out and dine in the city. I took them to my favorite Chinese food restaurant, which looks like shit, but the food there s super cheap and nice. We all loved it!

The food was heavenly!

Then we went to the close market place and Billa supermarket to buy some refreshments for the evening πŸ˜‰ ! And we went back home, through that STEEP hill, fuck, it was hard to climb. But yeah, we did t! The evening was nice, we talked to Joel and Nora for a while, they had the ‘jealous’ faces on for a bit! πŸ˜€

Then, of course, at one point we went to bed. Next breakfast was at 10 am and we ate good, then again – to the pool!

Then we went out in the city again, we went to the big cathedral in the center of the city:

we had a look on the inside and then went to eat near the fountains, also pretty close to the church, in a nice restaurant, called “The Sea Horse”

Yeah…then the girls, except for Emma, went shopping for a while in the center and us three with Jamppa and Emma just enjoyed a lovely ice cream…which by the way was too big for one person, naturally I couldn’t finish it and I gave it to Assu, who was more than happy to finish it! πŸ˜€

After we were done, we went to the sea garden, so I could show them a bit from it…on our way home. And while gong there, we found this:

Blow Job for just 5 leva for a minute…we had to take a picture of Jamppa next to it! πŸ˜€ Cause it’s just us!

And by some really freaky coincidence, we met Denislav. Saara, as you can see, was very weary of what’s going on and Astrid didn’t even want to shake his hand. πŸ˜€ He asked if she was high…cause she honestly looked like she was! He was with some friend of his, dunno…talked for a few minutes and we went on with our lives, as we were supposed to…

HAHAHAHA, Kaisa’s and Jamppa’s height difference! πŸ˜€ Finally captured.

But yes, we went home, went back to the pool and just had more fun in various ways! πŸ˜›

The next day we met Rado and we were with him for quite a long time. Rado is a friend/schoolmate of mine, who really wanted to meet my Finnish friends and I should say that they liked each other a lot, especially, since he’s the only bulgarian (apart from Brain – Tsvetelina) I know, who can speak good english. Yes. Together we went into a sex shop and we got Assu’s inner lip pierced, after what we went to the beach, where me and him had a nice talk, whereas the others went swimming. I just tried the water with my legs and didn’t really feel like bathing in it. But neither did he, so that was nice. And later, one of his friends came along, as well, and we signed some post cards together and it was just fun! Don’t have pics from the beach, but there you go other pics:

And so ooooon. πŸ˜€ Then we went home and chilled in the pool some more. Then had a party upstairs and went to bed at some reasonable hour.

The next day me and Emma and Jamppa went to the history/archeology museum and the other chicks went to the Mall to buy stuff:

And after we were finished, we went again to the chinese place, where we had some more noodles! πŸ˜€ Cause they’re just that tasty and cheap! And then we walked to one of the malls, where the girls were. According to their words, it’s twice as big as Sello, but I don’t know… and we went to the store there, to buy stuff for the evening, though we ate musaka at the house. πŸ˜› When we were getting on the bus, I saw a gypsy woman with her hand in my bag and lawd knows how much I hate thieves. I got all wrestle-ish, pushed her away and asked her what her hand was doing in my bag, to which she pulled it out (thankfully, without my lovely pink wallet <3) and she asked me “what’s your problem”, to which I was very surprised and told her to get off the bus immediately. She was very surprised that I was bulgarian, cause I was speaking English with the rest and they usually go for tourists, which really pisses me off in general. The lowest part of society…and she had the nerves to call me a “carrion”, to which I got very, very pissed off and told her to go fuck her own mother (as usually bulgarians say), then she pushed me really hard into the people, and I thought to myself “oh no, she didn’t!”, I turned around and hit her face with my elbow and hissed at her that she needs to get off the bus immediately if she doesn’t want me to call the police…and she got off. And the weirdest part is that no one noticed any of this happening. The bus was very full, indeed, but still…? And then, unfortunately, Nelli’s wallet was missing. :/ I wished to go back and make that gypsy sorry she ever did that. Because if I had the chance, I would have…I hate people like that. And NOT with my friends!!!! But we were already too far away and she was gone. UGH. BITCH!!!

But yes, we got home safely and ofc, got to the pool once again. πŸ˜€ The next day we went on a meeting with Buryan – the bulgarian exchange student in Finland for the year before me. What a coincidence that he was in town? We went out and ate at Godzilla restaurant and yeah, he was with his belgian girlfriend and the table was extremely international! πŸ˜›

Then we went to Asparuhovo bridge, cause Kaisa wanted to bungee jump. And hell yea, she did!

It was an amazing experience for her, I think! And it was fun to watch, as well! It was less then 3 minutes all together, but she said it felt like an eternity to her, which was cool! I bet now she’s gonna be like “hey mom and dad, I bungee jumped in Bulgaria” and they’d be like “you’re grounded for the rest of your life” πŸ˜€ But it was cheap here and it was fun and it was just us, so why the fuck not? πŸ˜›

And of course, when we went back home, we went to the pool…again. Cause it’s fun. And we had a nice time in one room…again…cause it’s fun. I remember Assu taking my chocolate, hadn’t opened it yet and she asked if she could try it. That’s the last I saw of it. Then I remember the package wandering around in the room. Didn’t even get to try it! 😦 Buuut it’s just a chocolate, so who gives a fuck! And yeah, I spent a lot of time with Jamppa and Emma in their room, talking about a lot of things and yeah…it was a nice night.

The next morning we had to get up extra early, cause breakfast was at 8 am. It had to be that early, cause we were leaving for Nessebar, which was an hour and a half drive with a bus and we had to catch it on time. We went through Sunny Beach meanwhile and Obzor as well, Kaisa took some pictures, but in the end she didn’t like it as it seems…judging by her post card (which by the way she didn’t give me to send together with the others…hmm). But the fucked up thing is that you can’t get two-way tickets, and you can’t rely on going back to Varna with the same bus, or on the same day, it’s so fucked up! But in Nessebar we had fun. We ate a lot of the stuff we had bought to ourselves and we took a lot of pictures and we saw alcohol ice cream, we saw a restaurant that offered a menu in Finnish and at one coffee bar, the dude spoke Finnish to us, though it was very bad. πŸ˜€ But you could understand what he meant and he was so funny, cursing at the wind and shit. He was really awesome! He said to my friends something like “Moi, mitΓ€ kuuluu? TΓ€ssΓ€ on juottavia, jotain syΓΆmÀÀn jos joku haluaa, laulamme lauluja myΓΆs, juhlimme koko ajan, nessebar on paras” and he went away. Everyone were like “lolwhut?” πŸ˜€ Hahah.

But yeah, some pictures from Nessebar:

And of course, there were more people on the bus stop, than places in the bus and it was really fucking annoying that we were there first to take 8 seats and the people started to literally go trough us, to get in and they were this close to step on Kaisa, when she was trying to get Jamppa’s shoe and get in the bus. Of course, Nelli, Saara and Assu got pulled back and couldn’t get in, the bus was already full and I was like “WTF just happened”, there were no more seats and people were already sitting in one another, so yeah… I started to yell at the driver to let the 3 girls come in, cause we’re a group and we should be together, after what he said that we should have reserved seats and I said that we do, because the other driver (the one we came with) said he’d reserve us places, but he was nowhere in sight and he didn’t give us any document that we have the seats reserved, but I told him that we won’t go without those 3 girls, he got really pissed off and started to yell at me that we can’t ALL get on the bus, when we have no proof of reserved seats, then I told him that we have plane to catch and it’s not my fault that the other driver is stupid. At one point he showed up and the pissed driver called him to come and talk to me, but he didn’t want to come, all the more better for me, cause I wasn’t sure if the seats were actually reserved, they started yelling at each other and it was a weird situation, jamppa and girls constantly asking what’s happening and I just waited for some sort of adequate reaction from the driver’s side. He was a good boy and took 3 other passengers off the bus, cause they were traveling to Obzor, which is quite close and has more buses going there. So we got everyone on the bus and I had to explain to the others in Finnish what actually happened, cause the driver was blaming me the whole time and the people around us were very pissed, but I don’t care, cause I managed to get us all in the bus and besides, we WERE there first, so fuck you, unhappy passengers! Yes.

We went to the mall, had some noodles and then went back home to the lovely pool. The last night didn’t have that much special stuff, cause everyone wanted to sleep. We had to get up at 2 am and they had a 22 hour lasting journey back to Espoo/Helsinki. A bit before Kaisa and Assu went to sleep, I broke my nail really bad, while trying to close the door. Almost the whole nail is gone now and there was quite a lot of blood. :/ And I hit it hard a few times after that, unintentionally, but it hurts like a biiiiiiiiiiiiiitch. But yeah, on the bright side, while we were talking to Henkka on facebook, Kaisa bet Astrid that she can’t go into Saara’s and Iisa’s room and make sex sounds on the bed. And of course, Assu went there, on the bed, on top of Saara and started making the loudest sex moans you can imagine. It took them a while to wake up, though! πŸ˜€ They kicked her out and she came into the room, in which me and Kaisa were in and them two went to sleep, whereas I asked Joel to keep me company until 2am, when we all had to wake up, cause I didn’t really feel like sleeping.

At 3 am, two cars came to pick us up and take us to the airport, one of the drivers was Tencho, our family friend and I got in that car together with Jamppa, Emma, Assu and Nelli and Emma said she’ll never forget that car ride. It was such a party. We all sang and laughed, though the minute we set foot on the airport, Assu started to tear up and she was like “I never cry in situations like this, but I’m gonna miss you so much!” and everyone else were kinda sad, too…me included! When we were saying our last goodbyes, Assu hugged me 4 times! I hugged Jamppa last and Emma was like “Aaaand Stef’s tears come in 3…2…1…” πŸ˜€ But I didn’t cry! I was a strooong giiiirl. Though Jamppa was saying to me, while we were hugging “You HAVE TO come back to Finland! We’ll be waiting for you” and it was so sweet! I had that sad lump in my throat, cause I knew I wouldn’t see these people for at least a year! But the good thing is that at least I know I’ll see them again! πŸ™‚ ❀ My awesome friends! Along with those, who couldn’t make it to Bulgaria this year! I’ll see you all in a year. πŸ˜›

And yeah…then I went home and slept like a motherfucker. And that was it. It was all over. It went to fast…it almost feels like a dream, like it never happened! But I’m happy it did. It was a blast!

//Stef – happy!

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