Not much to blog about

But let’s see…

Nothing too thrilling’s been happening with me

I’ve noticed that people’s personal space here is so small – I often find myself in situations, where I feel forced to step back, because people are almost breathing in my neck or talking in my ear and it’s very unpleasant. Yes.

I proved to myself once again that I’m a lazy motherfucker, I don’t do anything productive, except that I went out with my bike. I’ve been eating shit loads of peaches and watermelon, cause those are my two most favorite fruits (along with bananas) and I go to my grandma every day, which some people may find pathetic, but I actually like it. My grandma has really stupid views, but she doesn’t make me accept them, so we’re just talking openly. And she’s cool. You never know if I’ll ever see her again, once I go abroad, right? 🙂

And I’ve talked with my dad about my prom and the traditions that come with it. I told him that I’d much rather go on a school camp, than having everyone I know coming over to my house in May. What is this shit. For the non-bulgarians, this is a tradition, when a student finished his/hers high school education, we have one big ABI party/ball and one of the traditions is to invite a lot of people in your house to give you wishes for a nice life and a good start in general. What a load of crap. I haven’t seen my relatives in years, I don’t even know how some of them look and so – I don’t want them in my house, eating my food, pretending to be happy for me, when in reality they don’t even know me. It’s very time and money consuming and I don’t want to sit there for hours, looking happy, when I could have more time to get ready for the evening ball or just sleep more. And a school camp sounds like something I’d really enjoy, like I always have with my school. One of my best memories are from school camps, not to mention that this will be my last year and I want to spend it well with the classmates that I care about…like Ivana, Rumen, Tsvetelina, Victor and so on… because honestly, we like each other, but we’d never go out just like that, so it’s safe to say that I may never see them again, especially since I have plans of going abroad. So yeah – screw my relatives.

And my dad wants to buy me, instead of a dress, something that I could wear again. Okay…I understand his efforts, but one does not simply wear informal clothes to his/hers abi ball. It’s like wanhat. Where else would I wear the dress? Let me just say that if he wants to buy me something I could wear again, I wouldn’t bother to go to the ball at all, he’d save a lot from paying for dinners, photographers, hotels, dresses, shoes, hair and whatnot. Abi ball is not SO important to me, I’d maybe just want to be with my schoolmates for one last time and that’s it. But I know that he wants me to go through it all. So I have to. And I also told him that I want to get my drivers license in Bulgaria, cause apparently there’s a loophole that I can use and he doesn’t take me seriously at all. Though I wouldn’t have a car, having a license is a very, very good thing. I could travel in long distances with someone and switch positions, or I could be the sober one to drive all my friends from a bar, or it could help me in my work and it never hurts to have the skills. But since he doesn’t have it and never has, he thinks that it’s not that bad if you can’t drive. But I’m not on the same opinion, I want to drive, yet he keeps talking about the fucking abi ball that  I couldn’t care less about. Well fine. He doesn’t even let me get a job. I hate asking for stuff, I’ve always been like that. Even though I always get the thing I have asked for, I like having it by myself. If I could get the money for driving school on my own, I wouldn’t have to worry about my dad’s fucked up thoughts on my development. But since this year is important to me and I have to study, I can’t get a job at the same time. Not one that could work anyway. So yey, let’s hope daddy-o will decide that I actually know what I want for once in my life. Awesome.

And Florence is just lovely – Leave my Body is just love! <33333

Other than that, nothing is happening, really. 🙂

//Stef – Yeah, bye.


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