Are our minds connected?

A bit complicated question.

I’m just doing some research, trying to find some arguments that prove so.

Haven’t you ever had these creepy moments, when you think of someone and he calls you immediately, or you do the same things, kilometers apart, or you dream about each other in the same night, though you’re not together in the room? As a person, who believes in science, I need hard proof to believe this is not just a coincidence, yet some part of me wants me to think it’s actually real.

But, I mean, think about it, why would it be completely impossible? We are humans, we have evolved for so many thousands of years, our “minds” are a product of progress. We have feelings, pain receptors, lie detectors, we have grown intellectually enough to build airplanes and be on top of he food chain, artificially. But how many of you believe in souls? I do. Each person has a soul, something that makes him unique more than the DNA proves. Like identical twins. On the outside, the differences are minor, but their souls make them different people. With that being said, we have no way to prove that souls, do in fact, exist. Yet, it has been proven that twins feel each other. One twin has been locked up and has experiments done to him and the other one feels what’s going on. He doesn’t literally feel the experiments, but he can say how his brother feels without talking or looking at him. What’s the explanation to that? If it’s possible with twins, why not with other people, too? Maybe not on the same high level, but why not, anyway?

It’s also been proven that meditation is a legitimate process that’s happening, it’s on the same principle as telepathy, so if we connect two and two, it only seems rational to conclude that telepathy is possible as well. Of course, it takes years and years of practice to develop and master, but it’s based only on the development of your sense that you already have, which should mean that ordinary people have it, too, though in vastly smaller amounts. It has happened to me, many times, to be able to guess what the other one is doing, to think of someone at the same time as they’re thinking of me, or even think of the same thing. It may just be a coincidence, but why does it happen so often?

I think it should be something like that – the people meet and their souls kind of get along just fine. Like, when you decide you like someone for no apparent reason. Then people start conversating and soon enough they start thinking about each other. I can’t really wrap my head around the thinking process and how it happens so that you somehow synchronize your thoughts, but I do think it’s somewhat possible, cause it has happened to me before. With my mom, mainly. Yet, I’m not completely sure if the thing I’m talking about is mind connection as we think it is. I can’t make requests with my mind, I can’t have conversations, I can’t see through another one’s eyes, but I have shared dreams and emotions. Could it be empathy? Though dreams…I’m not sure if that’s possible. Science is too weak on that one, especially since we still haven’t figured out WHY we dream. However, experiments show that connection between the minds does exist, but we still don’t understand it completely…

The stuff we read on the internet like “When you dream of someone, it means that they definitely miss you”, I believe to be 100% pure bullshit made for little girls, who hope that their crushes like them. If everything was true, the celebrities would be in love with millions of people, each and every one in particular. Please…

But still, what’s your position on mind connection?



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