It’s a new day and I’m funny as hell.


So yes, another blog post will hopefully be in the can in a few minutes. 

Have you ever had this thing, where you’re so hilarious and funny that you just can’t take it? Like yesterday, while I was sleeping, I woke up with tears in my eyes from the funny situation my brain placed me in. No joke, I needed to get up and laugh it off before going back to bed. I was at home with this boy and he kept saying “Someone is at the front door, go check it out” and I kept saying “Don’t be ridiculous, no one except for a thief could be outside, why would I go check it out?”, then we continued to talk about random stuff and fight each other with wrapping paper, it was fun and all, but then we decided to go outside, only to be stricken by the view of my mother climbing up the roof in a long wedding dress and a huge, heavy winter coat. At first I thought it was a huntsman or something like that, I was this close to saying to the guy “Grab your shit and let’s go”, but when I heard her swearing, it cracked me up and I started to laugh uncontrollably, joined by the boy and my mom giving us the “are you serious?” face. Ah, that was funny.

And a bit about reality as well – yesterday I had my blood taken from a vein, for the first time in my life. I was scared shitless about how it was all going to work out, the woman who got the job done was constantly saying that I should look away if I’m afraid of blood, but what nobody gets is that I’m not afraid of blood. Blood is cool in big or small amounts. I hate needles! The thought of one breaking through my skin is just… AAAAAAAH. Holy fuck! Fortunately, I had a good vein and everything went according to plan, no tears were shed, only a bit of anxiety shown and the nurse was really nice, she kept talking to me about the process and everything that she’s going to do and when would the results be ready and…she was just a sweetheart. Thank the universe for that, at least. Though now my vein is VERY blue, all over my arm. I’m not sure if it’s “broken”or just bits of blood came out, while healing. Either way, it’s not dangerous, but it looks freaky and scary.

Then I went on a long ass coffee break with my mom and her 2 (mine also) friends, Tsvetelina’s mom, aunt Valya and Tencho. I wouldn’t usually go out with my mom or her friends, but given the fact that they’re awesome and we talk about everything, I couldn’t see a reason why I shouldn’t go. True, it would have been better if Tsveti (Brain!) was there also, but as far as I understood, she’s in Plovdiv partying her ass off. Came over to Bulgaria for a month and look what happens. 😀

After this lovely 3 hour meeting, I went to pay some bills, went home after that and get that – I STUDIED. The amount I covered is like a grain of sand in a dune, but I did it nevertheless. And I fully intend on continuing today, as well. Those fuckers from the education committee haven’t called me yet, which makes me want to bash some brains out, but whatever happens, I shall continue in 12-th grade this year. Period. And just by the way, our school’s vice principal is a bitch. I’ve never liked her, she’s always yelling and is looking at you like she’s bigger than you, not to mention her laziness and rudeness. Just…no.

I also went out with Gergana, who yet again, made me cover the market area over 5 times. Can you believe it, we went through one store 4 motherfucking times, because she kept forgetting shit. And we went to the make up department for her own amusement. I hate looking at makeup, when I don’t look for something in particular and don’t intend on buying anything. But not her! She didn’t have any money with her for all the stuff she tried on, yet she kept doing it, nail polishes, foundations, mascaras, nail files, hairbrushes, face washes, deodorants, hair products, WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES. Argh. Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping, but I’m not able to spend 3 and a half hours in a make up store, when there are only so much products you can try on. Sorry. Not to mention that the brands were horrible and I’d never buy something with so low quality, regardless of the price. When I finally got my dear friend out of the store, she dragged me to a bag store, cause she needs a bag. Needless to say, you can rarely find anything good in the market, you gotta go to the malls for these things, and yesterday was no exception. We actually laughed at some of the models, who would ever buy such a thing, I don’t understand…

Anyway, we got around to just sit somewhere and chill. Then she said a big, big, big stupid thing. “You’re not actually friends with the guys, you can’t be fooling yourself. No true friendship is possible between the two genders”. Brain hurt, right there. Why would you even think that friendship between the genders is impossible? What’s there to lead you horribly wrong like that? “There are feelings that come in between, that’s what happened with me and my boyfriend”. Yeah, okay. First of all, dear readers, her boyfriend was out to get her from the very first day they met, it was obvious. Second of all, feelings for male friends? Are you fucking kidding me. One should have feelings for all of their friends, not just male. And no, that doesn’t mean fucking their brains out. If I would be romantically involved with all of my male friends, I’d be an emotional slut by now. Let’s just think of the people that come to my mind right now – Joel, Jamppa, Henkka, Rasse, Rumen, Mitko, Manuel, Hristo, Denislav, Rafael, Nikolai… I’m friends with all of them and, Gergana, be ready for a surprise – I don’t want to sleep with any of them. Whoooo. I don’t know why people think that friendship between genders is impossible. It very much is, and I very much have it?!

Yeah, you guys are weird.

//Stef – now off to some studying. :((((


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