Hey, everyone!

How’s everyone doin’ ?

So, it’s 4:30 am and I just can’t seem to fall asleep, never mind the fact that I’ve been trying to do so for the past 3 hours.

But this is a good time to blog for a bit, anyway. Sorry about my bulgarian language post outburst, it’s like the only other-than-english language post in here – ever, but I just felt like it and did it. Yup.

So, last two days have been kinda good, I guess. The day before yesterday I talked to Joel about food (like 30% of our convos in general, lol) and he linked me those guys from epic meal time on youtube and the stuff they made were absolutely heart-attack worthy and I can’t imagine why I would eat half of the stuff I saw on there, though I must admit, their presentation is awesome. The guy, who’s talking knows how to swear, it makes me laugh. 😀 And that’s always good. Anyway, this show only made me want one giant ass subway sandwich with oregano bread, italian salami, cheese, lettuce, pickles, olives, onions, barbecue sauce and light mayo. My inner kid was drooling on the inside and it was 2 am in the morning, so needless to say, I couldn’t get that sandwich right there and then. Unfortunately. But I hadn’t had a craving so strong in a long time, the goddamn sandwich was all I could think about, later that night I had a dream about me eating it and having a foodgasm.

The next day, immediately after I had woken up, that sandwich was still haunting my thoughts, so I decided that fuck it – I’m gonna go and get it. I even got Gergana to come with me, which resulted in another new dress and a necklace before reaching the Grand Mall SubWay restaurant. But they were good buys! The dress was only 6.90 lv, I look smoking hot in it and it’s light and elegant, it’s awesome. And the necklace is a turquoise edition of H&M’s summer statement collection and I absolutely adore it, I’ve been looking at it for so long! I mean it. I swore to myself that I’d have it. And it looks awesome with the dress, or with something bright like a coral colored shirt. But here are pictures of my new finds:

Other than that, I only got my so desired Subway sandwich and I saved it for later, for when I was exceptionally hungry and let me tell you – it really tasted like heaven. It lived up to my every expectation. The favors twirled in my mouth and helped me discover the meaning of taste, I found out new universal truths and even myself…it was glorious. That was some smokin’ hot Sub, right there. If it was a man, it would be some really exquisite lover like Enrique Iglesias or why not Casanova or even Ben Barnes. It was beautiful, it was eye-opening, poetry worthy and divine. Worth every penny, every tear drop, every thought and craving. That…was…delicious.

Then I had to go to my grandma, but I wasn’t hungry anymore, so I didn’t go and maybe she was upset a bit, but meh…tomorrow is also a day! I spent my evening reading Hristo Botev’s literature and I came to the conclusion that this guy compares everything to the country and the national duty and spirit and he talks like he’s already accepted his faith of dying in a fight for freedom of Bulgaria. And when he says “mother”, he means both his mom and Bulgaria. And he’s trippin’ real hard, he thinks of himself as a sacrifice that has to be made in the name of Bulgaria’s independence and it’s starting to get a little boring after the 7-th poem with the exact same purpose as the ones before. I mean, if his whole artistic work is one-type only, then why do we have to study all of it? I can just make up one universal analysis and put it for each poem, by just changing the headline and a few minor details. Not a learning process at all!

Then I moved on to Ivan Vazov, who is like the bulgarian Aleksis Kivi and he’s alright, started to write after Bulgaria freed itself, but this guy is overly big on respecting the warriors and describing battle scenes, which can be very traumatizing, when killing children (and dogs!!!) is involved. Though at least his works are a bit different from one-another. He speaks of home comfort, country’s beauty, single stories about simple men and women, books about something light and not…just…war. Thank the teapot. His works are still VERY war oriented, but it’s way better than mr. Botev there. Not that you would know. Or care. Why am I telling you this? I guess you’re gonna read about whatever is in my head, regardless whether you find it interesting or not. 😀

I finished reading yesterday at 5 am and fell asleep only to wake up at 3 pm. Big fail. I should wake up earlier, it’s not doing anything good to my studying schedule and I’m struggling to keep going. So I need to re-think my sleeping habits. Of course, writing this now, when it’s already 5 am, isn’t really helping, but meh – I got the muse now. Come stop me. So anyway, I read a bit today as well, not as much as I would have wanted to, still something, so I won’t be too hard on myself, things will come along fine, I hope. In the mean time I was talking to Joel about random stuff, when he sensed my frustration with my stupid writing disability. I swear, every third word I type is typed wrong. It’s not that I don’t know how to spell it, it just comes out with some letters missing and it’s been like that for ages. I always have to correct myself with the correct form and a ” * ” after it and it’s starting to get really annoying. I decided not to deal with that and I went on to watching Cake Boss, cause like I’ve said many, many, many times – I’m lazy and I like to relax more than anything in the world. And the past 2 days I’ve been doing so mainly by watching this show. I find it awesome and it makes me want to eat vanilla cake (wouldn’t say no to chocolate, either), but the craving isn’t that bad yet. The nut jobs that go on that show to order cakes are hilarious, I’m already 3 seasons deep and I’m still going strong. But in my defense I should say that the cakes they make are truly fabulous and fantastic, and beautiful, and creative!

During one of the episodes, princess Ivana called me and asked if we could meet. Well that was a surprise. I didn’t expect that at all, I thought we’d see in school, but I guess not. Something that I’m happy about, by the way, I really like Ivana. So, we met and we walked around for a while after what we sat in this coffee shop, we got something to drink and we talked for hours, still with not enough time to tell each other everything that we’ve wanted to tell. She’s just the same, I mean THE SAME. Not a single thing is different, it’s like it hasn’t been a year. I’m much more different than I was 1 year ago, but not her…it was weird. But yes, I found out some things about her life and our common school life, we talked about our schoolmates and I was rather shocked at some news, pleased with others and so on…and of course, it’s more than obvious that I’ll be joining seats with her next year. We actually got to become friends, when we got into high school in 8-th grade, because the german teacher punished her by moving her seat next to mine, cause she was talking too much and was bad at German and I could help her. I didn’t like her at all at the time, I thought she was one of those rich kids, who think the whole world is at their feet and they’re all servants for her and I thought of her as an arrogant, spoiled little brat. She didn’t think too highly of me, either…the know-it-all show off, who has no sense of anything. We weren’t exactly enemies, but we looked down at each other, for sure. And then, after a week we realized that we are the best partners in the class, we clicked perfectly. We’ve been sitting together ever since and with Rumen right behind us, it’s been really thrilling and memorable. My god, the memories we have…how many times we’ve cried from laughter and how many times we’ve been punished for breaking the discipline, I can’t tell you! Teachers have been trying to move us apart, but it has never worked and after 2 years of trying, in 10-th grade they all just gave up and started to kick us out of class as a group of two/three with Rumen. BUT, if you ask the teachers about those moments, you’ll see the smile on their face, we’re like their guilty pleasure. They kick us out with laughter and then they feel guilty about finding us funny, it’s ridiculous. 😀 I’m laughing just as I think how many times we’ve cheated on tests and how hard it’s been to clean those desks full of ink, or how many times we’ve screwed up projects and the teachers have pretended not to see. We’re the only people, who stuck together all through out high school, everyone changed their seats like a thousand times. But not us! ❤ I couldn’t imagine sitting there with anyone else, but her! She’s awesome. And it was nice to see her again.

Going home was a bit challenging, cause I was wearing my new dress and it was dark outside. Me – as a person, who just came from as safe country as Finland, I was absolutely terrified of looking so hot (no modesty there, lol) and walking alone in the dark, in an area that it’s not completely impossible to find gypsies. If you want an adrenalin rush, I recommend that one, it sure is one heck of a walk home! 😀 Luckily nothing happened and I can’t tell Joel how it feels like to be raped. Other than that, nothing new has been up. When I went home I kept watching Cake Boss, read a bit literature and now I’m really thinking of going to bed, cause it’s 5.30 am already.

Fuck you, blog! Screwing up my sleeping pattern even more!

//Stef – good night, world!


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