Educational system sucks or…?


There’s been a thing that I’ve been wondering lately…

Does the educational system suck donkey balls, or are the people, who are “helping” me, complete dumbasses, or is it both? For the last month and a half, I’ve been waiting for an approval from the regional inspectorate of education, cause I need that shit to go to my school and get ready for exams and the beginning of next year. Naturally, instead of them calling me or anything, I go to them yesterday and they say that they were JUST going to send me a letter. DON’T YOU HAVE MY FUCKING CELL PHONE NUMBER? WERE YOU SERIOUSLY GOING TO MAKE ME WAIT ANOTHER 6-7 DAYS TO NOTIFY ME THAT SOMETHING WAS WRONG?????

Turns out that I’m the ONLY one, who didn’t get the approval, because my translation of the documents doesn’t include the ministry of education stamp on it, which by the way, no one told me that I need. I went once in Finland to their ministry to get it and I thought that that’s all they need, since it doesn’t make sense to legitimize it 2 times within the borders of the EU. Besides, when I went into the inspectorate and they got my documents, they said everything is fine and there shouldn’t be any problems. I had A MOTHERFUCKING MONTH AND A HALF to fix this, if they had just told me on time. What happened was that I went yesterday in there again – to check how things were going, they gave me back my copy, said they couldn’t do shit with it, until I legitimize it ONCE MORE, cause it was already legit with all the stamps and stuff. And I have to do that quickly, cause after Septembet 4-th, they can’t enroll me in the school again for another year, which would mean that I’ll just hang around doing nothing for a year, which definitely doesn’t work for me. And I had to sign out of my school – permanently, to get this document, then go back, sign back in and HOPE that they’ll approve my request, because they just might be like “lol, no, we don’t want that bitch back in school”, since it’s not an open high school, you APPLY for it with exams and shit (though I already got in, but leaving and coming back is like I’ve never done it).

As you can probably guess, I was already pissed enough, when I went to give my documents for legitimization, which can only be done by translating everything once more to Bulgarian, send it to Sofia and within 2 weeks we get it back done. Problem number one – we don’t have two weeks. Immediately the order goes from normal to express, which costs 4 times more the normal service. If they had told us earlier, like they should have, instead of waving their legs around for so much time, we would have gotten it done way cheaper and with way less worries. Problem number two – most of the text is in English, but the Apostille stamp, which is the most important thing, is in Finnish. And guess what? Thaaaaaat’s right – there were no Finnish-Bulgarian translators fit for the job. In the whole country. Not only in Varna, which by the way is ridiculous. And the worst part is that the Apostille stamp ALWAYS says the same thing. Always. Always. Always. Literally the same text. Except the names of the one, who has given it away, but you can’t really translate a name, can you… So, I’m in a situation, where I need my shit translated FAST, sent to Sofia – FAST and returned – FAST. And no one in the whole fucking country is authorized to translate from Finnish. Faaaantastic. In the end, we were forced to call the Finnish embassy and beg them to get a native finnish-speaker (government worker, of course) and a notary to gather together in Sofia, translate this into English and from there – into Bulgarian and only then shall it be legitimized. Do you need me to tell you how expensive Finnish is for translation in general? No. Do you need me to tell you how expensive it is to pay a notary and a government worker to translate, on an emergency notice? Probably not. Let’s just say that a 1 week vacation abroad is cheaper than that.

And when I went to the school to sign out, like they advised me in the inspectorate, the vice-principal, the total bitch, starts giving me shit about signing out. She swore to me that if I get out now, they won’t take me back, cause they have other things on their head and other stuff on their agenda. I asked her to call in the inspectorate and ask about what I had just told her and maybe someone more capable than me could explain matters more clearly. She decided to be lazy and just say “I can’t do anything about it, if we cared for each student that comes through this institution, we would have gone mad by now”. My jaw dropped. In my head I killed her 15 times, all painfully and brutally. My teeth squeaked as I tried to keep my cool, cause she wasn’t one that could listen to my explanations. She started to get irritated, raised her voice, started to yell and show verbally aggressive attitude. I was really surprised of my reaction then. I probably caught that from Joel, cause I thought for a moment and I was just about to start yelling back, when I realized that I would look like a complete idiot if I do that. Though the person in front of me was one, I didn’t find it necessary to raise my voice. Instead, I did one of the best things I’ve done in a while. I said “Instead of yelling at me for trying to continue my education, why don’t you just start using your brain? I hope it’s in there somewhere and I’m sure that if you press the ON button, it would work.” She got really offended, but realized that I put her in her place and did the job I asked her to do for me. Which was not that complicated at all…she just needed to tell me where to go. Goddamn, was that difficult?!

After having a really exhausting day, full of nerves and idiots, I am sunburned and tired. Thank the teapot for movies.

I watched “Friends with Benefits” and it brightened my day a bit. One of the best non-engaging movies I’ve seen in a while. I really liked it. Especially since Mila Kunis’ character is described just as the dude I am. 😀 Haha! But yes.

I’ll leave you now and watch something interesting again…get my mind off of things.

//Stef – tataa



  1. Well, how fast cat you run from BGto?! Get yourself a new pair of sinkers and begin practicing for a jog to anywhere where stupidity doesn’t grow by the minute! And don’t look back!

  2. That’s my plan!!! As soon as I can get myself to graduate 😛

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