Internet adventures and doctors…


I don’t mean to rant all the time. I really, really, really don’t. 

Yet people are juggling with my nerves pretty well and I can’t help it, but feel frustrated all the freaking time. Yesterday, when I finished my blog post, my mom called out for help with doing her course work for something connected to social psychology, I don’t exactly know what, cause I didn’t pay attention. I decided to be a good daughter and go ahead – help her. My job was to read the underlined sentences from a book and wait for her to type them down on the computer, or in other words – dictate for her. But she types soooooooo slowly, it’s agitating looking at her do it, it’s hurting me having to spell every word so slowly. She’s not ultra slow, but she’s not the fastest at all. In the end, I got so pissed off that I asked her to switch positions and typed 8 pages in half the time. I wrote, while she spoke and she didn’t need to take any huge pauses in between sentences to wait for me. Half an hour – saved.

Then I decided to go to bed – at 3.30 am, which was already late enough for my standards. So I did. I fell asleep relatively fast, only to be awoken by my mom’s raging footsteps towards my room, where the router for the internet is. 4 fucking 15 am in the morning, I had the best dream ever, she comes in with no apologies, she storms through the room and gets up on my bed for easier reach of the router, she turns it off and storms back out without a word to say. 5 minutes later, naturally, she comes back with her ever so not-light step with me literally wondering what the fuck is going on, she steps on my bed once more, trips on my leg meanwhile, turns the router back on and leaves. That procedure was repeated 3 more times, at which point I was pretty pissed and told her to deal with the lack of internet for now and just calm the fuck down. Go to sleep or something. Haha. As if.

What happened was the following – she called the internet service, which is open 24/7, stepped on my bed and started to have a conversation about her lack of internet and her demand to get it back immediately. At 4.30 am. I was desperately trying to catch my sleep, but her annoying long ass talks just wouldn’t let me do so. She made me get up and look at the router as well, but I couldn’t see anything wrong with it, so I just raged out and chased her away from my room. It didn’t have any relevance whatsoever, cause she immediately came back in and by the words she was speaking, she was arranging a meeting for some tech guys to come over in the morning and fix the problem. I TOLD her right there and then that I’m not moving my ass at 7.30 am for her internet. She tried to pull off the “you use it, too” excuse on me, but I told her that I don’t mind staying a few days without internet if that would mean that for once I can get a good night sleep. She arranged the meeting anyway, at which point I started to yell that if she’s not home tomorrow to open the door for those tech guys, I ain’t gonna unlock for anyone, I WANT TO SLEEP and I think I was clear enough. She had one of those “I don’t care right now” moments, didn’t say a thing and went to sleep. Of course, there are some cons of being me. I could never, ever invite someone in a messy room. Mine is not the worst it has ever been, but there were a few clothes here and there and a vacuum wouldn’t have been a bad idea. I spent half an hour cleaning my room for the guys, cause I didn’t want to be embarrassed, as apparently she didn’t care. Also, me being considerate and shit, I didn’t vacuum my room, I “broomed” it, so that I don’t wake her up. Though maybe I shouldn’t have been so thoughtful.

I fell asleep at 6 am and was woken up by mom at 7.15 am to get ready and unlock the door for the guys. She had some work to do, so she left and didn’t stay, but if there’s one thing I hate the most – that’s letting strangers in my room. MY PRIVATE ROOM. RESERVED FOR ME. I have told her a million times to move the router to her room, but she just wouldn’t do it. I had no sleep worthy of mentioning, I was craving for some sleepy time, loving the hell out of my cozy big bed, but NOOOOOO, dem people were here already and inspecting the problem. And guess fucking what? Some tittin’ pisswit, cock-sucking, flea infested, grug addicted, cunt deprived, pussy ass gypsies decided that it would be fun to cut 4 meters of cables just outside the very front door. Why were those cables outside in the first place, is none of my concern, nor do I wish to know, nor do I care, but the result is present. Those faggots can’t do anything with 4 meters of cable, it’s not even worth 50 cents, yet they cut it and let me have a night full of hell. Their moms got verbally fucked by the neighbors in a very profound and well detailed manner, which I enjoyed listening to. God, Bulgarians can swear and they swear good. I joined in at one point with absolute agreement. No shame. Anyway, I had to stay awake until they fixed the cables, which took a bit more than 3 hours. Then, when I finally got to bed, 15 minutes into my sweet, sweet, sweet sleep, my dad calls just to “ask what’s up with me”. Seriously, I couldn’t take it, which probably sounded strange to him, cause he was calling at 10:45 am and it was an okay time for him to call. But he sounded utterly surprised, when I told him that even if it wasn’t for today, I usually sleep at that time, cause it’s summer vacation and I want to fucking relax!

After ending the phone call, it was clear that the universe doesn’t want me to sleep anymore, so I went to the computer for a while, watched an episode of “The Simpsons” and fooled around a bit with people from Facebook. An hour later, I went to my doctor’s office to Finally get my prescription (for something) and start with the treatment. 3 weeks ago I went, she told me to get some blood tests done, I did that, but she wasn’t working the following week, so I went home empty handed once. Then on Monday I went and she was gone in her office, and went to some emergency call or some shit. They told me to go there today at around 1 o’clock. I went there, all angry and pissed off and it turned out that she’s not working until 3.30 pm today. HOW FASCINATING. The hospital is 40 minutes away from my place, not exactly the closest you can get, so it’s kind of frustrating to go there for nothing for over 3 times in a row, right? For a fucking 2 minute consultation. I. Am. Not. Amused.

And now I shall go there again and DAMN ME if I don’t get that prescription TODAY!!!

//Stef – Fuck you, World…just…Fuck you.


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