My school is organizing a winter camp there.

I wonder if I should go.

So far, I’ve been to every camp (except for last year, when I was in Finland), I can’t say it wasn’t fun, but the good moments are only 1% of all the 100% in total. I don’t know…the new city we’re going to, I’ve never heard of it, so it’s 100% a godforsaken place and there’s nothing to do at places like that. The camp itself isn’t expensive, it’s actually pretty cheap and it’s no problem at all for me to go (but even if it was expensive, as my last year, I could still go), but I’m worried about who’s going to be there. Rumen and Victor – 100%. I’m going to listen to their drunk and high asses ramble on about bullshit that I don’t care about. Well, Rumen is at least funny, but I don’t want to feel with him like I have before – this desperate feeling of trying to spend some quality time with the real person and get the fake ass macho man instead. I don’t want to feel like saving him, which is bound to happen, cause I see the working brain cells in him and the wrong way, in which he’s using them. It’s a bitter emotion.

As for Victor, he’s gonna get completely shit-faced, come to my room at 3 am and start to literally yell out what he really thinks about me. He’s going to refuse to leave, he’s gonna make a few jokes about our future family and I would be able to see the pure drunk hatred in his eyes. I don’t give a fuck about him. I don’t want to spend time with him or have anything to do with him. I don’t hate him, I just don’t want to be around nerve-wrecking vampires such as him.

Dana is going to borrow my phone for the whole week and is gonna send booty call messages to 5 different guys and fuck them one by one, while leaving me with the huge phone bill. Don’t need that, either.

Then, on my name day, I’m gonna get super depressed because of Rumen and Ivana, who put no effort into anything and all I ever wanted from them was to be friends with me. I’m gonna run up to my room and start crying inconsolably into a pillow for the next 2 hours, when someone is going to notice my absence, Ivana is probably going to come up to see why am I being such a dumbass and is going to make everything seem like it’s my fault. A few of my classmates downstairs are going to have a few drinks on the fact that I feel like shit and the party will keep on going (nothing wrong with that).

At some point, the DJ is gonna start playing music such as Orhan Murad – Hilqdi clunca and “Uchitelko lubima”. I predict that time to be around 4 am, when everyone just simply cannot drink anymore and everything will be super sad. On the first song, everyone is gonna start dancing with their current one night stands, being delusional that something more will come out if this sexual attraction. On the second song, we’re gonna grab our class teacher, sob on her shoulder like there’s no tomorrow, gather around in a really tight circle and literally start howling the lyrics to the song with the occasional barely distinguished “I’m gonna miss you guys so much, when we graduate!!!”. They might even run the “Edin nerazdelen class” ultimate cry maker song, to which even Victor’s cold drunk and high heart will melt, he will come over and say that I’m actually not that bad. Not that I give a fuck. All the other songs are going to be taken from the newest chalga hits compilation and I’m gonna want to puke my guts out.

During the day, for those awake, there are going to be card game tournaments arranged (mostly belote). I can’t play any of those fucking games, so I’m just going to stand in one corner all by myself, while everyone else is raging on the hands the players have gotten. Not fun.

There might be a trip organized, probably to some revolutionary’s home, which is already pretty boring, since we’ve been pretty much everywhere. I bet we’d get the chance to touch Vasil Levski’s lock of hair again. How splendid.

At the end of the camp, all that will be left is a picture like this one:

The only thing that makes me wonder if I want to go to that camp is the fact that this is my last opportunity to do anything like that ever again. And it’s the last (before graduation) bonding experience that I could possibly do with my classmates. But the last few times have been shit, so I don’t know if it’s worth it. I don’t like the bastards already anyway, so… (well, except for a few of them, but yeah in general). If, for example Stefan is coming, I’d rather shoot myself than go to that fucking camp.

So yeah…maybe this year is a no-go.

//Stef – we’ll see…


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