It’s been a few days?

Hello, everyone!

So yeah, it’s been a while since my last post, but let me tell you how my life has developed so far.

It’s been overall great. Of course, I’ve had days, where I just want to fucking punch a baby kitten (omg, they’re so cute, I could never do that), but it’s been mostly pretty much ok. My grades are up, I get almost exclusively A’s, I can’t even believe by how high my math average has gotten, I’m really proud of myself and it’s not like I’m even trying too hard. Well most of my classmates still suck ass, but mostly they’re not standing in my way too much and they let me be angry in peace. I got 5.36 in Bulgarian, which was the highest grade not only in the class, but in the whole school. It was a difficult test and I solved it the day before online. Lucky me for having that exact same test as the real thing. ๐Ÿ˜€

Even though our practice day (every Thursday) sucks, we’ve made it so that we go there only for literally 2 hours (if we’re not late, which we usually are), so it’s not so bad after all. And we’re doing not so much work, since most pretend to be really bad at it and the maids don’t want to let us do almost anything. ๐Ÿ˜€ lol

The only bad thing right now is that I’m in school from 10 am to 6 pm every day, because I am taking important exams for my 11-th year in school (during which I was in Finland, so naturally, I need to take the tests for it). After next Tuesday, I’d only have 6 more tests to go, so that’s good. But this week has been a bit hectic, cause I don’t really have time for anything, but school. Good news is that I’m acing my exams so bad that I probably won’t get a single test under a 5, which means that my diploma will look pretty damn good. For reference, 6 is the highest grade here. And I got 2 of those already and one 5 in informational technologies in tourism, but whatevvs. I’ll probably also get a 5 in German and from everything else I expect only the sweet, sweet number 6 (oh please, please, please). Somehow, I’m only thinking of my grades now, is that bad? The higher, the better.

I got only 6’s on monday and wednesday practices, so that’s also just grand. In fact, I’m so good, that I don’t need to stay for every second class. ๐Ÿ˜€ Always on time and always everything is done as it should. Can’t help being awesome!

Other good things have also been happening, more people are talking to me, I guess, they’re nice. I’m less worried about the future…well, it’s still a problem, but I’m just not thinking about it. I wish I could go out more often and be with more people (not just 1 or 2 girls, I’d like hanging out with guys, too). Today I was out with Coci (a classmate and a dear friend of mine), she bought an unbrella and a bag and we walked for hours and we talked about random things. She needed cheering up, she has been feeling a bit down lately. But hopefully no more! I’d hate to see her crying or anything. All because of a damn boy? I wonder why girls fall for guys so much, it’s not worth it. And they’re retards, when it comes down to relationships, why is it so? I love hanging with them, but yeah…I don’t understand them

Anyway, the day was good and so have been the last few days as well. On Tuesday I spent a whole day at the red cross center learning about how to help people. (First aid sort of thing). I didn’t expect to be good at it all. Okay, maybe I did expect it a little bit. ๐Ÿ˜€ But I’m doing a really good CPR and I know how to put bandages on people and shit. I didn’t learn many new things, but I remembered a few old things. It was a really long 8 hour lecture, it felt like forever and there were those embarrassing exercises, where we had to grab one another by the asses and turn our partner over to the side, or carry them out of the “vehicle”. The fat ones were really embarrassed. And everything else was theory, theory, theory…then at the end we had a 15 question pop quiz and we had to have less than 3 mistakes to pass the course. I didn’t have a single mistake, yayy. And why would I need this? Well, it’s obligatory in Bulgaria for those, who would like to be drivers at some point in their lives and my lessons start in February, so yeah! The earlier I do this, the less I have to worry about it later. And Tuesday was a good day, too. So why not?

And here you go a picture of Maria, me and Coci (all from my class) from today. It was a bit chilly, but nothing too serious. A good day in general. I especially liked the part, when 2 guys came for me in the school’s…like….cafeteria sort of thing, but way better and smaller, to get me out and talk to me. That was sweet. But yeah, there you go the pic:

And now Imma start reading for my next exams, lil fuckers, aren’t they…

//Stef – well, ta taa…


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