Soundtrack of my life vol.3

You know it!

For a third conscutive year, I am back with my compilation of favorite music pieces for the year before. I know it’s technically not even December yet, but my last post was over a year ago, so I’ll do it now.

This past year hasn’t been that interesting music-wise, but it’s been alright. My very first memory of the beginning is Florence + The Machine – Take what the water gave me:

I heard it in December in some Christmas commercial, while still in Finland and I had to immediately find it and listen to it all the freaking time. I was kind of in a really chilled phase and the weather was cold, there was snow everywhere and it was dark and I had just started my Finnish lessons (outside of school) and I did a whole lot of walking from there and back, while listening to that song. And also a really weird association – New Years’ celebration. We were at Joel’s place and at one point his brother Otto came in with his friends and we started to talk about Florence and we played this song. Everyone else were like “wtf?!”, but I enjoyed that moment a lot. 😀 Then I don’t remember much… (hah)

Second song, again from Florence and the Machine. It’s the all famous “No light, No light”

Umm, here I remember it was already February and I had sent the song to Joel and we were jamming to it all the time. At one point Johanna joined in with us, too. One time in Finnish class in school (I know it’s kind of creepy that I remember, but it was so weird that I cannot forget it 😀 ), Joel was literally staring at me. He was looking probably straight into my soul. I suppose it’s not weird to Finns at all to look someone in the eyes for such a long period of time, but I was thinking all sorts of bad things like “Is there something wrong with my eyes? Why is he looking there? I need a mirror, god knows what’s in there.” and after 30 seconds, I couldn’t help myself, but ask “WHAT???” and his calm reply “Nothing, your eyes just remind me of “No light, No light”, which was by the way ironic, because it was so sunny outside. Also, I don’t remember if it was that one day or some other days in plural still in February, but I connect this song to numerous movie days at Joel’s place after school and also going to the Supermarket with Jamppa for something and speaking Finnish to him on the way there. And then also the Wanhat dances came along and they were AWESOME and I loved every second of this whole experience. And so, I love the song, as well.

The next song is really dear to me: John Mayer – Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

This reminds me of Johanna’s birthday party and how awesome it was. The whole process of making this super awesome cake, together with Emma and Nelli and the karaoke evening we had (from where I have some really weird videos, by the way, haha), all the pictures and the fun in general. It was a great day. But the song reminds me of this day exactly, cause in the end it was only me, Johanna, Jazz and Joel and we had turned off the lights, while waiting for Joel’s brother to come and pick us up, and we were listening to Bruce Springsteen and also some other really cool slow songs. Then I got a hold of the music station and I got to play with it and everyone liked the song and I kept on replaying it in my head for weeks. This also reminds me of the Lethal Weapon marathon I had with Jazz and the girls night at her place. That night was, by the way, a really bonding experience, cause everyone there (even Johanna!!!) got to open up a bit and talk about themselves. I loved it!

Next one, please: Michael Jackson – They don’t care about us

April was a very fast month. First of all, I want to, once again STATE that Joel is a dumbass and I have still not forgiven him about leaving me to sit alone in YH class. He would have gotten a better grade if he would have listened from the second row. And Imma remember that forever. Other than that, I remember the American Pie marathon I had started with Johanna. It was really awesome, except that SOMEONE always had to ruin it for us and we could never actually finish it all. I am disappointed. A lot. But yeah, twins had a birthday that month and they got older. And the cake was nice.

The next one is for May, but I don’t know why it’s so dark: Coldplay – Cemetries of London

The month was pretty cool. Everything got green and warm and fuzzy and vappu was then. We had a good time at Henkka’s place, I remember. I had my Birthday, as well, but that was the biggest load of bullshit for the whole month. The day was awful (just like most of my birthdays), except for the evening with my family, and I didn’t get to celebrate it until 16 days later and when I got to do it, there were naked men walking around the house (not complaining about that in particular). But then I went on a few walks with Emma and those were nice.

Jenni Vartiainen – Ihmisten edessä

I know this song by heart, don’t ask me why. It was my jam for the month of June. It was a really fucking sad month. No crying or anything, but…I saw Rasse for the last time on 10-th of June and Noora on 16-th. I was so sad, especially at Rasse’s, when Karen was there crying for god knows what and I was emotional, too…and it was 1 am and I was hugging Rasse goodbye. I didn’t cry, but I was really close to it. With Noora everything was with a smile, though I still get sad, when I remember that I was late to her goodbye party and we had so much fun with the others there, we were constantly laughing. Wow. I actually never realized that this may be one of my best memories in general. Me, going to the table, where everyone were sitting and immediately starting to laugh at their jokes. I miss everyone so much. But yeah…I spent a few days with Salla, going to Vaasa and stuff. I loved it there and I’m so grateful to her for taking me there to begin with. Salla is a great person. And I spent a lot of days at our summer cottage with my family. Even thought it was REALLY nice there and we had a trampoline, I felt a bit caged, because all I wanted to do (besides spending time with the fam) was see my friends and I couldn’t do that…I only got the second last day off to go to Joel’s place. But I forgot my umbrella there, so I had to go again the next day and take it. I’m still wondering why the hell he didn’t hug me goodbye, but I guess I somewhat understand it. We had a whole day together the day before and he talks to me pretty much every day, so it’ like whatever. And he’s not the person to hug (usually). But I lost the umbrella anyway. At least I don’t know where it is now.

Angel & Moysey ft. Krisko – Koi den stanahme (What day is it?)

So I got home to Bulgaria, everyone were happy to see me and yeah, yeah, I didn’t really feel it all. I got a few nights with Gergana, we got drunk a few times, but that’s not the reason why I remember this song (which is actually not bad for a bulgarian party song.) When Jamppa and the girls came to Bulgaria, this song was blasting from everywhere (and mostly from Grand Mall Varna, where we were almost every day to buy food and drinks). We had a really nice week and I have some really good memories from there, too bad that not everyone could come, but we had fun anyway. And it felt really empty the minute I got home from the airport after saying goodbye. I knew I won’t see these people for a long time.

Camo & Krooked Remix – Show me a sign

Well, I guess nothing interesting has been happening. A friend of mine just sent me this like a month and a half ago and I’ve been listening to it quite often. I just like it.

Imagine Dragons – Bleeding out

I found this song like a week ago and that band has a shit load of cool songs. I’ve been listening to this and “Radioactive” constantly on replay. I love that particular song to B.I.T.S. I feel like it’s gonna be the only thing that’s gonna get me through the winter. Now almost nothing is bringing me joy and I just want to relax all the time, escape from myself, escape from a lot of things that are not worth mentioning, but we all know I can’t. So I’m just gonna listen to this song and wait for my mood to get better. Cause reality won’t.

Truth is, I miss my friends so, so, so much. And no one should let people that close to themselves, cause at least he won’t miss them. I get along with everyone here, but almost no one can measure with the level of understanding I have with my Finnish friends. I’m used here. 😦 And I want a tight hug so bad. Ahh…yeah.

I guess I’m going to go now.

//Stef – bye!


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