It’s Christmas time!

Hey, everybody!

Sorry I haven’t been blogging for a while, I’ve been quite busy with school and I’ve also been very lazy and whatnot. But now, here comes a post! I hope you haven’t died, while waiting.

So basically, my December has been very busy, but at the same time very rewarding. I’ve sent a shit load of Christmas cards and candy to Finland and I’ve also received my fair share of presents, too. I feel happy at this time of the year, though I don’t have the Christmas cheer inside me. But people that I care about have made me happy and that’s what counts. Many people think that I am very material and I would get upset if I don’t get a present and that’s somehow true. What people don’t get, though, is that my idea of a present is completely different than what one might think. Whereas I do like material things, I very much consider a nice word as a present, as well. I don’t necessarily want to have a wrapped up big box with something utterly cool in it. I would also enjoy a Christmas card or even a “Happy Holidays” message on Facebook. Gosh, why do you all think that I have no feelings and I’m so utterly hopeless? 😀

I also enjoy giving presents to people I love and seeing their faces, when they receive them. Choosing is a bit hard, but in the end I know it’s worth it, especially if the gifts have a meaning attached to them. A classmate of mine said something like “Why do you have to wait for a certain holiday to give someone a present?” And whereas I do agree somewhat with that, I think you can give someone a present without an occasion, but leaving a kid without a present on Christmas, just because you can give the present at any other time of the year, is just cruel in my opinion. Some holidays are made for presents and whoever says that they hate receiving stuff is just lying.

But yeah, this Christmas I’ve gotten a lot of stuff that I’ve wanted for a long time and a lot of love, too, which makes me feel happy. I’ve also gone partying and it feels so good to be able to go anywhere until whenever I want to. Nobody is saying “You gotta be back by 3am” or even worse “You can’t go!”. I’m a free bitch, baby. And it sure does feel nice.

And school is also pissing me off. I was supposed to have 13 exams on subjects that I didn’t cover last year and I did 12 of them. Today I was supposed to do the last one, but MOTHERFUCKING WEATHER got in the way. There’s a full on snowstorm goin on in this lovely city of Varna and it’s a struggle to even go to the store (cause I tried), so schools are closed and that means that I can’t do my exam. And I hate having stuff on my mind for a long period of time. Christmas break is 2 weeks long – that’s a long time. I don’t want to think about it for this long and have unfinished business for next year. Especially since I’ve been studying so hard, just so I can get past these fucking exams and concentrate  on my rather IMPORTANT 12-th grade. UGH. Damn weather, actin like it pays rent.

On a random note, I’ve ordered myself a new hand bag, since this one I have now is pretty much shit and very close to just plain useless, but the new bag doesn’t go with my winter coat. That is a huge problem, what should I do. Buy a new coat or wait for spring to wear the bag? Dilemma. And there are so many new clothes that I want to buy. I haven’t been shopping since September! And that’s a long time. So yeah…I really don’t know what I should do.

I’m spending Christmas with my grandma and dad and I guess we’re gonna have a good time. Not that I am so thrilled, but at least there will be good food on the table. Then on 27-th, I got my names day and unlike in Finland, people here are gonna notice and my dad is probably gonna celebrate that instead of me. Cool. More nice food. And then the new year will come along. I’m going to just go to bed early and not give a fuck. Don’t have any plans for then, don’t think that anything will come up, so I’ll just be on my own. Pathetic, but somehow relaxed and easy. Could be worse, I could have no place to sleep. 😀 Tho I’m sure that I will get depressed at one point and pretty much cry my eyes out, cause I’ll feel like a worthless piece of shit, but that will go better on the next day and a new page will be turned on 1-st of January 2013. It will be okay. And there’s 10 days until then, so I don’t have to worry about it just yet. So that’s sweet.

As for the 21.12.2012 bullshit…come on – get it together. The only thing that might end is your favorite TV show. Seriously, who believes in this crap – end of the world, my ass. The unusual thing about Friday is that it’s going to be fucking cold here and I wouldn’t want to go out, but I’ll have to. Now that is something that sucks. And if you die, why do you care, you’ll be dead? I don’t get those people’s logic. Death is unpleasant only, when it’s slow and painful. And we all know that won’t happen. Even in the zombie apocalypse, you’d be one of the zombies and you’d be like “Fuck, I need some brains”, but you won’t be able to find any, cause all the people around you will be zombies, too. Truth sucks. So yeah, take it easy on the end of the world predictions, mmkay?

Now, I’m off to watching movies.

//Stef – Christmas break is on, bitcheees.


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