Hey, internet.


So, as you probably already know (or not?), I’ve decided that doing youtube videos is very much fun. I’ve made my first 3 youtube videos already and I hope to keep that trend going.

If you’re wondering what my youtube channel is, it’s: http://www.youtube.com/DancingWithTheBoys Do wing by, if you please and subscribe or like videos if you enjoy the channel.


Anyway, now I’ve been thinking about traveling way more than I should. My top favorite destinations at the moment are Amsterdam and Ibiza. I think about partying all the time and I can’t wait to do it. The thought of me being away for a week or two with only young people around me is awesome. Spend my days sleeping (maybe a little bit of shopping), devote myself to nice food, visit new places and take lots of pictures…and then blast my face off during the night, dance and have fun with people, be happy and feel young. I really want to do that. Create memories and laugh at them later on in life. Try bungee jumping or sky-diving, or water skiing, you have no idea how much I want my life to be consisted of fun moments like that. I want to take, take, take all good emotions in and radiate them back to society. I would truly be happy and I know it for sure.

Next summer (a.k.a summer 2014), me and Joel kinda thought about going to Amsterdam as a group. We haven’t asked the others yet, but I’m pretty sure that we’ll be enough people. Jamppa and Johanna at least will surely come and I keep my hopes up for more fun people to join. Of course, nothing is certain, cause knowing those mofos, a gazillion reasons will come up before the actual due date (exams or piano concerts, or family vacations, or military shit…you just wait). But I am preparing myself also for the opportunity of going to places alone. Some people will say that it’s sad and pathetic, but I believe that if I wait for everyone to feel like traveling, I’ll die waiting. I will always hope for somebody to join me, but I will travel without them, as well, nonetheless.

Ibiza will be left as a delayed project, since I will be going there after 2014 and I still have no idea who with (if with anyone at all). It will be done, though. I will have my drivers license for both of those trips, so buggy racing is a must-do, while in Ibiza. Party all night, meet hot british guys and just be awesome. Take pics and videos. My idea of heaven. Bathe in the crystal clear water and think of how lucky I am to be there at that moment. Gosh, I can’t wait to get there already. It simply cannot come soon enough.



Speaking of driving, my theory lessons already started, which means that I will have my first driving lesson on March the 4-th. Fuck yeah. I already have assigned exam dates, thanks to my super awesome instructor, who listens to me, when I say that I gotta take this shit before the end of May. I will be driving Peugeot 208, which is this baby right here:

And I’m a person, who looks at how the car looks, so I’m pretty happy with what I will be practicing on, not to mention that on the inside it’s just pure luxury (at least the one I was in today) and I can’t wait to meet with this baby pedal to foot.

Other than that, normal stuff are happening, the every day life is pretty much shit. 😀

//Stef – au revoir, bitches!


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