I got 99 problems, but philosophy ain’t one.

Wassup, internet?

I am back with yet ANOTHER post, jee jee (I can already hear you cheering me on from your screens, calm your tits).

Now that the Oscars are behind us, I have decided that I would like to watch a movie that won an Oscar last year, cause I’m a slow loris and I need time, yo. But enough is enough. I watched it. Not gonna say which movie it is, in case I go completely off topic and this post makes no sense whatsoever.

Anyway, I was thinking that most people today don’t have big problems on a moral level like folks used to have back in the day. I think that’s pretty nice, but it has also drawn our attention to more mundane stuff like out phone being on the verge of dying or our hair looking like shit. Not saying that we shouldn’t look for those things and have our 1-st world problems, but I mean…some people are really having it worse than us. I understand that we can’t all sit around and cry for those less fortunate than us, it’s not our fault for being born in a good country (and here I shall exclude myself, in the light of the past 2 weeks of political weirdness going on in my country) and it’s not our fault that some people are doing worse than us.

The awesome thing is…sometimes going out of your own little bubble isn’t so bad, cause you can see that your so called problems are a walk in the park in comparison with some other stuff, and that immediately makes you feel better. No? Is it just me? Being philosophical is deffo my cup of tea, I’m like damn Aristotle (maybe not), I’m in this super high state at the moment and I’m thinking how my obsessions and actions have absolutely no effect over what’s happening in the world. Most likely, dear reader, your actions are just as useless as mine. Well, well, well, aren’t you insignificant. But so fucking what? Perhaps changing the world isn’t really your thing? And why should it be, we are 7 billion people and not everyone is born for a change. I still think that I have been brought to this world to strike you all with awesomeness, but hey, that’s just me.

If you however decide that you want to be a badass and make some changes to the world, so that it fits your standards and requirements, I salute you, cause you got some balls. Go outside your usual circle of problems (remote control being too far away, whut?) and ponder upon how ridiculous you may sound to another human being and then start sounding rational. And be heard or something. Though I think giving money for commercials is pure bullshit. And let me tell you a secret – if you’re a guy, you are 80% more likely to be heard. If you’re a hot guy, you’re 100% more likely to be seen and heard eventually. Cause the internet consists of 13 year old girls, who drool over hot guys and let’s face it – there’s no room for the humans born with a vagina, cause competitiveness can be a bitch. Unless you attract lesbians, then you just have to be hot as fuck.

So we come to the conclusion that in order to change anything, you must be extremely good looking. Tough luck for 99% of you and me included. Extremely bad looking should do too, though. Look at Susan Boyle…lovely voice that woman has. There, there…even though most of us can’t be public figures, who everyone adores and admires, most of us can still have a pretty decent life if we tried. It sucks for me to say it, cause I’ve always wanted to work easy, do what I like and get paid for it. It’s almost impossible to become an exception, to get that charisma that the “changers” possess. I will most likely work as something boring, which will bring me lots of money, so I can go on vacations and freak out over how awesome time I’m having, when I’m not at work. I will also buy a lot of cool material stuff like clothes and gadgets and I’ll be so sorry that almost no one can appreciate the awesomeness of my new finds. *Sigh*Life seems pretty boring and depressing. It’s pretty much over and it hasn’t even started. Unless I start doing what I like and give you a piece of me every once in a while. Like how cool would it be to direct a movie? Huh… Cinema is always going to be a passion of mine, not to mention all the actors and ajshffh (include youtubers in that number, I can go crazy for them). But yeah, I don’t know where this thought would go, cause I kind of forgot what I was saying…

I like you people, for realz. And I should blog more often, cause…doing social media stuff is fun.

And there you go a few pictures that I’ve been loving lately, just to give this blog the little extra color it needs.

And that’s enough for 1 post 😀

//Stef – talk to you guys soon!


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