Monthly Archives: March 2013

Don’t wake me up!

Hey you, people! How are you feeling today? I must say that I am not feeling bad at all. I have a million reasons to feel like crap, but maybe it will kick in later. I had my “final essay” exam in school and it was my last ever and I’m so happy that it’s […]

Holy moly!

This is so amazing, it deserves its own blog post!!! //Stef –  have a nice day!

Is there someone who screws us up mentally or do we do it on our own?

Hey, internet. This day hasn’t been extraordinary, nothing great happened and nothing great ever happens around here. I woke up at 9:30, simply cause I couldn’t sleep any longer. I filled a few job applications, which will most probably turn out as useless, went to eat, got in a fight with my dad, almost got […]

My wish list, yo!

Heyyy. So, since I don’t have anything to blog about…or maybe I do, but I kinds don’t feel like being sad and shit, I’ve decided that I will do a wish list of all the things that I am drooling over at the moment. Some aren’t exactly objects, but… I still want themmm. So there […]