Don’t wake me up!

Hey you, people!

How are you feeling today? I must say that I am not feeling bad at all. I have a million reasons to feel like crap, but maybe it will kick in later.

I had my “final essay” exam in school and it was my last ever and I’m so happy that it’s over! 🙂 It’s our final work and we had no idea what the topics might be, so we basically had to study the whole bulgarian literature ever written, so that was intense. Thankfully it is all gone now and I will even possibly get a good grade. Though that doesn’t mean that my exams are over.

There are literally only 2 months until everything ends, yet we have about 15 exams in school, my university entry exams are in 3 weeks, my matriculation exams are on 21-st and 23-rd of May, prom is on 24-th and right after that we have our professional qualification exams, too. That’s a shit load of exams and somehow I was nervous about some lame essay. Weird, huh? Also I have my driving license tests, I still haven’t gone to either of them (4 in total). Well, one might ask what the hell am I doing on the internet.

If I realize how much I have to study, I might have a mental breakdown, so instead I’d rather just listen to music and daydream about things that god knows if they’ll happen! And also on a random note, I’m getting into business development, graphic design and strategic marketing. I have no idea how to deal with any of these things, but they seem really interesting as concepts and I would like to further more explore and research the topics, it would be cool if I knew things from all areas. Except for tourism. I feel like I know everything there is to know about that topic already. I really, really wouldn’t like to make a single hotel characteristics. I’ve been doing this for way too long and it doesn’t bring me joy. Ah! But you gotta do what you gotta do, tourism high school and all! 🙂

And is it weird, I really want to do something with media, as well as with business, but I can’t think of a way to combine the things, at least not while I’m in university. I wouldn’t want to be a TV channel’s accountant (not that I could be that, unless I decide to take a masters degree in finance, but you know…I’m just making a point here). I want to be creative and stuff. Learn how to properly edit and take videos of cool things, have fun with it. I’ve always liked the idea of recording moments and watching them later and I have a lot of clips in my computer that are fun to watch. Nothing extraordinary, but you know…chunks of my life that just make me smile. And wouldn’t it be great if I could learn how to make other people smile, while watching, too? Maybe not at the same videos, but do something worth watching, spread a message, communicate with people. Commercials would also be fun to make. I don’t know…if I never develop in this area, it would definitely be my hobby, I find creating video content to be amazing.

And and and, what IF I could meet some of my favorite video/movie makers? I know that this is more of a daydream, than actually something that could happen, but why not? I mean, if I want it bad enough…maybe get to attend VidCon or playlist live, or “Summer in the City” (been listening to the lovin’ spoonful all day, btw), or some movie premiere, or who knows… I can just keep my fingers crossed.

I’ve been listening to a lot of new music, as well. I’ve found some great tracks that I’m too lazy to share with you, guys, but some of them belong to Hoodie Allen, Ellie Goulding, The Weekend and even Macklemore (besides “Thrift Shop”) and yeah… it’s been alright!

Also, I want to share with you this picture (it’s been on my blog in June of last year, but who cares):

206185_3381488215874_1112553942_nThis is Jamppa and me. And I decided to post it, cause I really, really miss him and I was supposed to talk to him today, but we couldn’t do it, so now I’m sad about it. :/ Can’t wait for those 2 long months to pass, so I could give him the biggest, baddest, meanest hug once again!

And that would be all for today!

//Stef – See you next timeee!


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