Monthly Archives: April 2013

European Road Trip!

Hey, everyone! So, I know this post is gonna be very cliche and stuff, but just bear with me, please! It’s no secret that I love traveling, but unfortunately I haven’t done much of it. If there’s an interesting place on Earth that you know of, I’ve never visited it, 100%. So I want to […]

School and Education

We are all surviving. All of us. But how many of us are living? I am a STRONG supporter of education. I’m all for broadening your horizons and viewing the world from a perspective different from yours. The thirst for knowledge is what separates you from animals, the development of your thoughts makes YOU special. […]

Weeeeell HEY THERE!

Ooh Aaah! My life be like ooh aah, ooooooh aaaaaaah! 😀 So yeah, basically…errthin’ is kind of alright. I had a 2 on my math test 2 weeks ago. (that’s an F in american system?). I don’t even know how this happened, maybe it’s because I don’t understand shit of calculus and diagrams. Sorry. I […]

Banana holder!

Oh my! How are you doing on this lovely evening? I am quite well, thanks for asking! If you follow me on instagram or facebook, you probably already know that I have this great banana holder! It’s pretty great! I’ve had it for over a year now, it was a birthday gift from Joonatan (one […]