Banana holder!

Oh my!

How are you doing on this lovely evening? I am quite well, thanks for asking!

If you follow me on instagram or facebook, you probably already know that I have this great banana holder!

874a0a0c9b9811e2a7ab22000a1f97eb_7It’s pretty great! I’ve had it for over a year now, it was a birthday gift from Joonatan (one of my host brothers), but I’ve never used it before. Guess who’s owning the place with it now? Awyeah. And I know that I shouldn’t freak out over a damn box shaped like a banana, but look at it! It’s yellow and everything! It’s been the reason why my last few days have been good. I absolutely love it. Thanks, Jone, you’re the best! πŸ™‚

Spring is finally coming, yay! This also means that I can start using this baby:


It was a Christmas present from Iiris (one of my host sisters) and I absolutely LOVE “the body shop” grapefruit collection. It seriously smells so nice and fresh and it feels so spring and summer-like. Anything with grapefruit in it is a YES for me. So now I feel better with this baby. ❀ Thanks, Iiris.

Also I am pleasantly surprised by my local store’s yogurt collection. Most of them are pretty shitty and I decided to experiment today, since every now and then, I feel like just eating a case of yogurt. My favorite is the Bulgarian yogurt made from sour cow milk with no sugar, pretty basic stuff. But every time I try a new brand, there is something that I don’t like and it has been a while, since I sincerely liked the taste of it. But today, I grabbed some unknown to me brand, called “Ralitsa” and it is so, so, so goooood! The best aftertaste in the world, too! It feels like it would go great with fruits, which I haven’t tried in a long time. Lol, now it seems like I’m the healthiest person ever, when in fact I just watched the “Meat Tank” episode of Epic Meal Time and I kinda liked it. πŸ˜€ Meat tastes so good…I don’t understand how vegetarians or vegans can keep away from it.

On a sad note, grandma’s cat just gave birth to a kitten, but we found it dead today 😦 . That’s such a shame, since I really like cats and the lil fella looked so cute and pretty! I can’t wait to get a cat of my own, I’ve been ranting about it for ages (also in every other post, lol).

Driving lessons are going fine, though I should drive more frequently if I want to make it with my tight schedule…I got about 16 more driving lessons, before I can go to the exam. Whoo. Also, for some reason, I’ve started to drink coffee – I’m not like super obsessive coffee drinker, cause I think it takes too much effort to make it (yes, I am lazy), but recently, I’ve just been drinking those Jacobs 3in1 packs that just require hot water. I drink them, cause they taste good, not cause I want coffee. I don’t understand people, who can’t wake up in the morning without drinking a cup of the fluid (Looking at you, Johanna!), I’ve never been a morning person, I could slap a bitch if you get all up in my face at 6 am in the morning, but I’ve never drank coffee to wake up. One time I drank 3 cups of it all at once, because I enjoyed the taste and sure enough, 20 minutes later, my heart was on the verge of coming out of my rib cage. I could see noises, man, it was so weird. Imagine what would happen if you mixed Red Bull with Nescafe. πŸ˜€ Heart attack, maybe?

Also, instead of my one job – studying, I’ve been procrastinating like crazy!! What have I been doing, you might ask? Youtube. Lots and lots of Youtube. I’m scared for my sanity. I’m a subscription slut. I’m subscribed to over 20 channels at the moment and I still think that my feed is fucking empty and I want more and more quality videos every day and I literally get frustrated that I’m so demanding. I mean, those are normal people and this shit takes time to edit, but…I love it so much! I’m sorry! I should be ashamed and I should go back to studying math, tourism fundamentals, driving theory and annual reports. Yes. And maybe tone down the tumblr hanging. Jeez.

Aaaand my mom is coming home in less than a month, I’m so excited about that, I miss her SO freaking much, I haven’t seen her in almost a year and then we were separated for a year again, when I was in Finland. And now I’m going to get only 1 month with her, since I’m leaving again and I literally have no opportunity to spend some quality time with her and I love her so much, I just wish I could talk to her more. I’m totally gonna be mommy’s little girl until the day I die. I don’t care if I’m 18 years old, if my tummy hurts, momma is gonna kiss it and make the pain go away! ❀ I love acting like an infant with her, it’s good to know that someone is there and loves taking care of you. And she cooks so tasty and her hugs are so reassuring and she gives me so much courage! She always lets me do what I want and she doesn’t yell at me if I skip a day of school and she brings me surprise sweets that she knows I love and she’s always there to talk to me and I just love her a ton. And I miss my awkward mom that I don’t want to share. I’m counting the days, until the end of April!!!

I think that’s about it for now? Yes, I will be posting again soon, so stay tuned! πŸ™‚

//Stef – I like how cool everything is at the moment.


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