Weeeeell HEY THERE!

Ooh Aaah!

My life be like ooh aah, ooooooh aaaaaaah! 😀

So yeah, basically…errthin’ is kind of alright. I had a 2 on my math test 2 weeks ago. (that’s an F in american system?). I don’t even know how this happened, maybe it’s because I don’t understand shit of calculus and diagrams. Sorry. I think our school system is trying way too hard. No need to study university level math, when we can do more with languages. But I pulled my shit together, today I had another test and I’m pretty sure that I nailed it. By nailed it, I mean, I will get at least a B. Which will be good, because I hate math in my guts and this will help me raise my grade average. Yay me.

University entry exam is happening next week, gots to go to Sofia for that. My least favorite city in the world. Every time I try to get on the bus, I get a fine for not perforating my ticket properly. Also, it’s a 9 hour train ride in one direction – some smelly people tend to get on and it’s just not cool. BUT I get to meet Yani. You probably don’t remember who she is, cause I haven’t talked about her in ages, since we’ve kinds lost contact for a while there (not completely, but still) and now, after my adventures in Finland, after 2 years, we shall be reunited again. I’m hoping for midnight beers and long life story telling talks. Yes. I’ll probably do a blog post about that next friday.

Also, can I complain/I don’t even know? My host mom is the sweetest pain in the ass. She is VERY difficult to deal with, but at the same time she cares so much that – it’s so difficult to make up my mind whether I like it or not. She says we’re family, that’s super sweet, but then she gets mad about the decisions I’ve made and I don’t understand that, cause it’s my own life. I can just bang my head against a wall, wondering why am I doing what she’s saying. 😀 It’s really weird. But I still can’t wait to see her again in a month and a half. Now I got one really tiny family of 2 and a huge ass family of 12. This shit is unreal. Joonatan has also been talking to me a lot lately, I’ve no idea why, but he’s growing up, which makes me happy. Yey.

Well, this was random. I’m just going to casually end this post, I’m not a model.

//Stef – aloha


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