European Road Trip!

Hey, everyone!

So, I know this post is gonna be very cliche and stuff, but just bear with me, please!

It’s no secret that I love traveling, but unfortunately I haven’t done much of it. If there’s an interesting place on Earth that you know of, I’ve never visited it, 100%. So I want to travel so much. I want to get out there and just sink everything in. In an ideal world, my friends are not pussies and don’t have anything to do for a month (as in studying or working, or other extracurricular activities) and come with me on a road trip all around Europe. There’s nothing better than spending time with your friends and this is like my dream, I want to do it so bad. Look, I’ve got it all figured out.

We’d rent one of these old volkswagens and we’d put all of our shit inside. We’d bring 1 or 2 tents, some clothes, other essentials, maybe some packed food for emergencies, an accumulator based battery to charge all of our phones and computers, and we’d just go…

We’d switch drivers every once in a while, we’d play loud music and sing our hearts out, we’d play cardboard games or cards, when we’re bored, we’d tell each other stories and it would be loads of fun!

When we get tired and need a break in the middle of nowhere, we’d stop and explore the area around us, chill for a while, maybe have an afternoon nap on a hammock, or just read a book in the fresh air.

For during the night, if we’re not in a city and can’t go to a motel or something (anything can happen), we’d put out the tents and some of us can sleep outside and the rest can go in the bus. We can stop at a random beach and have a nice evening with a fire, roasting sausages and marshmallows (maybe someone can bring a guitar and we could have fun with that)

We could have a festival set on the agenda, go somewhere and stay camping for a few days, see some artists, meet new people, have fun, be young and whatnot?

We could make our own fun by doing something ourselves that could potentially be considered as childish. Get dirty, who cares! Maybe throw watter balloons at each other for refreshment, or just go to a place like this (that’s the festival of colors, which is not in Europe)

We’ll have our route planned out and we’d be in a different place every day, how cool would that be?

Waking up in a motel room, or in the van, just approaching a big German city, I’d like that a lot.

Why not stay the night in a crowded place, go to a restaurant, get some good food, walk on the streets in the night, listen to some street musician, buy some cotton candy and hang out at some park that we’ve never heard of before. (I know this doesn’t look like Europe, but you get my point)

And just a few examples of places we could go to…:

All of those places are located in Europe, hope I can visit all of them at one point! 🙂 And always remember…

I know that this may be stupid, but I want it and I’m passionate about it. I’m sure it will come true one day. I just need to find people, who are on the same page this time. 🙂 Fingers crossed!

//Have a great evening now, people! – Stef



  1. I don’t know you, how old you are, what your financial situation is, who your friends are, or anything else relevant to your life. However, it’s my understanding that unless you do something it will never get done. Good luck.

  2. Thank you! And that’s so true! I’m already planning it… at this point it’s not about if, but WHEN. 🙂

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